T7 Stage - Jungle Outpost
Gimmick Wallbreak and Ledge

Jungle Outpost is a stage from Tekken 7. This stage is setting foot in the country Philippines which is well known for it's preservation of natural resources and wildlife.

The fight starts on a wooden platform covered by trees that has a balcony break on one side. This stage is shared by Josie Rizal and Kuma. A bahay kubo can be seen from a distance, as well as some wildlife, including tropical birds in the background of this stage. Triggering the balcony break will drop the fighters down to an area with a carved stone on the ground. In this area, there is a wall of vines on the side opposite where the attacking fighter faces when he/she drops down. This is a wall break that expands the lower area once triggered. Around the edges of the bottom area, wreckage from a crashed plane can be seen along with tribal adornments.

In the original Tekken 7, it takes place during the day but in Fated Retribution, the stage is set at sunset, which is said to be a truly beautiful experience once you're in the country Philippines, the country's sunset was also featured in the stage Coastline Sunset in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. In Season 2, the daytime version was added back into the game as Jungle Outpost 2.

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  • Josie and Kuma II's endings take place in this stage.
  • Jungle Outpost is a second stage set in the Philippines, first being Coastline Sunset from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
  • Josie and Katarina's Character Episode prologues take place in this stage.
  • This stage resembles Tropical Rainforest From Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and they both have balcony breaks, due to the same stage layout.
  • In Noctis Lucis Caelum's DLC reveal trailer, Noctis defeats Kuma as his final opponent and takes fishing with Lars Alexandersson at the end of the trailer that takes place at this stage.
  • On the higher floor, a snake can also be seen watching the fight, in a similar manner to the snake from Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Tropical Rainforest.
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