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The Kazama Clan (風間一族 Kazama Ichizoku?) is one of the most important families in the Tekken series. The Tekken series revolves mainly around this family and the Mishima family. Possibly the most recognizable member of the clan is Jin Kazama, who is one of the most well-known characters of the series, as well as a recurring protagonist and sometime antagonist.


The Kazama family are originally be from Yakushima Island, where they developed their own family martial arts style. They seem to be attuned to nature, and their martial arts style also emphasizes countering and redirecting an opponent's energy rather than a more aggressive approach. A wing of the Kazama family live in Osaka, where Kazama Ryu is also taught in a Kazama family run dojo.

Jun Kazama left Yakushima to work in Tokyo for the W.W.W.C., an animal protection organization. Disillusioned by city life in Tokyo, Jun saw her dead father's spirit, which renewed her faith in the supernatural. She made it her mission to stop the corrupt animal trading and experimentation practiced by the Mishima Zaibatsu, and later also wished to try and save its CEO, Kazuya Mishima, from a darkness she felt within him. After the events of Tekken 2, she returned to Yakushima, where she raised her and Kazuya's son, Jin, for fifteen years until she was attacked and disappeared. Jin left Yakushima after the attack, and went to live with his grandfather on the Mishima estate, in mainland Japan, likely not far from Tokyo. Four years later, Jin was betrayed by his grandfather, and fled to hide and train in Brisbane, Australia. He returned to Japan to fight in the next King of Iron Fist Tournament, and briefly returned to his native Yakushima afterwards. He took over the Mishima Zaibatsu after winning the Fifth Iron Fist Tournament, and lived in Tokyo until he mysteriously disappeared after a fight with the demon Azazel in the Middle East. After being rescued from trouble, he was cared for and protected whilst he was in a coma by his uncles, Lee Chaolan, and Lars Alexandersson.

A branch of the Kazama family live in Osaka, where Mr. Kazama (to-date unnamed) has a dojo and teaches Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts, and his daughter, Asuka helps out. Asuka is also known in the city for her role in breaking up street fights between rival gangs. At one point the dojo was attacked by Feng Wei and Mr. Kazama hospitalized by Feng Wei. As of Tekken 7, the Osaka dojo has still not recovered and Mr. Kazama's reputation, health, and livelihood are still in jeopardy.[1]

Kazama Spiritual Powers

It is likely that the Kazama family are blessed with some kind of spiritual power that may be hereditary. Jin is the only Kazama who carries the Devil Gene, having inherited it from his father, who in turn inherited it from his Hachijo mother. One notable trait of the Kazama clan, however, is that they have some ability to purify or restrain the devil gene. This can be seen when Jun wards away the part of Kazuya's devil seeking out her son in the womb. It can also be seen in Kazuya's Tekken 4 ending as, when Devil tries to absorb Jin's devil, it claims that Jin's Kazama blood may be preventing it. This can also be seen in Asuka's (non-canon) Tekken 5 ending where she dispels Jin's devil form simply by touching him.

Jun Kazama has empathetic abilities and also saw her father's ghost. She seems to have been able to spiritually influence Kazuya, causing Angel to awaken or work within him. She also appears to Jin in his Tekken 4 ending, indicating that she and her son may have some sort of spiritual connection. This is also hinted at in Devil Jin's (non-canon) Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending. Jin may also have the ability to sense or commune with spirits in a similar way to Jun, given that he sees his mother's spirit and heeds her warning, telling Heihachi to thank his mother for sparing his life.

Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts

Main article: Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts

The Kazama clan have their own style of martial arts, Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts (風間流古武術 Kazama-ryū Kobujutsu?). The style focuses on locks and throws. It is a more peaceful style of martial arts, reflecting the Kazama clan's more harmonious nature and desire to de-escalate conflict. Every known member of the Kazama family is trained in Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts. The style originated in Yakushima where the clan are from, though the only known dojo of the style is in Osaka - the Kazama-Style Traditional Martial Arts Dojo, which was set up by Mr. Kazama. Asuka Kazama is one of the senior tutors at the dojo, has taken over most of the responsibilities at the dojo since it and her father came under attack from Feng Wei.

Family Members

  • Jun Kazama - Impregnated by Kazuya Mishima. She is the mother of Jin Kazama, and a relative of Asuka Kazama and Asuka's father.
  • Jin Kazama - Son of Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, grandson of Heihachi Mishima and Kazumi Mishima, great-grandson of Jinpachi Mishima. He is the only Kazama with the Devil Gene and is the human-counterpart of Devil Jin.
  • Asuka Kazama - Daughter of Mr. Kazama, a relative, likely niece,[2] of Jun Kazama and cousin to her son.
  • Mr. Kazama - Father of Asuka Kazama, a relative, likely brother, of Jun and uncle of Jin Kazama.[2]
  • Jun's father - Jun's father and Jin's maternal grandfather. He is unnamed and mentioned once. He is dead, but his spirit visited Jun before Tekken 2, reigniting her faith in the supernatural after she had become disillusioned in Tokyo.[3]


  • Kazama consists of the kanji for "wind" (風 kaze) and "interval" (間 ma) and collectively, they mean "while the wind blows." Kazama is a real Japanese surname that is currently in use.
  • Before the Devil Gene was revealed as a factor influencing the Devil in Kazuya, it was conceptually only a spiritual matter. Likewise, the Kazama 'power' was a spiritual influence that Jun exclusively had, and represented her fight along with Angel for the better part of Kazuya's soul.[4]

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