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Kazumi's Tiger is a minor character in the Tekken series that made its first appearance in Tekken 7. It is Kazumi's pet tiger and a part of her move set and win poses. It has an unplayable form which appears alongside Devil Kazumi.


Kazumi's Tiger appears to be a Bengal Tiger based on its size and its alternate, white appearance. In Kazumi's intros, win poses, and taunt, she can be seen petting and speaking to the tiger, and it also plays a part in Kazumi's move set as an extension of her attacks or as a projectile.

When Kazumi changes form and becomes Devil Kazumi, her tiger changes from orange with black stripes to white with black stripes. As can be seen by the tiger's ability to change color and its lack of a true corporeal form, the tiger is, like Kazumi herself, no longer alive.


List of moves which utilize Kazumi's tiger.




  • Kazumi's Tiger is the first animal to be introduced exclusively as part of a different character's move set. The second animal to serve this purpose is Leroy Smith's dog, Sugar.
    • Unlike Sugar, Kazumi's tiger will always strike or attempt to strike the opponent once it is called out unless Kazumi is attacked while summoning it.
    • Moves which summon the tiger on hit are natural combos, meaning the tiger cannot be blocked or avoided so long as the initial strike lands. If the initial strike is evaded or guarded against, the tiger will not be summoned.
  • When Kazumi appears in her Arcade Mode final battle, she is riding the tiger out of an active volcano.
  • Tigers are not native to Japan, so it is likely the tiger was brought to Japan for the sole purpose of serving as an exotic pet.
    • This would fall in line with Heihachi's penchant for exotic pets (Kuma, Kuma II, and Panda) and means it is likely that Heihachi gave the tiger to Kazumi as a gift.
  • It is speculated that Heihachi killed Kazumi's Tiger after killing her and skinned the tiger, wearing a coat of a similar tiger print in the Tekken 4 opening.[1]



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    Heihachi's coat may be made from Kazumi's tiger's pelt.