King george island

King George Island is a stage introduced in Tekken that is located on King George Island in Antarctica.


The fight takes place on the snow covered island, with the ocean and other snow capped islands visible in the background. Snowflakes can be seen falling on the ground. The sky appears to be particularly dark, likely representing the night.

In the distance, there is a sea of icebergs. Farther still, there is an ice floe.

Background Music

Tekken 1 King George Island Theme

Tekken 1 King George Island Theme


  • The stage's music was reused in Tekken 2 for Anna Williams's stage, Taj Mahal.
  • This is the first snow-covered course in the Tekken universe.
  • The music contains a covered sample of the first section of Emerald City Sequence, a three-section piece composed by Quincy Jones for the film adaption of The Wiz.
  • The sheet of ice that the players fight on moves (best seen when the game is paused).


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