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  • This article details King II (TK3 - TK8).
    For his predecessor (TK - TK2), see King.

King (キング Kingu?) is a title that two characters have taken in the Tekken series. Even though there have been two characters who have taken the name, each is simply called King in their respective games, though a numerical value is sometimes given to them to separate them as different characters.

Both King I and King II are luchadores from Mexico who support orphans. In the games, they are never seen without their jaguar masks (except on a single occasion). There has been a King in every game in the Tekken series, and this, along with his unique appearance and trademark "point", has made him one of the most recognizable characters not only in the series but also in the fighting game genre.


The second King was a street urchin who was brought up in the first King's orphanage. Until the age of twenty-four, this person worked hard with King until, one day, news broke of the first King's death. Seeing that the orphanage would crumble into ruin (the money gained from King's wrestling matches was the only funding it received), this man donned the mask of King and imitated his style. Unfortunately, he had only seen King's wrestling moves as a child, and he lost every competition he entered. Having heard of King's death, Armor King, an old friend of King's felt obligated to train the young man and to help him take revenge. For four years, the two of them trained, and the new King learned quickly, maturing into a forceful wrestler with extreme power, known as King II. By this time, the now twenty-eight-year-old wrestler was a worthy heir to his successor. Feeling the time was right, Armor King tearfully recounted how King had died at the hands of Ogre. King entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 determined to end Ogre.[1]

King was unable to win the third tournament. Disaster struck for King again when the man he considered both his mentor and foster father was taken from him. Armor King had interceded in a bar brawl in Arizona, but in the process was killed by the assailant, Craig Marduk.[10] The attack was ruled as manslaughter and Marduk was sentenced to ten years in a penitentiary. King swore revenge against him. Using the money he'd saved from winning tournaments, King bribed judiciaries to release Marduk from prison eight years early. On release, Marduk was handed a plane ticket and a newspaper article with details of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4.[6]

King and Marduk clashed in the tournament with King emerging victorious. Marduk was left hospitalized. King entered his hospital room, intending to kill Marduk. He had a change of heart however. He decided his search for vengeance was foolish, and walked away.[11] Marduk was enraged by his loss to King. Marduk entered a Vale Tudo tournament wearing a replica of Armor King's black jaguar mask and beat all the competition bloody. He then turned to the camera and taunted King, telling him he would be next.[12] Enraged by the disgrace to his mentor's name, King accepted the challenge.[13]

During the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, King encountered Julia Chang who was aware of his vendetta against Marduk. She urged him not to seek revenge, but King ignored her, ultimately defeating her and pushing on to his match with Marduk.[14] Marduk and King fought one another, and Marduk was again beaten. This time, however, the two exchanged a handshake of respect after the match. As Marduk was returning to the tournament waiting room, the lights went out and he was suddenly attacked. As the lights came back on, he was able to catch a glimpse of his attacker. It appeared to be the man he had killed, Armor King. King and Marduk entered the sixth King of Iron Fist Tournament together, hoping to lure Marduk's attacker out into the open and learn his identity.[15]

At some point around this time, King discovered a mysterious photograph showing two 'Armor Kings' side by side. Later, King traveled to a graveyard where Marduk was digging up Armor King's grave to check he was really dead (presumably after hearing about King's discovery). There, the two were confronted by Marduk's attacker. The man explained that Armor King was two people, not one, and that the man Marduk had killed was in fact his older brother. This new Armor King tells Marduk he can never forgive him for killing his brother.[16]

Marduk and Armor King fought one another and both ended up unconscious and critically injured in hospital. Desperate to help both Marduk and Armor King, as well as try and keep his orphanage afloat, King entered the King of Iron Fist 7 to try and secure winnings from it that would support the medical procedures and the orphanage.[17] Marduk later awoke in hospital an immediately sought to try and assault Armor King. King stopped him, appealing to him to instead wait for Armor King to recover and have a fair fight with him. Marduk heeded this, but rather than a simple revenge match, he wrote a letter, challenging Armor King to a retirement match: if Armor King won, Marduk would retire, and if Marduk won, Armor King would be de-masked and give up the name and mask of Armor King.[18] Armor King read this on awakening and agreed to its terms.[19]


King is a complex young man capable of great emotion, ranging from murderous revenge to selfless love. Initially, he seeks to take on his priest and orphanage carer's role as a masked luchador in order to continue to support the orphanage he grew up in. He forms a deep friendship with his mentor, Armor King, who is described as his foster father. When Armor King tells King of how his predecessor died, King becomes motivated by revenge. This vengeful side to King can be seen too when he loses Armor King. When his mentor is killed in a bar fight, King plots an elaborate scheme to get the murderer out of prison in order to exact his revenge upon him. In order to do so, King even uses funds he has earned in tournaments to bribe judiciaries, despite needing the money to keep the orphanage afloat. King holds off on this premeditated murder, believing vengeance to be wrong and foolish, and thereafter a change seems to come over his character.

Even when he is mocked for his mercy and challenged by Craig Marduk to another fight, King never returns to his more murderous ambitions. Whilst he rises to the challenge in anger, he eventually extends a hand of forgiveness and friendship to Marduk. King's dedication to peace can be seen in his continued friendship with Marduk and his desire to mediate between Armor King II and Marduk's hatred. He tries to pay the medical bills for both, prevents Marduk from killing Armor King, and all the while is still trying to protect his orphanage, despite it being threatened by global warfare that envelops the world.


King is a tall, muscular Mexican man with light brown skin. He has long black hair in the fourth game which spills out from the back of his mask. He is always seen wearing his yellow jaguar mask.


Main article: King II/Outfits


Tekken 3[]

Manual, NTSC, PAL & PlayStation Classic
King is a young man who was raised in the original King's orphanage. After being savagely attacked by Ogre, his mentor's dying wish was for King to take over the orphanage. He now fights as a pro-wrestler to support the orphanage.[20]

Official Strategy Guide
Heir To The Throne... He's really King the Second. Raised in King's orphanage, he was 24 years old when the original King was killed. He put on the mask and assumed the role of King's successor, in order to honor his mentor and save the orphanage.

The new King had only watched his mentor and really was incapable of fulfilling the legend. Armor King, knowing who killed King, felt an obligation to prepare King the Second for rightful revenge.

Four years have passed and King the Second is now a skillful wrestler. Feeling the time is right, Armor King tells his student that Ogre was responsible for King's death. Armor King breaks down in tears as he tells the gruesome story. King the Second now knows his purpose in life.[1]

Version 3
After King I was attacked and killed by Ogre, Armor King, out of respect for his friend, trained a new King. This new King was an orphan under King's eye. After hearing news of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, the newly christened King II was entered into the tournament by his mentor, to see how well his training would pay off against the toughest of competitors worldwide. King also sought revenge against the elusive Ogre.[citation needed]


Tekken 3 - King ending - HD 720p

Ending Description
King II faces off against another luchador with his mentor, Armor King I, watching the match. King II finishes the match with a win and hoists his belt! But Armor King I is nowhere to be seen. King II drops the belt and rushes to his locker room. Since he had performed admirably in the match, he finds his master, sitting weakened by his heart disease, reminiscing about the first King.

Tekken 4[]

Manual, NTSC & Prologue
Armor King was murdered. King swore upon Armor King's grave that he would seek revenge against the man responsible for his mentor's death.

The murderer was currently serving time in an Arizona State Penitentiary. With the money he saved from professional wrestling tournaments, King arranged for the murderer's release from prison.

King then sent him a plane ticket and an article about The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4.

With his plans in motion, King headed for the Tournament to await his sworn enemy, the Vale Tudo fighter.[21]

Manual, PAL
News reached King that his mentor Armour King [sic.] had been knocked unconscious by a mysterious Vale Tudo fighter during a bar brawl. Armour King died hours later.

King vowed to kill his foster-father's murderer with his own hands. Using money he had won on the professional wrestling circuit, King paid for the man's release from prison and mailed him an airline ticket and newspaper article featuring an excerpt advertising the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. King then set off for the tournament himself, ready for a final showdown with this mysterious Vale Tudo fighter, his sworn enemy.[7]

Official Strategy Guide
Armor King, King's mentor and foster father, was dead. King swore upon Armor King's grave that he would seek revenge against the man responsible for his mentor's death.

The man was serving time in an Arizona state penitentiary. With the money he saved from professional wrestling tournaments, King arranged for the murderer's release from prison and sent him a plane ticket and an article about The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4.

With his plans in motion, King headed for the tournament to await his sworn enemy, the Vale Tudo fighter.[6]


Tekken 4 - King ending - HQ

Ending Description
King donated the vast fortune of the Mishima Zaibatsu to help the impoverished children of the world. Meanwhile, Marduk had been hospitalized after his loss to King. King goes to the hospital to seek vengeance. Ready to deliver a final blow after reaching him, he halts after seeing a portrait of Marduk with his elderly parents on a medical tray next to his bed. Reflecting on the pain of his own loss, and the foolishness of his crusade of vengeance, King eventually puts the photo on Marduk's chest and simply leaves, sparing his foe having realized that revenge is not the answer. King trudges through the hospital corridors, visibly downcast.

Tekken 5[]


Tekken 5 King Interludes

Manual, NTSC
After defeating Marduk, King headed to Marduk's hospital room to finish him and avenge his master's murder. But King realized the foolishness of his desire for vengeance and walked away. After Marduk declared his desire for a revenge match, King vowed, "I will not stand by and allow my mentor's name to be disgraced!"[13]

Manual, PAL
After defeating Craig Marduk, King headed to the boastful Australian's hospital room to finish him off and avenge his master's murder. But at Marduk's bedside, King realised the foolishness of his desire for vengeance and walked away. After Marduk declared his craving for a revenge match at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, King roared, "I will not stand by and allow my mentor's name to be disgraced!"[22]

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Manual, PAL
King, a masked wrestler who inherited the spirit of two champions. Upon returning home from The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, King heard that Marduk had started to wear a black jaguar mask. Now King wants revenge.[23]

Official Strategy Guide
After defeating Craig Marduk in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 and avenging the death of his master, King, a masked pro wrestler who inherited the spirit of two champions, headed toward Marduk's hospital room to put an end to everything by killing him. Before he could deliver the finishing blow, King realized the foolishness of his desire for vengeance and walked away.

Upon returning home, King heard that Marduk, wearing a black jaguar mask, had declared his desire for a revenge match.

"I will not stand by and allow my mentor's name to be disgraced!"

King decided to face Marduk at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.[11]

King. A wrestler with the spirit of two champions.

After beating Craig Marduk, he followed Marduk to the hospital to kill him. then he realized revenge was not the answer.

Later, King heard Marduk challenged him to a rematch wearing the black jaguar's mask.

"I won't let him disgrace my master!" says King.

They will settle their score in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.[24]

Summary of In-Game Events
In his fourth match in the tournament, he fought Julia Chang. Julia told King to stop fighting just because Marduk called him out. King refused to allow such disgrace to his master, and Julia had to stop King by herself. However, King was the victor in the match and was given even more fuel to beat Marduk. Two wins after this, he had the chance to fight Marduk. Marduk adamantly stated that he would beat King "fair and square". Once again, however, King won. Marduk conceded defeat and King offered his hand in friendship, reconciling the differences between the two.


Tekken 5 King Prologue and Epilogue

Ending Description
King is being beaten by a tag-team combo of two wrestlers. He retreats to his corner with his arm outstretched, only for Marduk to slap it and tag himself in. Marduk then makes quick work of the two, giving enough time for King to recuperate. They then finish the duo together with respective aerial finishing moves (King uses the Muscle Buster). King and Marduk hoist their NWN Championship belts, finishing the cinematic.

Tekken 6[]

Official Strategy Guide
In The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, King faced Marduk in a grueling battle that ironically resulted in a friendship between the two after the fight. Upon returning from the ring, Marduk was ambushed by someone dressed as Armor King. King was furious and vowed to find the culprit, but was unsuccessful in his attempt.

With the world engulfed in war, King all but gave-up looking for Marduk's attacker when he received an invitation from Marduk to join him in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. If they both participated in the tournament, perhaps the Armor King imposter would appear once again. With that hope in his mind, King decided to take part in the contest.[25]

In The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, King faced Marduk in a grueling battle.

However, a friendship formed between the two after the fight. Upon returning from the ring, Marduk was ambushed by someone dressed as Armor King.

King was furious and vowed to find the culprit, but was unsuccessful.

The world was engulfed in war, and King had all but given up looking for Marduk's attacker when he received an invitation from Marduk to join him in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6.

If they both participated in the tournament, the Armor King imposter might show up.[15]

Version 3
At the end of the previous tournament, King caught wind of an attack upon Marduk. He was furious to learn that the assailant looked exactly like his deceased master, Armor King. King was determined to learn the true identity of Craig's attacker, but was unsuccessful in his attempt. With the world engulfed in war, King had all but given up looking for Marduk's attacker when he received an invitation from Marduk to join him in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, in the hopes that the culprit would appear again. King accepted, hoping that this would come true.[citation needed]


Tekken 6 - King ending - HD 720p

Ending Description
King is in his room looking at a picture of his deceased master. He carefully tries to put the picture back on the shelf but accidentally bumps it against the sill. The frame drops to the floor, and the glass covering breaks. Looking at the frame, King notices another photo behind his master's; the hidden photo showed two Armor Kings. King looks on, shocked.

In conjunction with Marduk's and Armor King's endings, the assailant is sitting in a room staring at the same picture King finds hidden. He then stands up and walks away. The scene shifts to Marduk digging up Armor King's grave, only to find that he is, indeed, dead. Marduk abruptly stands up and asks who the assailant was, and he happens to be standing right behind him. King arrives at the graveyard to join the two, asking the assailant who exactly he is. The attacker asserts that he is Armor King and no one else. Marduk deems this stupid, as he had just seen his body; plus, he had killed him with his own hands. The mysterious person then says that he was the brother of Armor King, thus making himself Armor King II. Armor King then says that he would not forgive Marduk for dealing the finishing blow to his brother, as Armor King I had a cardiac problem as well.

Tekken 7[]

Official Website Profile (English)
A pro wrestler with a heart of gold who aims to save his orphanage with the money he gets from fighting. Though his foster parent Armor King was killed by Craig Marduk, over the course of their battle he forgave him and the two even managed to forge a friendship of sorts.[26]

King is not only a masked professional wrestler, but also the proud owner of an orphanage. Recently, King's sworn friend and comrade, Craig Marduk, as well as the man King called his master,[27] both engaged in a bloody fight which left them with critical injuries.

King desperately wanted to come to his friends' rescue, but knew that their operations wouldn't come cheap. At the same time, King's orphanage was in constant danger owing to the war that raged between G Corporation and the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Finding himself caught between a rock and a hard place, King entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament with his eyes set firmly on the cash prize.[17]

Summary of In-Game Events
Later, by the time Marduk had recovered before Armor King did, just as he was about to finish him, King stopped him from doing so, reminding him the day King redeemed him. The friendship they forged means they can still make peace with Armor King II, Marduk's murderous intent being the same mistake King had done with the formerly injured Vale Tudo fighter back after the end of the fourth tournament. To avoid bloodshed, King suggested Marduk to write Armor King II a letter challenging him to a retirement match, where the loser would have to stop fighting for good, and the latter accepted.


TEKKEN 7 - King Ending & Intro (TEKKEN 7 Character Endings)

Ending Description
Jack-7 is seemingly defeated, but it gets up and tells King that all of his moves have now been analyzed, which shocks King. King tries to attack Jack-7, but is unable to touch the machine. Then, King has an idea of how to defeat the robot: he proceeds to enter Marduk's "Ready Position", tackles Jack-7 and performs the "Melon Masher". While Jack is able to knock King back, King retaliates with Armor King's "Round Out Elbow", finally defeating Jack-7 and becoming victorious.

Tekken 8[]


TEKKEN 8 – King Gameplay Trailer

King will return as a playable character in Tekken 8.

Official Website Profile (EU English)
King is active on the pro wrestling circuit, and he also manages an orphanage on the side. The war between G Corporation and the Mishima Zaibatsu has ravaged the world, causing an unprecedented swell in the number of children needing his help. King may be the undisputed champion of the wrestling world, but he will need to put on a spectacle far beyond the bright arena lights if he is to earn the funds required to help all those orphans.[28]

Official Website Profile (Japanese; US English) & Closed Alpha Test Character Profile
King is active on the pro wrestling circuit and also manages an orphanage on the side. The war between G Corporation and Mishima Zaibatsu has ravaged the world, causing an unprecedented swell in the number of children needing his help. King may be the undisputed champion of the wrestling world, but he will need to put on a spectacle far beyond the bright arena lights if he is to earn the funds required to help all those orphans.

Anticipating the need for allies to help realize such aspirations, he set out to hone his body and wrestling skills in preparation of meeting such like-minded individuals.[29]


Tekken 8 - King Character Episode Ending

Character Episode Prologue
King, the undisputed pro wrestling champion, ran an orphanage that rescues children from all over the world.

However, due to the war between G Corporation and the Mishima Zaibatsu, the orphanage was already well beyond capacity.

The troubled wrestler then remembered the recently announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament and came up with a plan.

In order to find collaborators for his projects, King put his name forward for the tournament.

"(Just you wait. I'll save the children, I swear it!)"

Character Episode Ending
King ultimately becomes the champion after a decisive victory against Steve Fox in the finals. Returning to the locker rooms, King meets up with Steve, who asks if his opponent has come to gloat. Instead, King invites Steve over and the pair have a rematch for a charity event. Though Steve takes a strong lead, King is eventually able to come back into their match. When King spends too much time working the audience, however, Steve urges his opponent to focus on their match, which results in King downing his opponent with a Tomahawk.

Summary of in-game Events
King is among the participants of the King of Iron Fist Tournament, being the winner of the Latin America block, and he faces Steve in the opening matches. Despite this, their match was rendered meaningless when the entire tournament was suspended following an attack by Yggdrasil and the United Nations. King would be among the fighters that join Lars Alexandersson in defending Yakushima from G Corporation.

In the good ending, King helps run a soup kitchen with Panda, Kuma II, Marshall Law, Paul Phoenix, and Steve in New York.

Other Appearances[]

Tekken Tag Tournament[]

King appeared as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament.


Tekken Hybrid Tekken Tag Tournament HD - King ending - HD 1080p

Special Alliance Partners:

Namco x Capcom[]

King appeared in Namco x Capcom as a playable character, where he teams up with Felicia from Capcom's Darkstalkers series. Humorously, Felicia seems to think he's a feline being just like herself, despite his numerous attempts to explain he wears a mask.

Street Fighter X Tekken[]

King is a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken, where his official tag partner is Craig Marduk.

A pro wrestler who wears a Jaguar mask to the ring. He swore revenge against Armor King’s killer, Marduk, but eventually reconciled with his monstrous adversary. He is a silent and serious fighter. King obtains information that a man fitting the description of Armor King has boarded a ship bound for the Antarctic, so he and Marduk begin their trek despite some uncertainty.[5]

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[]

King returned in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a playable character.

A pro wrestler with a heart of gold who aims to save his orphanage with the money he gets from fighting. Though his foster parent Armor King was killed by Craig Marduk, over the course of their battle he forgave him and the two managed to forge a friendship of sorts.

"Let's do this."[30]


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - King ending - HD 720p

Special Alliance Partners:

Tekken Revolution[]

King is one of the playable characters in Tekken Revolution.

Tekken (Mobile)[]

King became an unlockable character in Tekken (Mobile) during its updates.

Tekken: Bloodline[]

King is a competitor in the third King of Iron Fist Tournament. Like in the games, he an orphan raised in the original King's orphanage who swore revenge when King died at the hands of Ogre. King is regarded as somewhat freakish and sinister by the other competitors due to his animalistic nature and continuous silence. Heihachi even implies to Jin that King may be unnaturally linked to Ogre, granting him otherworldly power. King's noble nature is hinted at, however, when he discreetly visits Ling Xiaoyu in hospital after their match to make sure she is well, though the act is misinterpreted by Jin and Xiaoyu at the time. Rumors surrounding King are only fully dispersed when Julia Chang reveals King's good nature to Jin. Determined to continue his hero's legacy and save his orphanage, King quickly becomes the tournament's dark horse, using his formidable skills to defeat Craig Marduk, Ling Xiaoyu, and even tournament favorite Paul Phoenix. Despite this, he is ultimately defeated by Jin in the tournament finals, who, having heard of his opponent's background, proceeds to gift the prize money to him, much to King's surprise.

Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE[]

King was one of four featured characters in a Fist of the North Star X Tekken 7 crossover, along with Heihachi Mishima, Ling Xiaoyu, and Kazuya Mishima.


King is a character that has more of a defensive approach rather than a full-blown offensive one, despite popular belief. King has to be played carefully since he has a limited range and is very unsafe. King relies on quick strikes, good movement, and a very good view of punishment.

King is also very well known for his chain grabs, that can result in almost half-life amounts of damage if done correctly and unbroken. Many high players usually do not do them in fear of getting broken. However, King still has smaller chains that are tricky to break because they have more than one way of doing the throw, which will result in a different input to break. King rewards players who do not rush into battle, but keeps the opponent at bay with good punishes and a fierce grappling game.

Fighting Style[]

King uses Lucha Libre and Pro Wrestling along with Armor King. However, he uses the "catch" variation, focusing more on holds and submissions.


King Moves


Character Relationships[]

  • King I - His predecessor and caregiver during King II's time at the orphanage.
  • Armor King I - His mentor and foster father.
  • Ogre - Ogre became King II's enemy after killing his predecessor.
  • Craig Marduk - Marduk killed King's mentor, and King once sought to kill Marduk in revenge. They are enemies in Tekken 4 and the first half of Tekken 5. The two set aside their differences and become friends after King beat Marduk in the fifth tournament. When Marduk was attacked by an unknown assailant, King entered the sixth tournament looking for his attacker with him. Following a fight between Marduk and Armor King II, in which they both sustained injuries, King II sought to pay for their medical care, and to mediate when Marduk attempted to assault Armor King II while he was unconscious. Marduk is also King II's partner in Street Fighter X Tekken (non-canon).
  • Armor King II - The brother of King II's mentor. King II was unaware of Armor King II's existence, and was outraged when someone wearing his mentor's outfit attacked Marduk. King discovered from a photograph that there were two Armor King's. Whilst Armor King II seems irate that King has befriended his brother's killer, King seeks to end the violence between Marduk and Armor King. He entered the tournament to pay for Marduk and Armor King II's medical bills, and prevented Marduk from harming Armor King II before he had recovered.
  • Julia Chang - Julia showed concern for King while he was going after Marduk in his Tekken 5 interludes and attempted to dissuade him from taking violent revenge.
  • Jack-7 - His opponent in Tekken 7. He fights against multiple mass-produced Jack-7s during G Corporations attack on Yakushima in Tekken 8.
  • Jin Kazama - Acquaintance and ally in the non-canonical Namco X Capcom, and canonically in Tekken 8. They ally together, along with several other characters, to stop the oncoming threat of Kazuya Mishima and G Corporation.
  • Steve Fox - His opponent during the King of Iron Fist Tournament in Tekken 8. The two both ally with Yggdrasil against G Corporation. Steve also shows up in King's ending where the two fight in a charity match.



  • King does not speak, but instead growls like a jaguar. These growls are however translated into speech via subtitles, and the people he interacts with seem to have no trouble understanding what he says.
  • The original King was inspired by the legendary Japanese pro wrestler Satoru Sayama (better known as Tiger Mask) and a Mexican wrestler named Fray Tormenta, a Catholic priest who became a masked wrestler in order to support an orphanage. Fray Tormenta inspired one of the children in his orphanage to take up his mantle after he retired. This new masked wrestler's identity is unknown, but he calls himself Fray Tormenta Jr. This person likely inspired King II, who is also an orphan who takes up King's mantle and adopts a name in homage to him.
  • While it is his predecessor that is a priest, it is possible that King II is also in holy orders or training for such a position, as, from Tekken 5 onwards, he has an outfit based on clerical robes.
  • King shares several throws with other wrestlers, both in real-life, and in other fighting games or popular media. Examples include, but are not limited to Kinnikuman's Muscle Buster, Jake "the Snake" Roberts' DDT, and Zangief Spinning Piledriver
  • One of King's victory poses shows him side-stepping in a manner similar to Rey Mysterio. King is also seen in the Tekken 5 opening FMV performing a 619 after being thrown across the wrestling ring by Marduk, in order to prevent a collision with the outside of the ring. The 619 is Mysterio's trademark move.
    • Furthermore, both King and Rey Mysterio are masked Mexican wrestlers who carry on the tradition from their predecessors, also named King and Rey Mysterio respectively. Furthering the similarity, "Rey Mysterio" means "The King of Mystery" in Spanish. Additionally, the 619 was known throughout Japan as "Tiger Feint Kick", made famous by Tiger Mask II (Mitsuharu Misawa).
  • According to Alisa's journal in the Scenario Campaign, she cannot easily classify King as human, likely due to his realistic mask and the jaguar sounds he makes.
  • King's Tekken 3 theme can be heard in Sebastian's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending when he changes the radio channel for the first time.
  • King's customization items in Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 allowed part of his face to be shown, revealing just his mouth. Interestingly, King, despite having his jaguar mask removed and having his mouth exposed, still makes jaguar sounds, rather than human sounds. Additionally, his mouth never moves while making these sounds.
  • Unlike his predecessor King I who had dark skin, King II's skin color is a lighter shade of brown.
  • Several of King's moves were motion captured from Minoru Suzuki[31]
  • King displays incredible physical strength throughout the series: enough to overpower the much larger Craig Marduk; batter a Jack-Bot with his bare hands; and, in a broader continuity, even overpower the colossal Hugo in a confrontation.[citation needed]

Tekken 3:

  • King appears in the console opening cinematic.
    • In the opening cinematic, King is momentarily seen not wearing his jaguar mask, like his predecessor in both Tekken and Tekken 2; however, his face is kept obscured.
  • In one of his Tekken 3 outfits[32], King II wears a blue t-shirt showing his hatred of the Mishima Zaibatsu. The t-shirt reads 三島重工 (Mishima Heavy Industries) and 悪 (Evil).[33]

Tekken Tag Tournament

Tekken 4:

  • This is the only game that shows King II with long hair.
  • While neither of his Tekken 4 outfits appear in later Tekken games, King's Player 2 outfit makes a return in Namco X Capcom.
  • He has the only ending cutscene with no dialogue.

Tekken 5/Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection:

  • King appears in the opening cutscene.
  • King's sub-bosses are Julia Chang and Craig Marduk. Additionally, King is a sub-boss for Marduk.
  • King appears in Armor King's ending cutscene.

Tekken 6/Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion:

  • King's growls in this game are entirely new and more realistic than in previous games.
  • King's Item Move replaces his standing Figure Four Leg Lock with the Octopus Special from Tekken 2. His second item move has him perform a neck bridge while grounded before springing back up.
  • In this game, King can be customized with a beastlike body. This customization would continue to be available in future games.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  • King appears in the arcade opening cinematic.
  • King's Item Move makes his partner to run in to count the pinfall if he uses the Running Jaguar Bomb to K.O. the opponent.
  • King has a special tag throw with Marduk, Armor King II, Jaycee, and Feng Wei.
  • King appears in Craig Marduk, Armor King II, and Jaycee's ending cutscenes.

Tekken 7:

  • King's Character Episode partner is Jack-7. King is also referenced in Armor King and Craig Marduk's profiles.
  • In a break from tradition, King's wrestling attire is yellow trunks over light blue tights rather than blue/navy trunks over purple tights.
  • On an episode of AEW Dynamite, wrestler Brian Cage cosplayed as King wearing his Tekken 7 Player 1 outfit, with the imprinted design on the back of the wrestling trunks reading "Swolverine", a reference to Cage's likeness to the X-Men series character Wolverine.[34]
  • In his ending, King utilizes both Marduk's Mount Mongolian Chop and Armor King's Round Out Elbow to defeat Jack-7.
  • He gains an Item Move that him allows him to attack the opponent with a Ringside Chair.
  • In the PlayStation 4 version of the game, he can use King I's signature Tekken 2 Player 2 outfit.
  • King has an outfit that was released as a collaboration between Tekken and New Japan Pro-Wrestling, based on the wrestler Kazuchika Okada.[35]
    • Equipping this outfit will alter King's Rage Art so that he finishes with Okada's Rainmaker finisher. [36]

Tekken (Mobile):

  • King was the hardest character to defeat in 1 to 4 stars in every event he appeared in as his grappling techniques from his Waza Cards were very damaging to the player.[citation needed]

Tekken 8

  • In previous appearances, King would occasionally speak or act directly to the "audience" or the camera in his win and intro poses. In Tekken 8, one of his win poses now depicts him speaking directly into a microphone, "cutting a promo" in reference to real-life wrestling performances.



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