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In all Tekken games except Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign King does not speak, and only roars.

Tekken 6

King II/Scenario Campaign Dialogues

Street Fighter x Tekken

Note: Due to the fact that King usually speaks through jaguar roars and grunts, all quotes are rendered between brackets in-game.

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What the hell? This is a mask! What's wrong with you!? Where do all your weapons come from? Your creator must have been a genius! You can use your power for good or evil, but that decision is up to you.
Master, is this the road I must take...? If you plan on using your opponent's power against them, don't ever blink! ...Sorry, but, I have absolutely no clue what you’re saying.
You run your mouth better than you punch, former champ. Is all that blubber really necessary? I guess it does help against attacks... If you wanna be a hero, you better pack on the muscle!
You definitely aren't a beast like I thought you were. There's nothing I can do to save you from yourself. You leave me no choice... Pardon my language, but what the hell are you?
If you want to go toe-to-toe with me, you'd better eat a few more hamburgers! It looks like we're both looking for someone who we've lost. I wish you luck. A cat who wants to be human and a human wearing a cat mask. A new comedic duo!?
Impressive leg power, lady. You oughta come compete in our women's division! Sorry we got in the way. But you really ought to watch where you're going.
I can tell you aren't what you say you are. You still want to protect people! You got spirit, but not the technique, kid. Better hit the gym fast!
I've seen people breathe fire before, but to stretch like that is new to me. Your moves are just too easy to read. Fighting humans is much better!
Your fighting style is impressive. I salute you, champ! You are clearly a different man than when we first met...
The kids need someone like you who cares about nature. Stay safe. I never meant to get in the way, but if you were planning to get in my way...
Looks like they didn't teach you that there's no "I" in "team" in the army. The jaguar is the god of all living things! It will not lose to the devil!
Ooh, a ninja! And you use some wrestling moves too! You think you can be like me by just wearing a mask? No way!
Whoa, a true heavyweight! That isn't my style, but it's not bad, either. You... Are not a wrestler dressed up in a bear's outfit. Nope.
You're fast, but too hasty. You need to see what you're hitting to win. You look and dress like the Tekken Force, but there's something different...
You look human, but you don't smell like one. You smell... Like an animal. Everyone's got money problems, but you ought to stop looking for a quick fix.
Aggressive, flashy... You'd make a great wrestler if you can work the crowd. Why is a Hong Kong cop here? Don't you have some work to do?
I can't let you get away! Our children's future is at stake! Listen when people are speaking to you! I am not here to get in your way!
A co-promotion? ...Sounds good, if we have the opportunity. Looks like I won this time, partner. That was a good sparring session!
Sorry, I have no interest in your army. But feel free to join me in the ring! I don't mean to be rude, but what exactly are you after?
Losing your cool is what your problem is. That, and your big mouth. So YOU are the one! How!? Why were you resurrected!?
You're as good as they say. Next time, let's meet in the ring. I think before you reach for the stars, you better reach for a dumbbell!
You look like you've been through hell and back. I feel for you. Another ninja? Seems like they're just as popular as pirates these days.
Wow, you're not bad for a school girl! You showed me a few tricks, thanks! Better luck next time.
My mask is a symbol of my pride! Yours is just to protect your girly face! If you really want to save Jin, you should persuade him, not help him.
There's nothing wrong with wrestling bears, but try jaguars once in a while! Use anything and everything you want. It doesn't faze me.
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