This is a list of every move that King II can perform in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Move List


Throw Name Command Damage
Winding Nut Near the opponent, right or N+LP+K 35
Suplex Near the opponent, left+ LP+K 35

Special Attacks

Move Name Command Damage
Rolling Elbow Rush right, P (can be done three times in a row) 14,16,25
Jumping Knee Lift u/f+MK 15
Disgraceful Kick left, MK 36
Shoulder Tackle right, MP+LK 48
Moonsault Body Press right, LP+MK 30

Normal Attacks

Move Name Command Damage EX - SC
Jaguar Step KK -
Lariat (during Jaguar Step) LP 30
High Elbow Drop (during Jaguar Step) MP or HP 42
Water Surface Kick (during Jaguar Step) K 36
Mid-Air Leg Screw right, PP (activation by receiving certain attacks) 15
Leg Screw right, KK (activation by receiving certain attacks) 25
Running Jaguar Bomb z+P 30 SC
Konvict Kick z+K 28 SC
DDT (during Konvict Kick) K 45
Giant Swing drf+P (only when the opponent is standing) 65 SC
Tomahawk drf+K (only when the opponent is crouching) 40 SC
Reverse Arm Slam Combo u/b+P 103 EX SC

Super Arts

Move Name Command Damage
Wonderful Mexican Special Combo u/b+PPP 55
Wonderful Mexican Special Combo - Muscle Buster (after 2 hits) u/b+P 55,50


  • The EX Konvict Kick will knock the opponent backwards and be connected to a Boost Combo.
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