King II/Tekken Advance Movelist is a list of all of the moves that King II can perform in Tekken Advance.



Throw Name Command Type Damage
Fatal Impact T Front 35
Reverse Throw T Back 30
Jumping Power Bomb (Crouching opponent), d,T Front 45
Muscle Buster d,d/b,b+T Front 50
Falling Headlock d,d/b,d,d/b+T Front 55
Giant Swing f,b,d/b,d,d/f,f+T Front 70
Falling Headlock During Stomach Smash, in counterattack, P Front 55
Jaguar Driver During Stomach Smash, in counterattack, d+K+P Front 60

Standing Heel Hold Combo

Throw Name Command Type Damage
Standing Heel Hold f,N,d,d/f,N+T Front 30
Indian Death Lock During Standing Heel Hold TPPT Front 30
King's Bridge During Indian Death Lock PPKT,K+P Front 50
S•T•F• During Standing Heel Hold TKPT Front 35
Scorpion Deathlock During Standing Heel Hold TPPP Front 40

Arm Breaker Combo

Throw Name Command Type Damage
Arm Breaker f,N,d,d/f+T Front 20
Triple Arm Breaker During Arm Breaker TT Front 10,15
Head Jammer During Arm Breaker TKK Front 20
Struggle Combination During Head Jammer KPKK+PT Front 25
Chicken Wing Face Lock During Arm Breaker KPP+T Front 25
Dragon Sleeper Finish During Chicken Wing Face Lock KPPK+TK+T Front 30
Rolling Death Cradle During Chicken Wing Face Lock PK+PKTP+T Front 75

Reverse Arm Slam Combo

Throw Name Command Type Damage
Reverse Arm Slam f,d/f+T Front 25
Backdrop During Reverse Arm Slam KPT Front 18
German Suplex During Backdrop K+PT Front 18
Power Bomb During German Suplex PKT Front 22
Giant Swing During Power Bomb KPPK Front 27
Muscle Buster During Power Bomb PPKK+PTKP Front 35

Reverse Special Stretch Bomb Combo

Throw Name Command Type Damage
Reverse Special Stretch Bomb d/f+T Front 28
Cannonball Buster During Reverse Special Stretch Bomb KKT Front 18
Manhattan Drop During Cannonball Buster K+PTK+T Front 17
Victory Bomb During Manhattan Drop PKK+PT Front 20
Giant Swing During Victory Bomb KPPK Front 27
Muscle Buster During Victory Bomb PPKK+PTKP Front 35


Move Name Command Damage Hit Range
Palm Attack PP 6,15 hh
Palm Attack to Uppercut PPP 6,15,10 hhm
Jab Uppercut b, PP 10,12 hm
Exploder f,f,f K 40 m
Moonsault Body Press b, K+P 25 !
Head Spinner K+PP 15,21 mm
Rolling Sobat f+K 23 m
Disgraceful Kick b+K 20 h
Jaguar Lariat F,K+P 50 !
Elbow Drop d/f+K+P 25 m
Capital Punishment u/f+P 35 m
High Elbow Drop u/f+K+P 35 m
Shoulder Tackle f,f+K+P 40 m
Elbow Sting d/f+PP 15,12 mm
Jab Uppercut d+PP 5,15 mm
Stagger Kick d+K+PKK 13,7,7 lll
Stagger Kicks In counterattack d+K+PKK 13,7,5,4,3 lllll
Stagger Kick Spinning Backfist d+K+PP 13,10 m
K's Flicker f,f,P 20 m
Konvict Kick f,f,K 26 m
Deadly Boomerang During side step K 54 h
Crouching Uppercut WS+P 20 m
Leg Breaker FC+d/f+P 21 l
Atomic Blaster Back to the opponent, K+P 50 !
Blind Kick Back to the opponent, K 25 m
Stomach Smash f,f,N+P 10 l
Black Bomb f,N,d,d/b,N+P 28 m

10 Hit Combo

Command Damage Hit Range
PPP,f+PPKKKPK 95 hhmmhlllmm
PPP,f+PPKKKPP 93 hhmmhlllmm
PPP,f+PPKKK,d,KPK+P 101 hhmmhmlll
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