King II/Tekken Card Challenge Movelist is a list of all of the moves that King II can perform in Tekken Card Challenge.



Card Number Move Name Description Damage Properties
1 Guard Form protection with his arms to prevent the opponent from attacking - Hold Guard
2 Exploder Jump to reach the opponent with both legs 10 -
3 Capital Punishment Jump and strike the opponent with both fists 35 -
4 Shoulder Tackle Rush at the opponent with a shoulder kick 40 -
5 Deadly Boomerang Kick sideways to the opponent's neck 50 -
6 Backdrop A professional wrestling technique. Throws and tackles the opponent back 45 Possibility to keep spinning the wheel to select another card
7 Power Bomb A professional wrestling technique 15 Possibility to keep spinning the wheel to select another card
8 Giant Swing A professional wrestling technique. Spins the opponent and then throws him 20 -
9 Muscle Buster A professional wrestling technique 25 -
10 King's Bridge A professional wrestling technique. This blow is also called "surfboard" 30 -
11 Sabaki Parry the opponent's attack and prevent them from using a card - Parry off the attack
12 Kaeshi Parry the opponent's attack to return the blow against him - Counter
13 Double Combo Combo of 2 hits Varies -
14 Triple Combo Combo of 3 hits Varies -
15 Quadruple Combo Combo of 4 hits Varies -
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