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Kometa (カミエータ Kamiēta?) is a criminal organization in the Tekken spin-off, Death by Degrees. In the game, Nina Williams, the game's protagonist, is sent to infiltrate and investigate the organization along with her team, Alan Smithee and John Doe. Kometa owns and operates the cruise ship Amphitrite, which Nina finds herself visiting twice during the course of the game.

It is feared by British and American intelligence that they are developing a super weapon, which turns out to be Salacia, which is developed by Lukas Hayes. Kometa has several executives, and Nina must face two of them, Lana Lei and Enrique Ortega. Kometa almost cause a "modern-day apocalyptic scenario", but Nina manages to topple the notorious organization before any harm can be done.


The following is a list of the Kometa executives, in the order that they are listed in on the "Attendee Roster" document.

1. Lana Lei
2. Graham Milton
3. Yuri Gogniyev
4. Enrique Ortega
5. Vincent Brechet
6. Klaus Dijkstra

All of them, with the exceptions of Enrique and Lana, were killed in the meeting room on the Amphitrite during a meeting when a small fight broke out between Enrique and Lana, shown in one of the game's cutscenes. Their bodies can be discovered lying in state on the ship. All of their wounds are sutured, and all of their bodies are preserved.