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  • This article details Kuma Jr. (TK3 - Present).
    For his father (TK - TK2), see Kuma

Kuma (クマ? ; literally meaning "Bear") is the name of two characters within the Tekken series, both of which were bears and bodyguards to Heihachi Mishima. Kuma II is the son of the original Kuma, who died of old age sometime after the second King of Iron Fist Tournament.


Kuma II is the son of Kuma.[5] Like his father before him, Kuma II was Heihachi Mishima’s pet. Kuma II is in love with Panda, but she does not reciprocate his feelings and consistently rebuffs his advances.[6]

Kuma II’s father died of old age during his travels with Heihachi. Kuma II became Heihachi’s new pet and bodyguard. One day, while watching TV, Kuma saw footage of Paul Phoenix fighting. He immediately began training with the intention of fighting and defeating Paul. Kuma II entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 but was defeated by Paul.[5]

Kuma II came to believe that he had lost to Paul because his comfortable life as a pet had left him unable to harness the power of his instincts. Kuma II traveled to the mountains of Hokkaido and trained alone in the wilderness. His skills improved dramatically, and he began developing his own original attacks. He would occasionally go to a nearby village to watch television through villagers’ windows. One day, Kuma II saw a commercial for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. Knowing that Paul Phoenix would be at the tournament, Kuma II resolved to enter and defeat him.[7]

Kuma II succeeded in defeating Paul at the tournament. Kuma’s happiness was short-lived, however, as news reached him of his master Heihachi’s apparent death. He grieved his master, but learned that the Mishima Zaibatsu, the business conglomerate Heihachi had been head of, was in chaos. Kuma II went to the Zaibatsu’s headquarters with the intention of saving the conglomerate for his late master – however, he was thrown out by security and was forced to return to the mountains. He entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, aiming to take control of the Mishima Zaibatsu via this avenue instead.[8]

Kuma II faced Paul once again in the tournament and lost to him by a small margin. Kuma II went to the Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters again regardless, believing he was the only one who could save it. He was confused to find that Jin Kazama, Heihachi Mishima’s grandson, had taken control of the Zaibatsu. Jin defeated Kuma II, and he was dumped out of a helicopter back into the Hokkaido wilderness. Kuma II survived the fall and, undeterred, set out for the Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters once again, determined to defeat Jin and take up leadership of the Mishima Zaibatsu as its rightful successor.[9]

During his journey, Kuma II was met by a Tekken Force squad who informed him that Heihachi was alive and had returned to lead the Mishima Zaibatsu. Kuma II reunited with Heihachi and was made a member of Tekken Force. A Tekken Force squad including Kuma II was sent to Southeast Asia on disaster relief missions.[10] Though locals were often wary of Kuma II to start, he was successful in winning them over with his playful nature and strong work ethic.

One day, however, Heihachi set out for a fateful match against his son, Kazuya Mishima, and never returned. Kuma II believed his master was still out there somewhere, waiting for his return with no avail. On learning that G Corporation was gaining the upper hand over the Mishima Zaibatsu in their war, Kuma II travelled back to the Zaibatsu headquarters to provide backup; however upon arriving, he realized that G Corp’s advantage was too great, and the Zaibatsu’s remaining leadership had already surrendered. He worried that Heihachi would have nowhere to return to if the Zaibatsu was dismantled, and resolved to keep fighting for it even if he was the last one standing. Having rescued Mishima Heavy Industries' elite engineers from G Corp’s clutches, he began to oversee development of a weapon that he hoped would turn the tides in their favor.[1]

Kuma entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 8 and won the Southeast Asia/Oceania Block preliminary, allowing him to progress to the tournament's next stage at a coliseum in Italy.[11] He later aligned himself with Yggdrasil in a battle against Kazuya's G Corporation forces. During the battle, Kuma saw an opportunity to take out Paul (despite the two of them fighting on the same side) - however, he was hit with a missile before he could land an attack on Paul, leading Paul to mistakenly believe that Kuma's intention had been to save him.[12]


Unlike his father, Kuma II is shown to be friendlier, more upbeat, more sociable, and more intelligent. He is not as aggressive as his father, and is shown to have a good heart, not wanting to pick fights with children or his love-interest, Panda.

Despite his good actions and personality, Kuma is shown to be just as ready to betray members of his family as the other Mishimas, as seen in his non-canonical Tekken 5 ending, where after Heihachi returns, Kuma double-crosses him and opens a trapdoor beneath his feet. This is perhaps another sign of his awareness, however, as Heihachi is regularly shown to care less for Kuma than he did Kuma's father, and had in fact attempted to covertly steal the Zaibatsu back from Kuma in Kuma's non-canonical Tekken 4 ending prior to this.

In spite of these non-canonical endings, Kuma seems to care deeply for his master, devoting himself to protecting the Zaibatsu in Tekken 8 should Heihachi return to retake it, and even wearing Heihachi's gi and belt in his honor, as well as advancing his knowledge of Mishima Ryu.



Main Article: Kuma II/Outfits


Tekken 3[]

Official Strategy Guide
Bear smash Paul! The first Kuma died of old age during its travels with Heihachi. Its child, also named Kuma, became Heihachi's second pet. This Kuma is smarter than its father, and a good bodyguard for Heihachi. One day, when it was absorbed in watching TV, it suddenly went wild at the sight of a martial artist with a scarlet go-gi—Paul Phoenix! Kuma has trained since that day to defeat Paul in battle. It doesn't think anything of Ogre, only of defeating Paul.[5]


Tekken 3 Kuma Panda - Honey

Ending Description,"Honey..."
Kuma is waiting outside of the gate of Mishima Polytechnical School. Ling Xiaoyu and Panda are leaving the building. As they walk out of the gate, Kuma kneels on one knee, offering Panda a bouquet of flowers; Panda, however, has not noticed (or had deliberately ignored him) and continues to walk past him with Xiaoyu. Kuma continues to stand there in the same position, even until the gate in front of the school closes.

Tekken 4[]

Official Strategy Guide
After losing to Paul Phoenix in the last Tournament, Kuma realized that he had lost touch with his animal roots. As long as he was a pet, he would be unable to harness the power of his instincts. Determined to revive his natural instincts, Kuma trained by himself in the mountains of Hokkaido.

Training in the wilderness was harsh, but Kuma's desire to beat Paul enabled him to continue his workouts with vigor. His skills improved dramatically to the point where he developed his own original attacks.

One thing he could not get rid of was his habit of watching television. Whenever he went down to the village, Kuma would look through the windows of the villagers' houses and watch TV. Two years after he began his training, Kuma saw a TV commercial for The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. Kuma's instincts raged for battle, and he headed to the tournament site. Paul would certainly be at the tournament, and Kuma was determined to defeat him.[13]

After losing to Paul Phoenix in the last Tournament, Kuma realized he had lost touch with his wild instincts. He realized that as long as he remained Heihachi's pet, he would be unable to use his instincts to his advantage. Thus Kuma trained alone in the mountains of Hokkaido, determined to regain his powers.

Life in the wilderness was more brutal than any training Kuma had endured under Heihachi. Despite this, Kuma continued his harsh regimen... he burned with a desire to defeat Paul. His efforts eventually paid off--his skills improved dramatically, and he even developed new attacks of his own.

But the one thing Kuma could not give up was his addiction to television. Every so often, he went down to the village and watched TV through the villagers' windows.

During his second year of training, Kuma went down to the village as usual. While looking through the window of one particular house, he saw a television commercial announcing the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. Kuma's instincts burned for battle as he headed towards the Tournament site. Paul would be at the Tournament, and Kuma was determined to defeat him.[7]


Tekken 4 - Kuma ending - HQ

Epilogue Text
After defeating Paul and winning the Tournament, Kuma set his sight on a new goal. "Grrr... I'm gonna try my paw at corporate management!"

Ending Description
Kuma has won the Tournament and the Mishima Zaibatsu. During a ceremony, Kuma is signing documents (by placing his paw print on it) that will officially hand the Zaibatsu to him (the documents have pictures of Heihachi's head with an arrow pointing to Kuma's head). Kuma starts dancing as he places his paw on the documents until he reaches the last paper, which is just the opposite of all the others. When Kuma reaches it, Heihachi starts to smile, as this means that Heihachi will get the Zaibatsu back from Kuma. Kuma, realizing this, places his paw print on Heihachi's face rather than on the document, thus outsmarting Heihachi.

Tekken 5[]


Tekken 5 Kuma Interludes

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Manual, PAL
Loyal pet of Heihachi, Kuma finally accomplished his goal of defeating Paul in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. However, Kuma's happiness was brought to an abrupt end with the supposed death of his master Heihachi.[14]

Official Strategy Guide
Kuma, loyal pet of Heihachi, finally accomplished his goal of defeating Paul in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. However, Kuma's happiness was brought to an abrupt end with the death of his master Heihachi. Kuma lived in sorrow over Heihachi's death, but on seeing the uncertainty surrounding the Mishima Zaibatsu, Kuma realized that saving it would be the ultimate display of loyaly to his deceased master.

The chaos at Mishima Zaibatsu had already subsided when Kuma arrived, and he was thrown out of the building by security. Kuma had no choice but to return to the mountains.

When the Mishima Zaibatsu announced the King of Iron Fist 5, Kuma decided he would enter the tournament and take back the Mishima Zaibatsu.[8]

Kuma. Heihachi Mishima's ever-loyal pet. Kuma finally defeated Paul at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. However... Heihachi was dead.

Kuma was lost without Heihachi. Then he learned that the Mishima Zaibatsu was in chaos. He knew what he had to do. "Grr, grr! (I'll save the Zaibatsu!)"

By the time Kuma reached headquarters, someone had already taken control. "Grr?"

Kuma was forced back to the mountains. For Heihachi and the Zaibatsu, he enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Grr![15]


Tekken 5 - Kuma ending - HQ

Tekken 5 Ending

Ending Description
Kuma is reading something on a piece of paper. After he finishes reading it, he places his paw print on it. Suddenly, Lee Chaolan runs into the room and says that Heihachi Mishima wishes to see him. Lee asks Kuma how he would like to proceed. Kuma replies, "Bring him here". Lee allows Heihachi to enter the office room. Heihachi enters the room and congratulates him for protecting the Mishima Zaibatsu for him. A couple of seconds later, a closeup of Kuma's eyes is shown. Kuma presses a circular red button on his desk.

A trapdoor opens underneath Heihachi, and Heihachi falls down into the hole. Lee gives Kuma a "thumbs-up" gesture with one of his hands. Then, one of Kuma's servants offers him a fish salmon. Kuma opens his mouth to eat the fish, but before Kuma can eat the fish, Heihachi manages to climb back up the hole and press a triangular blue button that is right next to the circular red button, sending Kuma, his chair, and his fish into the hole. Heihachi begins to climb out of the hole, saying, "Damn Kuma and his worthless hide... As long as there's a breath left in my body, I won't let you do as you please!". Lee gives Heihachi Mishima a "thumbs-up" gesture with one of his hands.

Kuma's storyline is unchanged between Tekken 5 and Dark Resurrection.

Tekken 6[]

Official Strategy Guide
Kuma barely lost to Paul in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Since the death of his master, Heihachi Mishima, Kuma was convinced that he was the only one who could save the Mishima Zaibatsu. With great resolve, he set out for the Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters, only to find Jin Kazama--the new leader of the Zaibatsu--waiting there for him. Jin unleashed a pummeling against Kuma, then dropped him from a helicopter into the plains of Hokkaido.

Despite the tremendous fall, Kuma survived and traversed the vast plains in search of the Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters. This time, he was determined to defeat Jin and take his place as the rightful successor at the Mishima Zaibatsu.[16]

Kuma just barely lost to Paul in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Since the death of his master, Heihachi Mishima, Kuma was convinced that he was the only one who could save the Mishima Zaibatsu. He set out to the Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters with resolve.

Waiting for him there was the new leader of the Zaibatsu, Jin Kazama. Easily defeated by Jin, Kuma was dumped out of a helicopter into the Hokkaido wilderness.

Despite that, Kuma survived with an alarming toughness. He traverses the vast forests and heads for the Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters again, determined to defeat Jin and take his place as the rightful successor of the Mishima Zaibatsu.[9]


Tekken 6 - Kuma ending

T6 Ending

Ending Description
The ending is similar to Heihachi's, with several changes. Kuma has tied up Jin and Kazuya in a rocket. He throws Jin out of the rocket first and then Kazuya. As they drift towards Earth, Kuma starts to cheer while moving his hands up and down unknowingly putting a hole in his spacesuit with his paw, causing him to fly into outer space along behind Jin and Kazuya. The trio catch on fire as the impact of gravity plunges them into Earth while they turn into shooting stars. Ganryu is then seen watching them, and wishes for Julia Chang.

Tekken 7[]


TEKKEN 7 - Kuma Ending & Intro (TEKKEN 7 Character Endings)

Note: The following is not an official translation

After Heihachi was thought to have died, Kuma went to the Mishima Zaibatsu to try to save it. Afterwards, he returned to train in the wilderness where he was found by the Tekken Force. Upon hearing this story, Heihachi, who had returned as the head of the Zaibatsu, decided to reward Kuma by promoting him to be a Tekken Force member. Kuma, now reunited with Heihachi and part of the Tekken Force, worked vigorously as an officer and performed various tasks.[17]

According to Paul's Character Episode, Kuma took part in the seventh tournament, but ended up dropping out mysteriously.

Official Website Profile (English)
Heihachi Mishima's pet and personal bodyguard. He views Paul Phoenix as his rival, and the two have had many heated battles together. Kuma is smarter than the average bear, and is capable of understanding humans... and even love.[18]

The Mishima Zaibatsu dispatched Kuma, along with the Tekken Force, to the Philippines on the pretext of helping out with relief efforts after a monstrous typhoon. With the Zaibatsu's financial clout behind them, Kuma and the soldiers visited the stricken areas, gaining the trust of the locals. Before long, local youths, jobless after the disaster, came forward asking to join the Tekken Force. A recruitment test was quickly established and many young hopefuls went to the test location deep in the jungle.

Unbeknownst to them, the final test was a fight against none other than Kuma himself! Some buckled under the pressure and quit, others were eliminated, but in the end one candidate remained: an athletic young woman.

However, the girl took one look at Kuma and burst into tears! Kuma felt bad, but attacked anyway in order to complete his assignment.

Ending Description
Kuma manages to defeat Josie Rizal in combat and she is knocked unconscious. Kuma is impressed by her fighting abilities and wants to enlist her as part of the Tekken Force. However when Kuma wakes Josie up, she screams in terror. She begs Kuma not to eat her, to which he replies with a roar that he's not gonna eat her. When his roaring causes Josie to faint, Kuma tries to wake her up and soon changes his mind by not enlisting her to the Tekken Force because she is afraid of him and also fails the test.

Tekken 8[]


TEKKEN 8 – Kuma Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

Official Website Profile (Japanese; US English)
Kuma is Heihachi Mishima's pet and a member of the Mishima Zaibatsu's special forces, Tekken Force. He never misses the chance to volunteer in disaster relief efforts all across Southeast Asia. Locals are always reluctant to accept Kuma at first, fearing that he might attack them. But, with his playful nature and strong work ethic, Kuma gradually wins them over and becomes the town favorite.

However, one fateful day, Heihachi left to settle the score with Kazuya Mishima, only to never be seen again. Kuma believes his master is still somewhere out there, but waits for his return to no avail. Meanwhile, G Corp is gaining the upper hand with their attacks against the Mishima Zaibatsu. Kuma bolts to the Mishima Zaibatsu building to provide backup. However, upon arriving, he realizes his chance to combat G Corp is long gone.

The Mishima Zaibatsu leadership had surrendered, unable to wait any longer for Kuma. If Kuma lets the Zaibatsu be dismantled, then his master will have nowhere to come back to. And as Heihachi's loyal pet, that is the one thing he can not abide by. "(I will continue fighting until Master Heihachi returns...even if it means I'm the last one standing!)"

In the spirit of Heihachi, Kuma trains to perfect his Mishima-style techniques. He dons the outfit and belt his master once wore, then begins his lonely fight. Several months pass, and Kuma—who had rescued Mishima Heavy Industries' elite engineers from the clutches of G Corp—has begun development on a secret weapon that is sure to change the game.[1]


Tekken 8 - Kuma Character Episode Ending

Character Episode Prologue
Kuma was Heihachi Mishima's pet, and an enthusiastic member of the Mishima Zaibatsu's prized Tekken Force.

But his master, Heihachi, fell in battle against his son, Kazuya Mishima, and his fate remained a mystery.

The now-headless Mishima Zaibatsu announced a new The King of Iron Fist Tournament to select a new head of the organization.

Kuma vowed to win the tournament to keep Heihachi's ambition alive and to fulfill his own dream.

"(If I become head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, my Pandy-poo's sure to accept my proposal. We can even honeymoon on the actual moon!)"

Ending Description
Having taken back the Mishima Zaibatsu, Kuma uses its resources to stage an over the top proposal to Panda on the moon, with Kuma running his pod towards Panda's. Kuma then makes a full confession, which Panda ultimately accepts. As he is basking in the moment, Kuma fails to realize that the nearby Heihachi-shaped rock had pierced his pod, causing him to fly out of control into space.

The shock from this causes Kuma to wake up from a dream, and it is revealed that he had actually lost his final round fight against Xiaoyu.

Summary of In-Game Events
Kuma is among the participants of Kazuya's King of Iron Fist Tournament, being the winner of the Southeast Asia and Oceania Block. During the preliminary rounds, he is paired against Paul once again. Regardless of the outcome of their fight, the tournament is suspended due to an attack by both the United Nations and Yggdrasil on Kazuya.

After Kazuya absorbs Azazel and attempts to finish off the last threats to his power, Kuma is among the tournament participants that join Lars in defending Yakushima from G Corporation. During the ground battle and despite them being allies, Kuma schemes to attack Paul from behind, but ends up accidentally saving his enemy from an RPG being fired by an enemy soldier.

In the good ending, Kuma, alongside Paul, Marshall, King, Steve, and Panda help run a free soup kitchen in New York.

Other Appearances[]

Tekken Tag Tournament[]

Kuma appeared as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament.


Tekken Hybrid- Tekken Tag Tournament HD - Kuma ending - HD 1080p

Ending Description
Heihachi Mishima sits on the ground and claps his hands together while Kuma dances. The ending takes place in Jin's second stage.

Tekken Tag Special Alliance Partners:

Street Fighter X Tekken[]

Kuma appeared as a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken, where his tag partner is Heihachi. Their rivals are Abel and Guile. They also act as Juri and Bison's rivals in the game's story mode.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[]

Kuma is a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Heihachi Mishima's pet and personal bodyguard. He views Paul Phoenix as his rival, and the two have had many heated battles together. Kuma is smarter than the average bear, and is capable of understanding humans...and even love.[19]


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Kuma Ending

Ending Description
Three high school girls (two wearing the Mishima High uniform, one wearing the same uniform as Asuka) are having a picture taken with Kuma, having mistaken him for a mascot. Then, he spots Xiaoyu, Miharu, Alisa and Panda. Kuma drools at the girl on his left (the one with Asuka's uniform), then all three run away frightened. When he spots Panda, he quickly sprints over, but Panda knocks Kuma out with an uppercut. The four then continue to walk casually away. Ironically, a man wearing a Panda costume walks over to check if he is okay. Kuma thinks he is Panda; it is unknown what Kuma does to him.

Special Alliance Partners:

Tekken Revolution[]

Kuma appears in Tekken Revolution as one of the playable characters.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale[]

Kuma appears alongside Heihachi in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Heihachi is able to summon Kuma for his Level 2 Super. An AI-controlled Kuma will then attack enemies with his claws and a mid-air attack where he plummets to the ground similar to his Pancake Press (u/f+3+4) or Sit (3+4) moves. He is also able to pass gas to leave clouds of gas on the battlefield that deal damage to enemies. Kuma also appears in one of Heihachi's intros and win animations.

Tekken: Bloodline[]

Kuma makes a brief appearance in Tekken: Bloodline where he fights Paul Phoenix and is defeated off-screen in the preliminary stages. Kuma's status as Heihachi's pet is not discussed in the series.


Due to having longer arms than most of the cast, Kuma is capable of strong whiff punishment from range. Kuma also has a nonstandard hitbox and as such can be more difficult for other characters to land hits on in some cases, forcing the opponent to adapt in order to fight against him. From Hunting, also known as Hunting Bear Stance, Kuma is capable of high-damage mix-ups which can trip up an opponent. This stance also provides some evasiveness.

Kuma's weaknesses include a shorter range on his kicks due to his smaller legs. His size also lends itself to downsides, including the ability to do higher-damage combos against him most notably after a wall splat. He also has a weak backdash.

Fighting Style[]

Kuma fights using an "original" fighting style called Kuma Shinken.

In the earlier games, Kuma Shinken took many elements from the Jack models' fighting style. However, in later games, the art started to gain some originality with unique strikes and even a "hunting" mode which puts Kuma on all fours for more attacks. In Tekken 8, Kuma utilizes more moves from Heihachi's Mishima-Style Fighting Karate such as his Wind God Fist, his Dragon Uppercut, and his Demon Breath.


Kuma Moves


Character Relationships[]

  • Heihachi Mishima - His master and owner. Kuma is show to have high regard for Heihachi. Going as far as to wear his gi and obi, after his death.
  • Kuma I - His father.
  • Paul Phoenix - Kuma's long-time rival.
  • Panda - Kuma's romantic interest, even though his feelings are unrequited.
  • Jin Kazama - Banished back to the Hokkaido wilderness by him before the events of Tekken 6, which led Kuma to enter the sixth tournament to defeat Jin. In Tekken 8, however, Kuma joins his side against Kazuya.
  • Kazuya Mishima - His master's son and killer, who defeated his father at the end of Tekken 7. Kuma enters the eighth tournament, and then joins Jin's side against Kazuya to avenge Heihachi's death.
  • Wang Jinrei - Acquainted with Wang. [20]
  • Lee Chaolan - Kuma was mistaken to be the late Kuma I by Lee during Scenario Campaign of Tekken 6. In Tekken 8, they are allies against Kazuya.
  • Combot - Was mentioned to have fought Combot. [21]
  • Josie Rizal - They are both opponents in Tekken 7 where he acts as the final challenge of Josie's test.
  • Ling Xiaoyu - Xiaoyu called out Kuma on his endless pursuit for Panda's love and tells him to move on and forget about her. He is defeated by her in his non-canon Tekken 8 character episode ending.
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum - Noctis fights Kuma in his reveal trailer in order to get back a good fishing spot. (non-canon)


  • The name "Kuma" means "bear" in Japanese. In kanji it is 熊.



  • Roger is possibly friends with Kuma. In Tekken Tag Tournament, when partnered with Roger, the two will dance in unison before the start of the fight. Dialogues from both Kuma and Roger Jr. in the Scenario Campaign also show that he is acquainted with Roger's family.
  • Kuma does not speak at all, instead communicating through growls and roars. Despite this, the other characters can understand him.
  • Kuma's character select portraits between Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 4 and full body renders between Tekken 7 and Tekken 8 are nearly the same, with differences only in outfit and character model.

Tekken 3:

Tekken Tag Tournament:

  • If teamed with Heihachi Mishima, Kuma and Panda will be able to perform Heihachi's Demon Boar move (called Demon Bear).
  • Kuma's sub boss is Paul Phoenix.
  • Kuma appears in Embu 2 along with the other animals, with his P1 outfit taking the place of Paul and his P2 outfit taking the place of Hwoarang.

Tekken 4:

  • Kuma becomes playable by beating the game seven times, or as soon as the player complete Story Mode with Ling Xiaoyu.
  • In the Tekken Force side game, Kuma (or Panda) is the boss of the second stage, the "Jungle" stage.

Tekken 5 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection:

  • Kuma is unlocked by beating story mode six times with different characters.
  • Kuma's sub-bosses are Ling Xiaoyu and Paul Phoenix.

Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion:

  • Kuma's Item Move is the ability to strike his opponent with a fish, which stays attached to his back until he uses it.
  • In the Scenario Campaign mode, Kuma is a boss of the North Nature Park.
  • Kuma understands both English and German.[22]

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

  • His ending is the fourth scene from the connected endings between Asuka, Lili, Miharu, Panda, Alisa, and Xiaoyu. He is also the only male fighter involved in these endings (not counting Sebastian, as his ending is not connected but he appears in Lili's ending).
  • His item move replaces his "Mauling Bear" from "Hunting" with a new throw where he rides a log to crash into the opponent before tagging in his partner.
  • This is the first game where he and Panda no longer share a single character slot

Tekken 7 and Tekken 7: Fated Retribution:

  • After performing his Rage Art, Kuma's salmon will linger in the stage.
  • Kuma's Rage Art has a resemblance to Shoma Sawamura's Homerun Hitter from Capcom's Rival Schools series.
  • In his and Panda's reveal trailer, Kuma is seen in his Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 appearance fighting against Paul, and his new main outfit is also briefly seen.
  • One of Kuma's intros directly parodies one of Bryan Fury's. In it, Kuma approaches while dragging a large salmon behind him, similarly to how Bryan carries a a steal beam in his intro. He will then throw the salmon at the camera, causing it to crack.
    • This intro animation was re-used in Kuma's appearance in Tekken 8.
  • Kuma can use his Rage Drive after landing a Bear Shove to launch his opponent into an aerial combo. This makes him, Panda, Master Raven, and Josie Rizal the only characters who are able to launch off moves that would otherwise only give guaranteed ground hits when rage is active.
    • Kuma can even use it to remove enemies from wall combos. He, Panda, and Lars Alexandersson are the only characters capable of destroying both the balcony and the wall in one combo in the Jungle Outpost stage.
    • Alternatively, the Rage Drive can be used to fully launch grounded opponents.
  • One of Kuma's intros involves him mimicking Bryan's intro, and one of his win poses involves him mimicking one of Lars's.
  • Since his introduction up until Season 3, Kuma was unable to use his command throws against large characters like Marduk or Fahkumram without the aid of a wall due to his hitbox pushing the opponent out of the throw's range. This was eventually corrected in Season 4.

Tekken 8

  • Prior to his official reveal, Kuma was among the characters that were in the roster leak in July 2023.
  • Kuma has a special intro with Panda, Paul, Reina and Kazuya.
    • Kuma will approach Panda, before bringing out a salmon, asking her to marry him. Panda immediately rejects this by knocking the salmon away, much to Kuma's shock.
  • When performing his Heat Smash, the discarded salmon will linger in the stage. Additionally, it is possible for the salmon to fall and get stuck on the opponent.[23]



Main article: Kuma II/Gallery


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