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  • This article details Kunimitsu II (TK7).
  • For her mother (TK - TK2), see Kunimitsu.

Kunimitsu (州光?) is a title given to two kunoichi characters in the Tekken fighting game series.

Kunimitsu II is the daughter of the first Kunimitsu, who participated in the first two mainline Tekken games. She made her debut in Tekken 7 as DLC in the Season 4 Pass.

Both Kunimitsu I and Kunimitsu II are kunoichi who wear respective Fox masks, and utilize close-ranged weapons.



Loyal and loving to her family, Kunimitsu dedicated herself to her shinobi training, taking up her mother's Manji Ninja Arts as the main template for her fighting style. After eventually surpassing her mother, she took up her mother's title, admiring her, and became a phantom thief, pilfering various high-stake items for high-class clients to give her family funds for a comfortable life. When her mother fell ill, she learns of the phantom sword Yoshimitsu; the legendary blade her great-grandfather desired to replicate, but could not attain as her mother was defeated by Yoshimitsu. Determined to make her mother happy, she seeks after the very sword her mother covets.


Kunimitsu II is a ninja who wields a kodachi and primarily a tanto (akin to her mother who used a kunai). She has long black hair with a full fringe streaked with red and purple, and a high ponytail with the tips also dyed with red and purple highlights. She has purple eyeshadow and two purple-red markings under each of her eyes, typically representing kitsune fox spirits. She has gray eyes, and also appears to have a similar beauty mark on her chin as her mother, although hers is on the right side of her lip.


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Her default outfit is a black ninja garb with three sheathed kunai, two fox tails with red tips, and her own kitsune mask. She also wears a long tattered scarf with cherry blossom patterns.


Tekken 7


TEKKEN 7 – Season 4 Launch Trailer

Kunimitsu II revealed in Tekken 7 Season 4 Launch Trailer

Denouncing her Japanese nationality, Kunimitsu joined the Manji Clan — headed by none other than Yoshimitsu — to learn the art of Manji Ninjutsu and hone her thieving skills, stealing from the rich to give to the poor under the Manji Clan’s guidance.

However, her sights soon turned toward more personal pursuits, and she set out to steal a highly coveted Native American treasure from Michelle Chang in the very first King of Iron Fist Tournament. After ultimately being defeated, Kunimitsu then sought out the Yoshimitsu sword on her grandfather’s behalf, who wished to create a replica of the weapon — but her efforts were thwarted by Yoshimitsu himself, causing her to retreat to her family home out of humiliation.

Later on, she married a shinobi ninja and gave birth to a daughter, who took up her parents’ ninja ways and even surpassed them in skill. Using the name of her mother — who had grown ill over time — Kunimitsu II began working as a freelancer, taking on various jobs from high-paying clients like governments and large corporations to purloin important items for their benefit.

One day, Kunimitsu II received a mission from a high-profile client, who asked her to investigate the Mishima Zaibatsu by going undercover at the Mishima Polytechnical School as a high school student. The client suspected that the school was somehow connected to the Tekken Force, the special operations unit of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Taking after her mother’s interest in industrial technology, Kunimitsu II readily agreed to the job — until she received news that her mother’s fragile condition had worsened.

Rushing back to her family home, Kunimitsu II learned of the one treasure that her now-bedridden mother hadn’t been able to steal in the past. Determined to cheer her up, she set out to retrieve the sword that her grandfather had once coveted many years ago… a sword that caused her mother to retreat from ninja life.[2]

Character Relationships

  • Kunimitsu I - Her mother and predecessor.
  • Yoshimitsu - He expelled her mother from the Manji Clan after she was found stealing from the clan's funds. Later, in Tekken 2, her mother targeted his sword for the sake of her grandfather, to allow him to make a duplicate before his death. She eventually carried out her mother’s task.
  • Master Raven - Her opponent in her Tekken 7 launch trailer.[3]


Kunimitsu II plays similarly like her mother, but more advanced, such as wielding two weapons as Yoshimitsu before her. Her Rage Art has her stabbing her opponent with her kodachi in a quick succession as both her knife and her kodachi are now embedded with both normal and blue flames and multiple slashes her opponent and deals a final strike to her opponent, dealing heavy damage.

Kunimitsu II is a great rushdown character who can control the space with her qcf1 and qcf1+2 if her opponent tries to sidestep. qcf1 itself being one of the best projectiles and whiff punishers in Tekken history due its infinite range and speed. Her mixup potential is strong with numerous ways to enter FC. She also has a good rage drive due to its ability to re-wall splat.

The combination of being easy to use, a strong mix-up game, and amazing space control make Kunimitsu II a force to be reckoned with in battle.

Fighting Style

Kunimitsu II fights using ninjutsu.


Kunimitsu Moves


Kunimitsu II/Quotes


  • The name Kunimitsu means "state, province" (州) (Kuni) and "light" (光) (Mitsu).
  • She is the third human successor to bear a predecessor’s title, after Armor King and King, and the first female character to do so.
    • She is the fifth successor of the predecessor of the same name who was only playable within one of the first two mainline Tekken games.
  • She has most traits, inspirations and references based on two manga series, ONE’s series One-Punch Man and Masashi Kishimoto’s series Naruto:
    • When unmasked, she bears resemblance to Speed-O-Sound Sonic from One-Punch Man.
    • Ironically enough, her voice actress voices the character Fubuki in One-Punch Man anime adaptation, and the main voice actress of Naruto Uzumaki’s daughter, Himawari in Naruto franchise (except in The Last: Naruto Movie).
    • Like Himawari, Kunimitsu II is also a daughter who inherits a fox trait and motif from her parent.
  • In replacing her mother and predecessor Kunimitsu parallels the character Yoshimitsu II in Soulcalibur V where he replaces his predecessor Yoshimitsu.
  • Including both her mother and her as one character, Kunimitsu is the character with the most hair color changes. In Tekken 2 Kunimitsu I had pinkish hair, and in Tekken Tag Tournament her hair is brown in gameplay. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, her hair is red. With the introduction of Kunimitsu II in Tekken 7, her hair color is now black with red and purple streaks.
  • Kunimitsu can play the flute, as seen in her Tekken 7 Season 4 reveal trailer.[4]
  • Like Geese Howard, Kunimitsu also has a special intro within her home stage.
  • When fighting against Alisa, Leroy, Master Raven, Negan, Noctis, and Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu will say "Interesting weapon you have there..." and "I'll be taking your weapon." as her intro and outro lines respectively.
    • The latter does not show up if she defeats Negan or Noctis.
    • Kunimitsu seems unaware that Noctis' weapons are part of his power, meaning it is impossible to steal his summoned weapons. Should his weapons be stolen, they would fade away in her hands.
    • She is also unaware that Alisa's chainsaws are integrated into her system, thereby making it impossible to steal them without dismantling her first.
  • Her Piercing Kunai Throw is similar to the Flying Thunder God Kunai technique from the Naruto franchise.
  • She is apparently one of the most used characters online in Tekken 7. [5]
  • Kunimitsu II was created to replace her mother to "move the story forward" as said by Harada. [6]


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