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Lana Lei (ラナ・レイ Rana Rei?) is a character introduced in the Tekken spin-off Death by Degrees. She serves as one of the main antagonists and opponents that Nina Williams must face during the game.

An executive within the criminal organization Kometa and owner of the Amphitrite, Lana appears throughout the Death By Degrees campaign and is a major character. A dangerous and chilling woman, she proves to be a powerful adversary to Nina on her mission.

She mainly wields a bladed feather fan and uses some sort of hallucinogenic poison against Nina. This will trigger flashbacks of Nina’s traumatic childhood where her father and other men die in a gunfight. Lana uses this to her advantage during boss battles, pitting Nina against hordes of zombies within a nightmare inspired by that event. Lana also uses long black nail guards which triggers the same hallucinations.

The fighting tournaments held on her ship seems to be a sick sort of audition for her to select the strongest fighters to ‘convert.’ Nina faces numerous cyborgs in the latter part of the game and soon realizes that Lana had intentions to ‘convert’ her into one too.



Lana is a sinister and chilling woman with a sadistic disposition. She seems to enjoy inflicting trauma and pain, as evident when she faces Nina, using her hallucinogenic poison to give Nina vivid nightmares about her past. During these fights, Lana will toy with Nina, mocking her and reveling in her pain. She is shown to be crafty and intelligent, being able to escape Enrique by using a gas grenade, and using the poison to give her an advantage over Nina.

Lana’s relationship with Bryce is only touched upon in the game manual and concept art. She however seems genuinely upset when hearing of his death and angrily says to Nina "You're the one who murdered Bryce!" before fighting her for the first time. Her love for him is further implied when Nina uncovers his corpse on Lana’s bed covered in roses, likely some sort of memorial. 

Lana is shown to be mentally unstable, as implied with her secret room littered with dolls and broken doll parts, her intention of destroying the world with Salacia, remarking “Everybody dies some day!” Even when Nina bests her for the final time, she notes that even Nina with eventually wither and die.


Lana has striking white hair cut in an eccentric style, with two strands framing her face. Her eyes are different colors, the left eye red, and the right eye hazel. Her main outfit is an elegant yellow dress decorated with a deep red petal motif and edging. She also wears dark pink shoes decorated with a butterfly on each foot. The elegance of her design seems to contrast her somewhat frightening appearance.

At one point in the game, Nina enters Lana’s walk-in closet where a range of outfits owned by Lana can be seen. Most of her clothes and weapons have clear Chinese influences reflective of her background.


Death By Degrees

Game Manual Profile - Owner of the luxury cruise ship, Amphitrite, Lana is an executive in the Kometa secret organization. She invites the best fighters from around the world to take part in an underground fighting tournament.

Official strategy guide Profile - Lana is the owner of the Amphitrite and a leading executive in the Kometa organization. She's the host of the Kometa meeting, the organizer of the underground fighting contest, and an all-around evil woman. Lana is obsessed with power and has a sadistic streak that could prove to be her downfall.

Lana is one of Nina’s targets during her mission for the CIA and MI6. She participates in the underground fighting tournament as cover while her partners, Alan Smithee and John Doe infiltrate the ship. During the wrestling match, Lana watches Nina compete and win from the spectator’s booth.

The next day, Nina is attacked by several of Lana’s men by the pool. The last man is shot by Bryce and Lana approaches with Enrique and several bodyguards. She immediately recognizes Nina as the champion of the cage match from the night before. She also mentions to Enrique she’ll be able to ‘convert’ Nina much to his disappointment. Lana orders her men to put Nina in a room.

Later, Nina takes the lead in her mission and aims to record a meeting of Lana, Enrique and the other executives. Using the Stingray, she witnesses Enrique kill them all but Lana who he holds at sword point. Lana remarks he shouldn’t get excited then plans to attack him but he halts her.

The two briefly discuss Salacia with Enrique demanding Lana accompany him to retrieve it.

However she warns him that the attention he is drawing to himself will attract Edgar, a mysterious assailant involved with Kometa. Enrique scoffs at this and again orders her to come with him. She refuses and begs for a quick death. During his hesitation, Lana attacks him with her fan and then throws a gas grenade, incapacitating Enrique. She laughs at his foolishness and flees the scene.

Nina takes the recording of the meeting and sends it to the CIA along with other documents on Lana and the executives. As she descends on the Heliport, Enrique is caught by Lana and her men. Nina fights her way through them only to be struck by a dart fired by Lana. Nina’s vision blurs and Lana approaches her, recognizing Nina as Bryce’s killer. Nina faints and enters some sort of hallucination inspired by her traumatic childhood. It’s the snowy crash site where her father and numerous others died in a firefight. Lana uses this to her advantage during her battle, making Nina imagine undead soldiers coming for her and a hallucination of her childhood self. Lana attacks with her bladed fans and can disappear and reappear at her leisure. After a fierce battle, Nina manages to beat Lana and snap out of her illusion. Lana falls back defeated and Nina jumps onto the helicopter and escapes.

Sometime later, Lukas escapes Nina, Alan and Enrique and exits the elevator, falling and dropping Salacia. Lana stands before him to his dismay and orders her men to shoot him. During Nina and Alan’s return to the ship, Nina comes across numerous cyborgs known as Rippers and soon realizes that it was Lana’s intention to make her into a cyborg too. She uncovers 3 Xiangqi pieces from 3 J robots stationed across the ship to gain access to Lana’s secret room.

Nina enters the room scattered with dolls and broken toy parts, she also finds Bryce’s corpse on the bed covered in roses as well as the briefcase containing Salacia. She goes for it but Lana ambushes her with black nail guards, slashing her hand. She laughs maniacally as Nina descends into another hallucination. They fight again in the snowy area and Nina must protect a younger version of herself and her sister Anna. Lana uses multiple fan formations to attack Nina along with numerous hallucinations of undead soldiers. Nina is however able to overcome her again and brings herself back to reality.

As Lana stumbles back and Nina recovers, Alan arrives. Lana identifies him as Edgar and he shoots her in the chest several times, causing her to fall onto the bed next to Bryce. Nina realizes that ‘Alan’ is Edgar Grant, the one responsible for the deaths of John and Lukas. As he explains is true intentions, Nina catches a glimpse of Lana reaching for Bryce’s gun in the mirror. She ducks as Lana shoots at Edgar, hitting him multiple times in the chest and fleeing to her personal elevator with Salacia. Nina pursues her to the control room and is startled to see Salacia being put into activation, threatening to destroy the entire planet. Lana tries to shoot Nina from above but misses. She laughs again while struggling to keep herself upright. Nina begins to feel the hallucinogenic poison kick in again and Lana remarks there is no escape.

Their final fight takes place in a snowy area inspired from Lana’s secret room. Numerous broken porcelain dolls litter the area. Nina hallucinates of both Bryce and Enrique and Lana attacks her only with her bladed fan. The two fight until Nina manages to best Lana one final time. Nina awakes from the nightmare and Lana collapses, blood seeping from under her. She looks up at Nina, remarking of her youth and strength but how she will inevitably wither and die.

Nina uses Lukas’ pocket watch to abort the Salacia satellite attack and destroy them, saving the earth from destruction. As she plans to leave, the self-destruct system is activated and Lana mentions ‘it’s him’ with the implication being Edgar. Nina looks down at Lana but she remains still. Nina flees the ship and Lana is left for dead.

Her fate is left unknown but she presumably perished when the Amphitrite exploded.


Lana is a boss character encountered 3 times during the game. Each time Nina fights Lana, she enters a hallucination caused by Lana's poison. The first two times, they fight in a snowy plane crash site, seemingly inspired by Nina's traumatic childhood memory of her father's death. In the third fight, they are taken to another snowy location, one littered with broken dolls.

Lana uses a bladed fan during each fight. She is able to throw it in several different formations. Initially she will only throw one or three but they can track Nina across the stage and must be avoided. In the second fight she can create a swarm of fans that attack Nina in a circular motion and are incredibly difficult to avoid. In the final fight she only uses the fan in close quarters as a melee weapon.

During each boss fight with Lana, Nina must face horded of zombies that are quickly dispatched with a few kicks. However, Nina's younger self is also present in the stage, and will need protecting. If the younger Nina is grabbed and bitten by a zombie, adult Nina will lose a large portion of health. In their final boss fight, Lana creates hallucinations of Bryce and Enrique and enters one of them, both of which function like their original namesakes do. Nina must find and defeat the right hallucination before attacking Lana. In close quarters, Lana uses her fan.

Character Relationships

  • Nina Williams - Lana attempts to kill her, failing three times. In the end, she is apparently killed by her.
  • Bryce Adams - Her lover and bodyguard.
  • Enrique Ortega - Her former associate.
  • Lukas Hayes - Kometa scientist who created Salacia, Lana is after him for Salacia.
  • Edgar Grant/Alan Smithee - Lana is shot multiple times by him, but manages to survive. Later, he is apparently killed by her.


  • Lana has heterochromia, a difference of coloration in her iris. Close-ups of Lana shows her left eye is red and her right eye is hazel.
  • Lana shares her family name, "Lei", with Lei Wulong. Though, it is unknown if there is any relation.
    • However, Lana is resembling more of Lee Chaolan with silver hair, facial features and general atmosphere, as well as both being treacherous, power hungry, and antagonistic in their nature.
  • Nina's Infiltration outfit originates from Lana's wardrobe.
  • Lana is the boss to be faced for the most time by Nina i.e. three. Rest of the bosses are faced two times except Heihachi who is faced only 1 time, even that one being an alternative.
  • In Lana's secret room, where lies Bryce's corpse, a doll holds Yoshimitsu's sword, namely Manji sword, which is the most powerful sword in death by degrees and Nina can use it too.


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