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Tekken 6

Intro Win
Something's come up. I'll contact you later. (邪魔が入った、後で掛けなおす Jama ga haitta, atode gake naosu) We have an injured. Send a medic. (負傷者が出た、手当てしてくれ Fushō-sha ga deta, teateshitekure)
Fine. Proceed as planned. (ああ、これで進め Ā, kore de susume) There's no way you can stop me. (俺を止めることはできない Ore wo tomeru koto wa dekinai)
You think you can stop me? (俺を――止められるか? Ore wo tomerareru ka?) I'm finished here. (こちらは片付いた Kochira wa katazuita)
You look like you know a thing or two. (少しは――できそうだ Sukoshi wa dekisou da na) Understood. I'm on my way. (了解、すぐに向かう Ryōkai, sugu ni mukau)
I think you should move out of the way. (道を空けてもらおうか Michi wo akete moraou ka) Alright, I'm on my way. (ああ、すぐに向かう Ā, sugu ni mukau)
Don't think you can escape. (逃げられると思うな Nigerareru to omou na)
Get out of my way! (そこをどけ Soko wo doke)
Damn. One after another... (チッ. 次から次えと Chi. Tsugi kara tsugi e to!)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

No need to go easy on me.
(情けは無用だ nasake wa muyō da)
You think you can stop us?
(俺たちを止められるか?Ore-tachi wo tomerareru ka?)
I'm counting on you.
(頼りにしてるぜ tayori ni shiteru ze)

Tekken 7

Intro Win
You think you can stop me? (俺を――止められるか? Ore wo tomerareru ka?) I'm finished here. (こちらは片付いた Kochira wa katazuita)
Okay, let's go. (さぁ、初めよ Saa, hajime yo) We have an injured. Send a medic. (負傷者が出た、手当てしてくれ Fushō-sha ga deta, teateshitekure)
There's nowhere to run. Give up! (にげば わ ない。 あきらめる​ ​​​​​​Nigeba wa nai. Akirameru) There's no way you can stop me. (俺を止めることはできない Ore wo tomeru koto wa dekinai)
Think you can stop me, Noct?
Rage Art
Get outta my sight! (消えろ Kiero)
Tekken 7 - Lars Alexandersson (Voice Collection)

Tekken 7 - Lars Alexandersson (Voice Collection)

Street Fighter X Tekken

Very well, let's go!
Pandora Activation
I feel it within me.
Pandora Sacrifice
Not good...!
Are you prepared to die?

Win Quotes

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I may have won this time, but I must admit, you are strong, and you have some interesting techniques. Alisa, are you alright!? I'll treat your wounds... This is not a costume, although you may think it is.
What a grueling battle… And I thought I had grown stronger… . I shall You can become stronger if you try. I look forward to fighting you again. . Not even a cat will get an ounce of leeway with me..
What chance did a lapdog like you have against the might of the Mishima clan? You are very, very far from having The perfect body How are you able to wear such clothing It’s quite impressive...
We humans are an interesting bunch. We're always overcoming our limits, like you and your amazing electrical abilities. Heh. I'm going to enjoy ripping you apart. Even in defeat you smile at me… What are you?.
Comrades, huh… My comrades are like my family. I’ll protect them till the bitter end. Eddy? Where have I heard that name before? I can’t believe I spent all this time chasing away a cat ...
You say that I’m suspicious? That wasn’t my intention, but why do you think so? The time has finally arrived. Say your prayers, Heihachi Mishima.
Why are you in chains? You should go back to your cell if you know what's good for you. You will never be able to defeat Jin Kazama. That privilege is mine!
I will change my fate no matter what. That's the road I have chosen. Hm, strange. Despite being a new model, you still have the same tactics as the previous iterations
Your punches cannot touch me. I can see them before you even throw them out Jin Kazama, this is where you meet your end!
I had a good time fighting you, thank you. Other fighters would do well not to underestimate you… You are no ordinary woman, that’s for sure.
You fight with a great deal of insight and rationality. I’ll have to take some notes. Alright, simulation is over. That wasn’t so bad.
I thought that ninjas were not supposed to stand out. Is that not their modus operandiFinally, a capable fighter. Not only are you fast and powerful, but you have quick wits in battle.
You better watch where you’re going next time, big guy. Sorry, but I don't have any trout for you to snack on.
Sorry, kid, but you asked for it. Surrendering to a mere child would leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth. Your quest for power ends here. Don’t worry, I’ll make your end quick and painless.
What joy can you possibly get from the torment of others? I don't understand people like you...
I'll pass on your little get rich quick scheme. I simply have no interest.
Your own impatience was your downfall today. Are you alright? I thought that fight would have taken more time ...
I cannot stand people like you. Your reign of terror ends here! I must admit you are strong, but you are not without your weak points. You are full of faults.
Our conflict ends here. I have something I need to take care of, and I have no interest in wasting time with you. You’re a tough customer. I should’ve expected as much from a pro wrestler. 
I already have my comrades, and I will not turn my back on them! Next time, if you don’t hold back, I won’t hold back.
It would be better if you concentrated more on fighting and less on talking. My power was barely enough to contain you. I must become stronger so this does not happen again.
Good fight. We’ll have to do that again. I don’t wish to impede on whatever plans you have, but don’t get in my way again.
I had a feeling it wouldn’t be an easy fight, and you lived up to my expectations. As expected of the one that they call the king. Interesting moves you have there. Too bad they weren’t enough to beat me. 
I honestly did not believe that you could take me to my very limits. Perhaps I underestimated youYour mistake was getting ahead of yourself. Think about your opponent fight, and not on your ‘certain’ victory.
Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. It is not for you to judge what is beautiful and what is ugly. My apologies... Fate has determined that I would stop Jin Kazama. 
If you dare interfere with my matters again, I will make sure to leave your convictions scattered on the floor, along with your bodyThat blade is dangerous. I’ll take that from you so it doesn’t cause any more suffering.
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