Lucky Chloe (ラッキークロエ Rakkī Kuroe?) is a character in the Tekken series who is introduced in Tekken 7 as one of the new playable characters.[2]



Lucky Chloe is revealed to be mischievous and childish as seen in Eddy's ending where she outsmarts Eddy by giving a drawing note to think its a real note leading to Kazuya's whereabouts. However, in both Jack-7's and her endings, she is showing her bratty side as she forces Eddy to practice her signature poses for live shows and blames Jack-7 for Chloe herself accidentally bumping into him. She also shows no concern when witnessing Jack-7 falling off the G Corporation tower.


Lucky Chloe is shown to be a stylish girl. She has long, possibly ankle length blonde hair tied into two mid-centered long ponytails. She has aqua-colored eyes and she appears to sport Neko clothing such as a pink headphones with black neko ears attached. She wears a furry, pastel pink bolero jacket that cover her hands with pink buttons in a paw design underneath. It has her name on the back of it.

She is wearing a pink and black dress with a short, ruffled skirt, with laces in the back and a pink bow. There are what appears to be pink mini-speakers at her sides, as well as a black cat tail accessory. She's wearing black thigh-high tights with a keyhole design in the front with a tiny heart at the top. She wears pink knee pads with pink and white training shoes with black straps.

Her color palette on her second outfit it aqua, this replaces the pink on her original clothes. Her hair and accessories remain the same but the colors also change.


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Tekken 7

TEKKEN 7 - Lucky Chloe Ending & Intro (TEKKEN 7 Character Endings)

TEKKEN 7 - Lucky Chloe Ending & Intro (TEKKEN 7 Character Endings)

As a child, Chloe's parents took her to a Expo and exposed her to the Japanese Idol culture and since then, she has always wanted to be an Idol. With her good looks, she set out on being the world's best Idol and named herself Lucky Chloe.

Donning her cute costume, she went out to show the world her dance moves and put other pros to shame. She quickly became world famous when her dancing became viral on internet video sites (however, North Americans hate her).

Since then, she has collaborated with the G corporation and has signed a contract with them. She became a popular face of the company and is used in advertisements by the G Corporation as the company image. Despite the current struggle between G Corporation and Mishima Zaibatsu, she always puts on a smile and happy face during these difficult times.[3]

Character Episode Prologue: Lucky Chloe is a pop sensation, and the face of the G Corporation brand. When a mysterious man burst into G Corp and took out guard after guard with dance-like techniques, Lucky Chloe fearlessly walked right up to him and blocked his path.

She threw the man one of her trademark smiles and issued him a challenge: Fight her, and if he loses he'll have to work as her backup dancer! Without caring if he'd accepted the conditions or not, she prepared for battle.

Ending Description: Lucky Chloe teaches Eddy her signature pose, but notices him falling behind. Chloe kicks him for the error and demands he holds up his end of their bargain as her backup dancer. The two then proceed, with Eddy failing and Chloe kicking him each time. The scene finally ends with Eddy yelling "No!" after Chloe tells him that he will dress as a girl when they perform live.


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Fighting Style

Lucky Chloe fights using Freestyle Dance. A style that seems very visibly similar to that of Capoeira in which it presumably incorporates dancing with martial arts.


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Character Relationships

  • Kazuya Mishima - Her employer.
  • Eddy Gordo - Her opponent in Tekken 7.
  • Jack - Met at G Corporation when Jack-7 Interrupted her dance session.
  • Lei Wulong - Lei is a big fan of her, as seen in his Tekken 7 trailer.



  • Lucky Chloe has received both criticism and praise by fans due to her appearance and personality. The backlash against her was so vocal, however, that it prompted Tekken producer Harada to jokingly[4] remark that she would be replaced in the North American version by a bald, muscular skinhead and that she would be exclusive only to the East Asia and Europe regions.[5][6] However, some gaming news publications (I.E. VG24/7)[7] reported it as fact, leading to Harada clarifying that those tweets were a joke and Lucky Chloe is playable in all regions.
    • Technically, and rather ironically, "a bald, muscular skinhead" has already been featured in Tekken, as one of Bryan Fury's outfits in Tekken Tag Tournament featured him bald in a skin-tight t-shirt and leather pants, with him also being rather muscular and rude; more presently and importantly, said outfit is also currently available in Tekken 7 through customization.
  • Harada stated that Lucky Chloe is not from Japan, though she is a fan of Japanese Pop culture. He also said that she is hiding a "big secret".[8]
  • Lucky Chloe, like Lee/Violet, speaks both Japanese and English. However, the language that Lee/Violet speaks usually corresponds to his respective identity. Also, Chloe speaks English with a rather heavy Japanese accent, unlike Lee (TK4 and TTT2).
  • Lucky Chloe's unblockable move, Lucky Corkscrew (ub+4), is similar to Eddy and Christie's Fruit Picker unblockable move, although the damage dealt when she executes the move is much greater than that of the last two fighters.
  • In Tekken: Kazuya's Revenge, there is a character that is similar to Lucky Chloe who shares the same name as her, as well as sporting the same hairstyle.
  • Her ending is similar to Yoshimitsu's interlude with Raven in Tekken 5 when Yoshimitsu loses the fight. In it, he is taught by Raven to use Ninjutsu hand signs but fails much to Raven's disappointment. In Lucky Chloe's case, she is seen forcing Eddy to imitate her poses, kicking him several times as he fails, much to Eddy's horrible shock.
  • Lucky Chloe stands as "DNC" ("Dancer") in the game files.


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