Gamma Venom 567

aka Saif Malik

  • I was born on October 4
  • My occupation is Just a student and fan
  • I am Male
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  • hello, i've seen you have been editing Kazuya's page excessively and repeating and undoing the same edit.

    i dont know what your intentions are, spamming, trolling, achievement hogging, or what have you, but this type of "editing" wont be tolerated. If you continue this behavior you will be issued a sentenced ban.

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    • Okay I get it sorry.

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    • it's fine. let it be known i by no means am trying to discourage you from editing. there is just only so many ways "one of the main antagonists" can be worded.

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    • I know I was confused to make kazuya into the main antagonist or not at the time but now I settled on secondary antagonist because his father heihachi had been the main villain in most games and is the most recurring of the series as a whole since he made kazuya and Jin into what they are now.

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