Mirror Darkness

Mirror Darkness is a stage in Tekken 2. The fight takes place in a large, dark room with a bare grey floor. In the background, there are many mirrors that can be seen reflecting the fight taking place, hence the name "Mirror Darkness".

Background Music

Tekken 2 - Devil Angel's Theme

Tekken 2 - Devil Angel's Theme



  • This is Devil and Angel's stage.
  • The stage theme is called "Be in the Mirror", whose melody is the same as "Emotionless Passion", the theme of Kazuya's stage, Eternal Darkness.
    • The Arcade soundtrack does not feature a unique theme for this stage: the theme for Kazuya's stage is used instead.
  • Although the onscreen display is not reflected in the mirror, the words that appear at the end of a round (KO, You Win etc.) are reflected.
    • When playing in Practice Mode, the button inputs which are displayed onscreen will also be reflected in the mirrors.


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