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Mishima Building is a stage in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. The stage is a large, circular platform that is ascending a tall skyscraper (Mishima Zaibatsu-owned facility, likely belonging to Mishima Industries).


Along the edges of the stage are mechanical arms that pull the platform up. When one fighter reaches match point, the platform reaches the top of the building and a short cutscene plays showing the cityscape that is now visible (similar to the stage transition on Devil's Pit but the stage configuration remains the same).

Background Music[]

The BGM is titled "Metallic Experience."

First Round[]


Tekken 7 OST ~ Mishima Building - Round 1 (Metallic Experience 1st)

Final Round[]


Tekken 7 OST - Mishima Building -Final Round- Metallic Experience 2nd

No. Song Duration Audio
01 Beginning (2017) [The MISHIMA SAGA] 3:58
  • The track above plays during the Story Mode of Tekken 7.



  • This stage is very similar to Central Tower from Tekken 6, particularly with regards to the shape of the platform, the fact it is set on an ascending lift, and the large mechanical arms that are pulling the stage to the top of the structure.
  • Several NANCY-MI847J robots make a cameo on this stage.
  • Xiaoyu and Claudio's endings take place in this stage.
  • In The Mishima Saga, this is the stage where Heihachi fights against the Tekken Force soldiers in the elevator section and Nina Williams at the roof section while he was trying to reclaim the Mishima Zaibatsu.
  • Miguel and Master Raven's Character Episode prologues take place in this stage.
  • In Patch 1.0, if this stage is played during Treasure Battle, any battles after the first that took place in this stage will remain on the top of the structure. This is fixed in later patches, where the transition is reversed on every other battle.
  • In the arcade version of the stage (Fated Retribution) the start of the final round theme will play through the initial cutscene but on the home conversions the cutscene is silent other than the ambient noise with the music starting at the beginning of the round.