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Mishima Industries (三島重工 Mishima Jūkō?), or, more literally, Mishima Heavy Industries, is a subsidiary company that is part of the Mishima Zaibatsu, the financial empire of the Mishima Clan. Mishima Industries is responsible for all the industrial business undertaken by the Mishima Zaibatsu. Its ownership changes in accordance with the winner of the King of Iron Fist Tournament, which thus far has stayed within the Mishima bloodline. Its most recent and notable invention is NANCY-MI847J, a large robot built to protect Jin Kazama.


As well as undertaking heavy industrial production, Mishima Industries is the producer of all the Mishima Zaibatsu's robotics. Initially, Mishima Industries only provided software and weapons development for robot manufacture elsewhere.[1] Later however, they expanded to have their own robotics department.

AI Programming

Gun jack programmiing.jpg

Mishima Industries produced the artifical intelligence software programming used in the Russian-made Jack robots. Some of their software was altered by Jane a robotics engineer:

Gun Jack & Jane

Still haunted by memories of Jack-2's fate nineteen years later, works on a way to restore Jack-2. She learns that most of the technology responsible for Jack-2's A.I. was created by Mishima Heavy Industries, a subsidiary of the Mishima Zaibatsu. She also finds the ground work for something called "Project Gun Jack", an upgraded Jack with the addition of a pivot gun. Jane snuck into Mishima Heavy Industries and secretly installed the hidden program.


Prototype Jack

'Upgraded' Prototype Jack

Under Kazuya Mishima's leadership, the Mishima Zaibtsu worked on repairing the defunct remains of Prototype Jack. The project was given to Doctor Bosconovitch who 'upgraded' Prototype Jack, by giving it a memory wipe and a pair of sunglasses. Non-canonically, in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, a large rocket ship is built in the shape of Prototype Jack, presumeably by Mishima Industries. It explodes shortly after lift off.


Nancy's cameo in Tekken 7

Under Jin Kazama, Mishima Industries created its own robot, NANCY-MI847J, to protect Jin from any rivals, especially G Corporation which is currently owned by Kazuya Mishima. The "MI" in NANCY's serial number stand for Mishima Industries.

Alisa Bosconovitch

At some point, Doctor Bosconovitch worked for Jin Kazama's Mishima Zaibatsu, and created a robot protector for him. He made the android in the image of his dead daughter, also called Alisa, and gave her a similar personality too. The robot was awakened in an explosion caused by an invasion of the rebel Tekken Force cell, Yggdrasil, and Alisa was found by Lars Alexandersson. Alisa has spy software and override programming in her that can be accessed only by Jin.

Mishima Zaibatsu's Orbital Laser Satellite

An orbital laser was created by Dr. Abel for the Mishima Zaibatsu. It was likely created through its subsidiary company, Mishima Industries.


The Mishima Zaibatsu's genetic experimentation was undertaken by Mishima Industries in the past. In Tekken 6, the ruins of a biotech research station run by Mishima Industries, can be found populated by genetic experiments. Many bears and kangaroos can be found here and the site has been in ruins for many years according to Alisa's journal. This was the original research laboratory run under Kazuya's Zaibatsu, when genetic experimentation was the focus, and where the original Roger and Alex were created. Kazuya confirms this in Tekken 6 when he visits the location in campaign mode.

It is possible that the genetics project Devil-Human Integration Program run by Doctor Abel is also a Mishima Industries project.

Rival Creations

After Jane went to work for G Corporation, the company decided to continue on the Jack project that originally belonged to the Russian government. They created Jack-6 and Jack-7, with the help of lead engineer, Jane, in order to counter Mishima Industries' NANCY-MI847J.

The Ambush

Two years before the events of Tekken 5, Jane tried to sneak into the Mishima Industries with the help of Gun Jack. However, they were discovered by a Tekken Force patrol and were fired upon. Gun Jack placed himself in the line of fire to protect Jane. After the hail of bullets stopped, Gun Jack had ceased to move.

Known Employees

Related Stages


  • Gun Jack and Jane sneaked into Mishima Industries where they were caught by the Tekken Force.
  • The back of King's shirt in Tekken 3 reads "Mishima Industries" (三島重工 Mishima Jūkō; black characters) and "Evil" (悪 Waru; red character).
  • Previous owners were: Jinpachi Mishima, Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama.
  • The current owner is currently unknown.
  • The stage Mishima Building in Tekken 7 is likely run by Mishima Industries, as their NANCY robot can be seen there, along with man mechanical arms intended for carrying out heavy enginering work.
  • Mishima Industries is also the name of a company in the anime, All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl, Nuku Nuku.
  • The Mishima Industries logo features the kanji 三島, on one line and 重工 beneath it, enclosed in a rectangle with curved corners. It is visible on a box in the background of Jack's Tekken 6 ending.



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