Move Terminology is the input notion that the Tekken series follows. The legend provides a set of fighting movement conventions that all players can use regardless of the gaming system but varies among regions and platforms. These styles of notation are used with varying degrees of formality. This page will clarify these differences.

Western Notation

Button Commands

Input Command
1 Left Punch
2 Right Punch
3 Left Kick
4 Right Kick
5 Tag

Basic Commands

Input Command Example
TAP Forward f+4
F HOLD Forward f,F+2
b TAP Back b+1
u TAP Up
d TAP Down
d/f Down-Forward (tap down/forward once)
d/b Down-Back (tap down/back once)
u/f Up-Forward (tap up/forward once)
u/b Up-Back (tap up/back once)
F Hold stick forward
B Hold stick back
D Hold stick down
U Hold stick up
D/F HOLD Down-Forward
D/B HOLD Down-Back
U/F HOLD Up-Forward
U/B HOLD Up-Back
N Neutral (Joystick is not touched)
SS Sidestep (either direction)
SSL Sidestep to the Left
SSR Sidestep to the Right
qcf Quarter-circle Forward (Circle stick from down to forward)
qcb Quarter-circle Backward (Circle stick from down to back)
hcf Half-circle Forward (Circle stick from back to down to forward)
hcb Half-circle Back (Circle stick from forward to down to back)

Linking and Special Notations

Notation Description Example
+ Simultaneously
, Followed By (Moves must be done right after the other)
~ Slide (Moves must be done IMMEDIATELY after the other)
_ Or (When used between two moves, they are interchangeable)
< Delayed Input
: Requires Just Frame Input (has to be precision timed to execute)
FC Full Crouch Animation (Do move while in a crouched position)
WS While standing (Do move while standing up)
WR While Running (f,f,f or f,F#)
BT Back turned towards opponent
CH Counterhit (Hitting opponent during their move execution)
[  ] Optional Command Output
{} Curved brackets indicate the buttons needed to break a throw
= Next in Sequence
° Tap and Hold Button

Ground Positions

Notation Description
FD/FT Lying on the ground (Face Down / Feet Towards opponent)
FD/FA Face Down / Feet Away from opponent
FU/FT Face Up / Feet Towards opponent
FU/FA Face Up / Feet Away from opponent

Japanese Terms

Input Command Example
6 Forward
4 Back
8 Up
2 Down
N Neutral
3 Down-Forward
1 Down-Back
9 Up-Forward
7 Up-Back
LP Left Punch
RP Right Punch
LK Left Kick
RK Right Kick
WP 1+2
WK 3+4
JS Airborne attack King u/f+4
CS Attack leading to Crouch Jin d+4
立 ("Standing") Rising
横 ("Side") Sidestep
屈 ("Bend") Full Crouch
背向け ("From the back") Back Turned
ホールド ("Hold") Holding an input Jack B+2
中に ("Middle of...") During an attack / stance
上 ("Up / High") High Attack
中 ("Middle") Middle Attack. Can also refer to Special Mid
下 ("Low") Low Attack
ガード不能 ("Guard Impossible") Unblockable
有利 ("Has Advantage") Any attack that is plus on block Electric Wind God Fist

Character-Specific Abbreviations

Input Command Fighter
BDS bad stomach Doctor Bosconovitch
FB fall back Doctor Bosconovitch
EFB electric fall back Doctor Bosconovitch
EFF electric fall fake Doctor Bosconovitch
HSP handstand position Eddy Gordo
RLX relaxed position Eddy Gordo
AOP art of phoenix Ling Xiaoyu
RDS rain dance stance Ling Xiaoyu
LFF left foot forward Hwoarang
RFF right foot forward Hwoarang
LFS left flamingo stance Hwoarang
RFS right flamingo stance Hwoarang
VTS vale tudo stance Craig Marduk
DSS dragon sign stance Marshall Law
DFS dragon fake step Marshall Law
HMS Hit Man Stance Lee Chaolan - Violet
HBS hunting bear stance Kuma II - Panda
ROL prowling grizzly roll Kuma II - Panda
CRA art of crane Lei Wulong
SNA art of snake Lei Wulong
TGR art of tiger Lei Wulong
DGN art of dragon Lei Wulong
PAN art of panther Lei Wulong
DRU drunken master Lei Wulong
INS indian sit Yoshimitsu
FLE flea stance Yoshimitsu
DGF dragonfly stance Yoshimitsu
MED meditation Yoshimitsu
KIN kinchou stance Yoshimitsu
NSS no sword stance Yoshimitsu
FLA flamingo stance Baek Doo San
CES clockwise evasive spin Julia Chang
KNP kenpo step Feng Wei
STC shifting clouds Feng Wei
SDW shadow stance Raven
HAZ haze stance Raven
CDS crouching demon stance Jin Kazama
ALB albatross spin Steve Fox
DCK ducking Steve Fox
PKB peekaboo Steve Fox
SWY sway Steve Fox
LWV left weave Steve Fox
RWV right weave Steve Fox
FLK flicker Steve Fox
SIT Sit Ganryu - Kuma II / Panda
CJM Chaos Judgement Anna
HPF haze palm fist Asuka
LCT leg cutter Asuka
DES destroy form Alisa Bosconovitch
SBT single boot Alisa Bosconovitch
DBT dual boot Alisa Bosconovitch
SEN silent entry Lars Alexandersson
DEN dynamic entry Lars Alexandersson
SAV savage stance Miguel Caballero Rojo
TRT Tarantula Stance Zafina
MNT Mantis Stance Zafina
SCR Scarecrow Stance Zafina
MTS muay thai stance Bruce Irvin
ROC Rocket Stance Roger Jr.
AKS animal kick stance Roger Jr.
BAL spinning ball Bob
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