Mr. Baek is a non-playable minor character in the Tekken series. Nothing is known about him beside the fact that he is the unnamed father and mentor of Baek Doo San. He was accidentally killed by his own son during a sparring session.



Like his son, Mr. Baek appears to have a short dark brown hair and brown eyes. He also has facial hair, which Doo San later inherits in later games.


Tekken 2

Mr. Baek was a former Taekwondo champion. He received a career-ending injury. Devastated, he turned to alcohol and became a heavy-drinker, which ultimately led to his incarceration.

Plunged into a life of poverty, Baeks was forced to deal with hard times, and just when things looked as though they couldn't get any worse, his wife disappeared, leaving him and their children alone. Not too long after that, Mr. Baek escaped from prison to assist the family, but due to the deprivation of proper nourishment, his son, Doo San, mistakenly killed him.

Later, his son had to attack Marshall Law's dojo under the pressure of a mysterious manipulator who knew about this incident.

In Tekken 2 during his son's ending, he was seen wearing the same taekwondo dobok as his son's while they were training.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 his face is not shown during his son's ending. He wears a civilian nature clothing like his son. In the first scene he wears a black long sleeve turtleneck shirt, gray shorts and black sandals. Later, after being accidentally killed by his own son during the sparring session, he was seen wearing a dark blue long sleeve v-neck shirt and maintains wearing the gray shorts and black sandals from the first scene.

Character Relationships

  • Baek Doo San - His son and student, he was accidentally killed by him during a sparring session.


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