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Mr. Chang is a minor character in the Tekken series and a member of the Chang Family. He is the father of Michelle Chang, only mentioned in her Tekken 1 profile. According to Michelle's mother, Mr. Chang was killed by Heihachi's men shortly before the events of the first King of Iron Fist Tournament.



Mr. Chang was sent by Heihachi Mishima to America from Hong Kong with the order to find an ancient treasure, which was located somewhere on Native American land. While in America, Mr. Chang met and fell in love with a Native American woman, whom he later married and had a child with, a daughter named Michelle. He found the treasure he had been sent to find, a mysterious pendant, and chose not to give it to Heihachi. Instead, he gave it to his daughter for safekeeping.[1] Likely due to his failure to get Heihachi what he wanted, Mr. Chang was murdered on Heihachi's orders by his henchmen. Michelle was told the truth about her father's death by her mother on her 18th birthday and vowed revenge for her father.

Other Appearances


Mr. Chang worked for Heihachi, but was later killed by him when he challenged him for control of the Mishima Zaibatsu (Iron Foundation in the comic). This is the only time he has actually been seen, as in the games he has only ever been mentioned. While his name was never revealed in-game, his given name in the comic is Bernard.

Character Relationships


  • As Mr. Chang was sent by Heihachi to America, he seems to have been an employee of the Mishima Zaibatsu.
    • Either his defection from the Zaibatsu, or his apparent failure to find the treasure was likely the reason that Heihachi ordered his death. It is also possible that Heihachi knew Mr. Chang no longer had loyalty to him and suspected he had found the treasure and was holding out on him.
  • The pendant Mr. Chang found was later used to awaken Ogre. It also became the reason both his wife and daughter were kidnapped in later games.


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