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Mr. Kazama is a minor Tekken character. He the father of Asuka Kazama and a member of the Kazama Clan. He left his native home of Yakushima to set up a dojo in Osaka, where he is the lead sensei and teaches Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts. The only known information about him is that he is Asuka's father and that he was hospitalized by Feng Wei in Tekken 5. The reason Asuka entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 was to get revenge on Feng Wei for hurting her father.

According to Lili, who, in Tekken 7, claims to know all about Asuka's situation, after Mr. Kazama was beaten by Feng, he lost his students and his livelihood. This left the family to poor to fix Asuka's bike, let alone the family dojo.[1]

Mr. Kazama also made an appearance in the non-canoncial Online Tekken Comic.

Character Relationships

  • Asuka Kazama - His daughter. She helps out in his dojo.
  • Jun Kazama - His relative, likely his sister, though the precise relationship is unclear.[2]
  • Jin Kazama - His relative, likely his nephew, though the precise relationship is unclear.[2]
  • Feng Wei - Mr. Kazama was attacked by him at his dojo and was sent to the hospital afterwards.
  • Emilie De Rochefort - In Asuka's Tekken 7 ending, Lili buys his dojo and house, fixes it up, and makes herself one of his students.


  • In Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign Alisa Bosconovitch believes that Mr Kazama is Jun's sibling.[3]
    • Both Jin[4] and Asuka[5] also believe that they are "cousins", and if this is taken to mean first cousin, then Mr. Kazama would be Jin's uncle.
      • Hwoarang also knows of Asuka and calls her Jin's cousin.[6]
    • Harada has stated that the relationship is more distant than this however.[7]
  • In Asuka's Tekken 7 ending, which may be canonical, Lili buys Mr. Kazama's dojo, cleans it up and decorates it everywhere with flower petals. Mr. Kazama was reportedly delighted by this.



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