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Mrs. Law is a minor Tekken character. She is a member of the Law Family. Not much is known about her, other than that she is the wife of Marshall Law and the mother of Forest Law. Her only appearance thus far was in Yoshimtsu's ending from the first Tekken game. She is also mentioned in Marshall's Tekken 5 prologue.


Mrs. Law is a woman of Chinese descent living in San Francisco, USA. It is unknown how much of a hand she has in helping her husband, Marshall, run his restaurant and dojo.

Her family were struggling financially in the run up to the first King of Iron Fist Tournament. At this time, her husband worked only as a kitchen hand in a Chinese restaurant. They were aided by Yoshimitsu, who stole Ganryu's ill-gotten gambling gains and distributed them to the Law family. Mrs. Law is shown drawing water from a well, suggesting her family do not have access to running water. She waves enthusiastically with her young son, Forest, and Marshall as the Manji Clan ride passed them throwing money.[1]

Mrs. Law is also mentioned in Tekken 5. At this time, Marshall had to work as a dishwasher in Japan as he couldn't afford a plane ticket back to the USA after the fourth Iron Fist Tournament. Mrs. Law called Marshall to tell him that Forest had been in a motorcycle accident, riding on Paul Phoenix's bike, and that they had substantial medical bills to pay.[2]


Mrs. Law is a woman of presumeably Chinese descent. She has dark brown, almost black hair, worn in two plaits either side of her head, and straight bangs brushed to the left side of her face. She has a pink hair clip that matches her top - a long sleeved shirt with dark red cuffs. She wears a full length navy skirt, over which is a patched white apron tied at her back. She has grey pointed boots.

Character Relationships

  • Marshall Law - Her husband.
  • Forest Law - Her son.
  • Paul Phoenix - Her family friend.
  • Yoshimitsu - He gave her and her family money to support them at the end of Tekken.
  • Manji Clan - Members of the Manji clan were with Yoshimitsu when he aided the Law family. They rode through the area they lived in on horseback.
  • Ganryu - She receives his gambling money, which was seized and redistributed by Yoshimitsu.


  • While Marshall Law is a homage to Bruce Lee and Forest Law could be seen as a homage to Brandon Lee (who is Bruce Lee's deceased son), Mrs. Law could be seen as a possible homage to Linda Lee Cadwell, who is the wife and widow of Bruce Lee and mother of Brandon Lee.



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