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Nina Williams (ニーナ・ウィリアムズ Nīna Wiriamuzu?) is a cold-blooded Irish assassin that made her first appearance in the original Tekken game and has appeared in every Tekken game since. Nina has a lethal fighting style, consisting of throws, grapples, and holds. She has an infamous rivalry with her younger sister, Anna Williams.   

During the end of Tekken 2, both Nina and Anna undergo Cryogenic Sleep. They are experimented upon for 15 years (this is the reason why they both remain physically young throughout the tournaments). While in cryogenic sleep ("cryosleep" for short), her ovum was taken without her consent and was used to create Steve Fox (who first appears in Tekken 4 and onwards).

Nina also starred in her own game, Death by Degrees, an action-adventure title released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2.


Nina and her younger sister are from a family of assassins hailing from the Republic of Ireland. Nina was trained in assassination arts by her father and in aikido by her mother. Anna was trained alongside Nina, and the two developed a deadly rivalry, often attempting to humiliate or kill one another.[11]

Nina was contracted to kill Heihachi Mishima at the time of the first King of Iron Fist Tournament.[4] She did not succeed in this task.

Two years later, Nina's father was on his deathbed. He pleaded for Nina and Anna to make amends before his death, but Nina found herself unable to comply with his wishes. She was soon contracted to kill the Mishima Zaibatsu's leader, Kazuya Mishima, at The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2. She entered the tournament not only to complete the job, but also with the intention of settling things with Anna.[2] Nina's grudge with Anna kept her from completing her hit on Kazuya, and both sisters were captured by Kazuya's forces and used as test subjects in Doctor Bosconovitch's cold sleep experiment.

Nina was in cryosleep for 15 years. When Ogre was awoken by actions of the Mishima Zaibatsu, its unleashed spirit stirred Nina from her sleep. Ogre assumed control of Nina's mind and commanded her to kill Jin Kazama, the son of Kazuya and grandson of Heihachi, her former targets. Nina entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 to carry out the task.[3]

She was unsuccessful in killing Jin. Free of Ogre's control but afflicted with amnesia, Nina fell back into contract killing. She did not even remember Anna or their rivalry. One day, she accepted a contract from The Syndicate, a mafia organization. The target was Steve Fox, a world boxing champion.[12] Nina learned that her genetic material had been used to create Steve for as part of a Zaibatsu experiment program whilst she was still in cryosleep; however, she was unmoved, and intended to see the contract through regardless.[13] Nina entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, only for Lei Wulong, an international police officer, to bust The Syndicate,[14] leaving her without an employer.

Nina placed her focus on discovering her forgotten past. She learned of Anna and, believing a meeting with her might help her regain her memories, arranged to see her. As soon as she saw Anna's face, Nina's memories returned, and they immediately entered into a shootout that went on for several days. When it ended in a stalemate, they agreed to settle things once and for all at The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Nina defeated Anna at the tournament, both in a fight and in popularity rankings.[13]

Having finally defeated her sister, Nina found herself without an immediate goal - however, she was soon hired by Jin Kazama, the Mishima Zaibatsu's new leader, as a member of his special forces. Though the Mishima Zaibatsu were waging war seemingly without clear reason, Nina was not selective about her clients, and joined the Tekken Force in engaging in covert demolition operations across the globe.[15] Nina also acted as Jin's personal bodyguard,[16][17] and was aware of Jin's larger plan - to awaken an ancient demon called Azazel and destroy it. After Jin's clash with Azazel in the desert - in which Jin went missing - Nina appeared and briefly spoke with Lars Alexandersson, wondering whether Jin had really wanted the fight to end the way it did.[18]

Nina returned to the now-leaderless Mishima Zaibatsu. She and Tekken Force attempted to locate Jin Kazama, but were unsuccessful.[19] Heihachi Mishima stormed the Mishima Zaibatsu, intending to reclaim it in Jin'a absence. Nina initially sent Tekken Force out to try and thwart his advancement, and even confronted him herself, but yielded after she was defeated. Heihachi reassumed control and drew Nina into his plans..[20]

Nina traveled with Heihachi to the Duomo di Sirio in Italy to recruit the Sirius Marksmen's leader, Claudio Serafino. They were ambushed by Marksmen and fought back. Claudio emerged and refused to collaborate with the Mishima Zaibatsu. Nina spectated a fight between Heihachi and Claudio, which was won by Heihachi.[21] Claudio subsequently accompanied them back to the Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters, where he gave a lead as to Jin's possible location.

Jin was apprehended by Lars before the Tekken Force could get to him.[22] Heihachi dispatched Nina to the Violet Systems facility Jin was being kept in, where she encountered Lars, Alisa Bosconovitch, and Lee Chaolan. Alisa and Nina fought while Tekken Force made efforts to airlift the unconscious Jin by helicopter via his hospital bed. Lee hijacked the Tekken Force helicopter before Nina's team could succeed, and then detonated the facility once Lars and Alisa were out.[23] Nina survived the explosion, but decided to end her association with the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Once again a free agent, Nina returned to private assassination work. Her first job back in the field involved infiltrating a mafia wedding to get to her target. Nina stole the bride's dress to do so, and succeeded in taking all of her targets, including the groom, out in a firefight.[24]


Nina is cold, indifferent, and ruthlessly efficient in her work. She exhibits little care for or trust in others, and especially enjoys humiliating her younger sister Anna, with whom she has a long-term rivalry. Despite Anna sometimes extending an olive branch, Nina has shown no interest in setting aside their differences, preferring to beat, humiliate, or simply ignore Anna. An exception to this general attitude concerns Steve Fox, the child who was created for the Mishima Zaibatsu Supersoldier Program from Nina's genetic material whilst she was in cryosleep. Steve became one of Nina's targets whilst she was working for The Syndicate; though Nina took the contract with an understanding of she and Steve's relation, her Tekken 4 ending cutscene depicts her being hesitant to shoot him. She has since told Steve that she does not care for him, though her actions seem to betray a reluctance to harm him. Nina also seems to have respected her father, Richard Williams, from whom she learned the assassin's trade.

Nina appears to have few qualms about morality, which proves useful in her role as an assassin, and likely made her a good fit as Jin Kazama's bodyguard while he was waging war as head of the Mishima Zaibatsu.


Nina has blue eyes and blonde hair tied in a ponytail. She retains a youthful appearance due to being preserved in cryosleep for fifteen years.


Main article: Nina Williams/Outfits

Nina's signature color is purple and she has at least one purple outfit per game. Her trademark costume is a "catsuit," and she has worn many different variants of it, usually made of materials resembling spandex, PVC, or leather. In Tekken 7, however, her player 1 outfit is Anna's stolen wedding dress.



Manual, NTSC
A silent assassin. She learned assassination techniques from her father and of Aikido for self-protection from her mother, therefore, she has an outstanding fighting sense. She was sent to assassinate Heihachi Mishima, the sponsor of the tournament, but her real intentions are not clear.[4]

Manual, PAL
A trained assassin, Nina is fast and deadly. Rumors abound that it is not just the spirit of competition that brings her to the tournament; but who would take a contract out on Heihachi Mishima and why?[25]

Version 3
Because she has learned assassin techniques and the art of Koppou from her father, and Aikido and self-defense techniques from her mother, Nina has a superior sense of combat. She's been commissioned to assassinate the tournament's sponsor, Heihachi Mishima. However, truth be told, she's been having second thoughts about harming people.[26][citation needed]

Version 4
Nina acquired her unusual combination of skills from her parents. Her father, once an assassin for the IRA, left Ireland to escape his past. His marriage to a British Aikido champion created a bloodline that would spawn a child with incredible talent and a killer instinct. Nina was kidnapped by an underground force and drugged into believing that the Rave War sponsor must be assassinated. God help anyone who gets in her way.[citation needed]


Tekken 1 Nina Williams - High Heels

Ending Description, "High Heels"
Anna opens a door and points down at her feet to show that her left shoe is missing. She appears to be asking if Nina knows where it is. Nina shrugs and shakes her head to tell Anna she does not know, but Anna does not believe her and approaches her, apparently accusing her of being behind her shoe's disappearance. Nina gives Anna a disgusted look and slaps her. Anna turns around and puts her hands over her face, crying. Nina turns around and grins at the camera, holding Anna's missing shoe aloft, revealing she has been hiding it all along.

Tekken 2

Manual, NTSC
A master of Aikido and Koppo techniques, she is an assassin for the people of Ireland. Although Nina's mission is to assassinate Kazuya, her personal agenda is to finally settle the long battle with her sister, Anna.[27]

Manual, PAL
*The PAL manual frames the character profiles as a Mishima Zaibatsu intel report.
Our Overseas Security Division is still no closer to discovering which agency has funded the current contract on Mr Mishima. However her hatred of her sister, unabated despite a recent bereavement to the family, could prove useful to our cause.[28]

Official Website Profile (Japanese)
Nina Williams is an Irish assassin who has an excellent command of Koppou and Aikido techniques. As one should expect, Nina's relationship with her estranged sister is at its worse. Knowing the evils fueling his daughters' hatred Richard Williams pled with Nina to make things right between them before his death, but she couldn't bring herself to comply with her father's last wishes. This time, at the tournament, Nina intends to bring an end to her and her sister's deadly quarreling, brushing aside her assignment to assassinate Kazuya.[2]


Tekken 2- Nina Williams - Cemetary

Ending Description, "Cemetery"
Nina enters a cemetery and places flowers on her father's grave. Shortly after, Nina hears someone approaching. She pulls her gun out and turns around to find Anna bringing flowers of her own. Nina glares at her, but Anna just smiles and shakes her head, gesturing that she intends to leave flowers for their father as well. Nina lowers her weapon and leaves, passing Anna as she goes. Once her back is to Anna, Nina smiles.

Tekken 3

Manual, NTSC, PAL & Playstation Classic
After failing to assassinate Kazuya Mishima in the last Tournament, Nina was forced to become a test subject for cryogenic research. Reawakened by Ogre's powers, she is determined to eliminate Jin Kazama.[29]

Official Strategy Guide
In the last tournament, she was ordered to assassinate Kazuya, but an untimely quarrel with her sister, Anna, prevented it. Shortly thereafter, both sisters were captured by Kazuya's corps and were used as guinea pigs in Boskonovitch's Cold Sleep #2 experiment. They did not wake for 15 years. Heihachi's private corps, the Tekken Forces, went to the burial site and excavated Ogre. This unearthing unleashed its spirit, which awakened Nina's resting soul. Now controlled by Ogre, Nina acts robotically, with the command to assassinate Jin Kazama.[3]


Tekken 3 - Nina Williams ending - HD 720p

Ending Description, "War Between Sisters"
Nina is lying down in a medical pod in the Mishima Zaibatsu Research Lab. Light strobes over her at regular intervals. Anna watches the procedure through a glass screen, and text informs the viewer that Nina is undergoing a procedure to restore her memories. Anna turns to face Doctor Bosconovitch, who is leading the procedure. He turns away from the pod's controls and shakes his head, implying that the procedure is a failure.

The scene changes. Anna and Nina enter the cemetery where their father is at rest. Nina watches Anna lay flowers at their father's grave and begins to have flashbacks to a similar scenario. Nina clasps her head as if she is in pain, and Anna rushes to her side, only to be slapped by Nina. Anna falls to the ground and Nina shouts something at her before storming out of the cemetery. Anna sits up and smiles as she watches Nina leave.

Tekken 4

Official Strategy Guide
The Mishima Zaibatsu used Nina as an experimental test subject for cryogenics research. Nina appeared in the third tournament while suffering from cryosleep-induced-amnesia.

Since then, Nina disappeared from the reaches of the Mishima Zaibatsu and spent her days carrying out missions as a contract assassin. As a woman without memories or close relations, carrying out her hits for profit was the only reality that she could rely on.

One day Nina accepted a contract from a Mafia organization. The target of the contract was Steve Fox, a world boxing champion. Nina set her sights on completing her new mission and infiltrated the tournament.[30]

After the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2, the Mishima Zaibatsu used Nina as an experimental test subject for cryogenics research. Fifteen years later, Nina was released from cryosleep to fight in the third Tournament. She in the tournament while suffering from cryosleep-induced amnesia.

Since then, Nina escaped from the reaches of the Mishima Zaibatsu and spent her days carrying out missions as a contract assassin. To this day, she has been unable to regain memories of Anna or her previous life. Without memories or anyone to rely on, the only thing she could do was to execute her contracts for money.

One day, Nina accepted a contract from a Mafia organization. The target of the contract was Steve Fox, a world boxing champion. Nina infiltrated the Tournament set her sights on her new target.[12]


Tekken 4 Nina Prologue and Epilogue

Epilogue Text
After the Tournament, Nina pursued her target, Steve Fox, to his hotel in order to complete her objective.

While preparing for the hit, Nina received additional information on the target from the Syndicate...

Epilogue Text
After the tournament, Nina pursued her target, Steve Fox, to his hotel to complete her objective. While preparing for the hit, Nina received additional information about the target from the Syndicate...

Ending Description
Nina sits at a table and looks at her target's profile on her laptop. She discovers that Steve Fox was created via in-vitro fertilization using an egg that had been harvested from her when she was in cryosleep, making her Steve's biological mother.

Later, Nina sits by the window with her sniper rifle, waiting for the opportunity to strike. She sees Steve's limo pull up outside the hotel he is staying at and takes aim. She stalls for a while, and then finds herself unable to pull the trigger. She raises the gun and appears conflicted. Lei Wulong suddenly kicks open the door and aims his gun at Nina, telling her to freeze. She fires at him with a handgun and escapes the building via a window and stairwell. She runs across the street to Steve, and the two of them stare at each other for a few moments. Lei catches up to her and tells her to freeze again, only to shoot shortly after. Steve tackles Nina out of the way, and she thanks him before fleeing down the street. Steve watches as Lei pursues her.

Tekken 5


Tekken 5 Nina Prologue and Epilogue


Tekken 5 Nina Interludes

Manual, NTSC
To regain her memory, Nina met with her sister for the first time in several years. Upon seeing her sister's face, Nina remembered her past and immediately started to shoot. The shootout lasted a few days, but neither sister could make a decisive hit. They decided to settle their fight in the upcoming tournament.[31]

Manual, PAL
To regain her memory, Nina met with her sister, Anna, for the first time in several years. Upon seeing her sister's face, Nina remembered the bitterness of their past encounters and immediately went for her gun. The shootout lasted for days, but neither sibling could make a decisive hit. They decided to settle their fight once and for all at the upcoming King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.[32]

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Manual, PAL
Her past still shrouded in mystery, Nina continued her life as a contract assassin. Upon meeting up with her sister, Anna, the two engaged in a fierce gun battle. Will they settle this feud at the King of Iron Fist Tournament?[33]

Official Strategy Guide
Her past still shrouded in mystery, Nina continued her life as a contract assassin.

Although information from the Syndicate revealed that Steve Fox was her biological son, she remained emotionally unchanged.

Soon after, Hong Kong detective Lei Wulong took down the Syndicate, and Nina no longer had a motive for assassinating Steve. She instead decided to concentrate her efforts on uncovering her past. Nina believed that paying her sister Anna a visit might help in recovering her memory.

When she met up with Anna, the two engaged in a fierce gun battle. The battle lasted for days, but neither side was able to finish the standoff. They decided to settle it at the recently announced King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.[34]

Nina Williams. An assassin with no memory of her past.

The Syndicate told Nina that Steve Fox was her own son, but Nina felt nothing.

Later, the Syndicate fell and left Nina with no purpose. She decided to meet her sister, Anna to try to recover her past. But the moment she saw Anna, everything came rushing back. Now it's on!

They fought for days. In the end, the sisters agreed to settle their rivalry in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.[13]

Epilogue Text
After being inspired by the sibling battle, a movie director insists on staring them in an upcoming film.

"A movie? I don't think so."

At first, Nina turned down the offer. However, after she finds out that Anna has accepted, she has no choice but to accept as well.

Ending Description
Nina and Anna are shown fighting with swords on a castle rooftop. In the end, Anna is victorious, and Nina falls to the ground. The director yells "Cut!" and people congratulate and applaud Anna for her acting. Nina leaves the scene amidst the praise. As she walks away from the castle, Nina presses a button on a remote control in her hand, causing the whole set to explode. Nina smiles.

Tekken 6

Official Strategy Guide
After defeating her sister, Anna, Nina Williams was without an immediate goal to attain. Jin Kazama, recently appointed the leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu, recruited her as a member of his special forces. As someone who wasn't selective about her clients, Nina engaged in covert demolition operations around the world as part of the Tekken Force.

As the conflict between the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation intensified, the Mishima Zaibatsu announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. Nina decided to enter the Tournament to eliminate anyone who poses a threat to Jin Kazama.[35]

After defeating her sister, Anna, Nina Williams was without an immediate goal to pursue. Jin Kazama, who had become the leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu, recruited her as a member for his special forces.

Nina was not picky about her clients. She engaged in covert demolition operations round the world as part of the Tekken Force.

As the world was engulfed in war and the conflict between the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation escalated, the Mishima Zaibatsu announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6.

Nina decides to enter the tournament in order to eliminate those who pose a threat to Jin Kazama.[15]


Tekken 6 Nina Williams Prologue & Epilogue

Ending Description
Nina is in attendance at the Mishima Zaibatsu Victory Celebration Banquet. She applies her lipstick the bathroom, grinning at her reflection when she is done. Suddenly, Anna leaps in, attempting to kick Nina but shattering a mirror instead. A fight ensues in the bathroom, making the surrounding building shake and even shattering a mirror in the corridor outside. Nina emerges victorious, pleased with herself. Anna lies unconscious on the bathroom floor, her face covered in crude lipstick drawings applied by Nina.

In-Game Summary
Nina is shown assisting Jin as he wages war with the Mishima Zaibatsu, including spying on rebel leader Lars Alexandersson. She is defeated by Lars twice. After Jin sacrificed himself to kill Azazel at the end, she told Lars that she'd known about Jin's plans for world war from the beginning, and that he had always intended to awaken Azazel's physical body in order to defeat the demon. She was unsure whether Jin's actions were right or wrong. She then left on a Mishima Zaibatsu helicopter.

Tekken 7


TEKKEN 7 - Nina Williams Ending & Intro (TEKKEN 7 Character Endings)

Official Website Profile (English)
Born to a family of assassins, Nina became one herself after receiving training from her father. Killing is her business and business is good. If ordered to do so, she won't hesitate to take out any target. She currently works behind the scenes for Jin Kazama as an assassin for the Mishima Zaibatsu.[36]

Official Website Profile (Japanese)
When the operation to recover Jin Kazama failed, Nina Williams decided to leave the Mishima Zaibatsu. She received an assassination request from a new client. Her plan is to attend a wedding where Mafia executives gather, posing as a fake bride in order to round up her target.[37]

After failing to apprehend Jin Kazama, Nina Williams decided it was time for her and the Mishima Zaibatsu to go their separate ways. On her first private assassination job, she was tasked with infiltrating a mafia wedding... posing as the bride!

During the ceremony, a firefight broke out where Ninaa took out all her targets. However, the commotion had attracted the Tekken Force, who had been dispatched to suppress the violence, and they gave chase. With the Tekken Force in hot pursuit, Nina made her escape.

That's when she bumped into a man she found vaguely familiar. The man wouldn't leave her alone. He seemed to have something he wanted to say to her... Nina decided that a confrontation was her best chance of escape.[24]

Ending Description
After defeating Steve Fox, Nina is confronted by the Tekken Force. She throws a knife at one of the soldiers and quickly follows up with a flash grenade. Nina escapes, leaving her unconscious son behind.

Summary of Story Mode Events
Nina Williams has been left at the helm of the leaderless Mishima Zaibatsu. While she and the Tekken Force are searching for Jin Kazama's whereabouts, Heihachi Mishima arrives at the Zaibatsu headquarters to confront them and retake the corporation for himself. Nina and the Tekken Force soldiers are no match for Heihachi, and after being defeated by him, she concedes and agrees to work for him. Thereafter, she directs the Tekken Force's activities and acts apparently as Heihachi's number two, standing behind him when he announces The King of Iron Fist Tournament 7. Although she questions Heihachi's motives, Nina goes with him as he travels to the Sirius Marksmen to get them on his side. She follows Heihachi's lead in dispatching several Marksmen of Sirius, before Heihachi fights and defeats the Marksmen's leader, Claudio Serafino.

Heihachi, Nina, and Claudio return to Tokyo, where they continue their search for Jin, with Claudio believing that the Zaibatsu desires his powers as an exorcist. Claudio informs them that he heard rumors of something evil appearing in the Far East. These rumors prove to be a false lead, with Nina later discovering that Lars Alexandersson has taken Jin into hiding. On announcing the news to Heihachi, Nina states that things have become more complicated. Heihachi initially calls off their attempt to reclaim Jin, and it soon becomes clear that he intends to launch an attack on Violet Systems, the robotics corporation of Lee Chaolan who has been funding and harboring Lars's rebel army, Yggdrasil. After an initial raid, Tekken Force fails to apprehend Jin. Nina is thus forced to head the next raid herself to ensure its success.

Nina and Tekken Force launch an attack on Violet Systems. Nina is confronted by the repaired ex-Zaibatsu android, Alisa Bosconovitch, now freed of her programming restrictions. Whilst Nina stays her ground, Tekken Force captures Jin and begin to airlift him out of a medical bay. However, Lee has managed to hijack the helicopter, safely keeping custody of Jin. It then becomes apparent that Lee anticipated this strike, and, as Yggdrasil, Lars and Alisa make their escape, Lee detonates the Violet Systems building with Nina and Tekken Force inside. As the dust settles, Nina is revealed to be alive, having survived the attack. She sits defeated, pondering why Lars and his group are sheltering Jin. Nina then decides that it will be fun to watch.

Tekken 8


TEKKEN 8 – Nina Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

Official Website Profile (English), Official Website Profile (Japanese) & Closed Alpha Test Character Profile
Nina Williams is a master of the lethal arts and a professional killer known by the alias of "Silent Assassin". She was employed by the Mishima Zaibatsu and acted as commander of the special forces unit, "Tekken Force". However, after failing the mission to retrieve Jin Kazama, she left the unit to work as a freelance assassin. Some time later, Kazuya Mishima takes the lead in G Corporation's attempts at world domination. Kazuya recruits Nina as his direct subordinate and grants her title of commander of the G Corporation forces.[38]


Tekken 8 - Nina Character Episode Ending

Character Episode Prologue
Nina Williams led the Tekken Force raid on the rebel army hideout to capture Jin Kazama, former head of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

The raid was cut short due to the tactics of Lee Chaolan, causing her to quit the Mishima Zaibatsu and return to her assassin-for-hire roots.

One day, she heard the announcement of a new The King of Iron Fist Tournament to select the new head of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

She stood on the sidelines at first, but a certain client asked her to join the tournament and handle all those who would side with G Corporation.

"The client is Lee Chaolan... That man has some nerve."

Ending Description
Lee Chaolan grabs a note from the wall that says "Tomorrow 1 p.m., Smith's Coffee, Urban Square". He meets Nina at Smith's Coffee at the designated time, where she is drinking coffee and waiting for him. When Nina sees Lee flying over, she kicks the chair opposite her forward so that he can sit. Lee then asks her her purpose for calling him to meet. Without answering, Nina beats him up, sending him flying into a lamp post. She then tells him that the meeting was revenge for blowing up the Yggdrasil headquarters she had infiltrated while she was still inside the building, and that he should consider them even now. Then, Nina leaves Lee behind, but not before tossing a grenade over to him, walking away as it explodes.

Summary of In-Game Events
Nina approaches Kazuya as he is sitting in his office just before the finals of his King of Iron Fist Tournament. She reads to him from a tablet that the woman he has been searching for is currently located in Italy. Kazuya instructs her to make sure that woman does not leave Italy. Nina later approaches Kazuya again after the events of the finals to report that all of the available G Corporation troops have been dispatched to Yakushima in order to slow down the rebel army and draw out Jin Kazama. After being instructed not to kill Jin, Nina relays that she has scouted a few of the fighters from the tournament to join the battle on the side of the G Corporation.

On the battlefield at Yakushima, a soldier reports to Nina that their newest suppression weapon is nearly ready. As the battle commences, the weapon becomes ready, and Nina deploys it into battle. She is met by Reina, who asks if she still wants to remain on the island and addresses her by name. She comments that Reina is "very well informed", and asks to know more about Reina as the two begin to fight. After being defeated, Nina fires two bullets at Reina, which she swipes away with a single strike. Nina appears to have figured out Reina's connection to the Mishima Clan, but before she can finish her statement about such, there is a large explosion not far from the two, denoting the arrival of Jack-8. Nina says that her job with G Corporation is finished, and that she is done on the island. Reina asks Nina to work for her, and Nina says she is "willing to negotiate", if it is after her vacation.

In the bad ending, Nina is shown on a luxury boat in Paris, France, watching the destruction caused by G Corporation.

Other Appearances

Tekken: The Motion Picture

Nina Williams is featured in Tekken: The Motion Picture. In this story, she was hired and seduced by Lee Chaolan to assassinate Kazuya Mishima. She failed both times, as Kazuya managed to escape the first time and was saved by Jun Kazama the second time. During the Tournament, Nina is fighting Anna Williams, until Anna gets beaten. For awhile, it's a mystery whether or not she survived but as the island starts to explode, the other survivors can be seen, including an injured Nina.

Tekken Tag Tournament


Tekken Tag Tournament - Nina Ending

Nina appeared as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament. She retains her moveset from Tekken 3 along with a few additions. While the game is non-canonical, it is still looked at as a refined version of Tekken 3. In said game, the sisters continue their rivalry.

Ending Description
Anna and Nina appear to be having a disagreement. Nina puts her hand out as if to call a truce on their quarrel. Anna sighs and hesitates, then smiles and extends her hand. It turns out to be a ruse, as Nina pulls Anna into a standing armbar. Nina smirks cruelly as she holds her sister in the submission.

Tekken Tag Special Alliance Partners:

Death by Degrees

2005's Death by Degrees marked the first Tekken spin-off stand-alone game and casts Nina in a starring role for the first time. Originally, the game was supposed to simply be entitled Nina but was changed to Death by Degrees to reflect the multi-front combat system in the game.

In the game, Nina is assigned a mission that is a joint operation between the CIA and MI6. The team that she's with consists of two "sneakers" (John Doe and Edgar Grant) and one "sweeper" (Nina). They are supposed to infiltrate the Amphitrite, a Glafeera corporation cruise ship. Then, they are supposed to execute a video recon of a meeting held by high-ranking members of a certain organization. Nina is assigned to enter the fighting tournament that is being held onboard the ship, and then she is supposed to hide herself and await further orders. Upon mission completion, they are supposed to rendezvous and make their exit.

The game provided an alternate backstory for Nina and Anna with a flashback, suggesting that their father died when they were children protecting them. Richard Williams had struggled with some guards, and shouted for Nina to pick up a gun one of them had dropped. However, her hesitation and fear caused the guards to get the upper hand and shoot Richard. Anna is shown comforting Nina moments later, while Nina looks over the scene. Presumably, Nina and Anna's rivalry stems from this event.

This rivalry crosses over to the real-time events of the game, when Nina is sent to investigate a mysterious group. At an Island prison, she fails to interrogate her target when she is knocked out by Anna, who is working on behalf of the Mishima clan with the Tekken Force as bodyguards, as she owes Heihachi for her sister's operation. At the end of the game, Anna is the final boss Nina must face.

Tekken (2010 Film)

Nina appeared in the 2010 live-action Tekken movie, she is portrayed by Candice Hilebrand.

In the movie, she and her sister are assassins working for Kazuya. The three of them also sleep together. Kazuya sends both of them to kill Jin. Their attempt gets foiled as Christie shows up. Nina later fights Christie in the tournament. During the fight, Christie tells Nina about what happened last night but she tells her that she likes Jin and that he's cute too. Christie manages to escape the joint locks of Nina and manages to knock her out after a brutal fight and Christie tells her that she does not share.

Tekken: Blood Vengeance

Nina appeared into the 2011 CGI film, Tekken: Blood Vengeance. She's the first character to appear in the film, riding her motorcycle on a highway. Afterwards, she's ambushed by G Corporation employee and her younger sister, Anna Williams, who has set up a decoy for her. After a family reunion, Nina easily defeats Anna in a short battle, and quickly returns back to Jin after quickly escaping from soldiers from G Corporation (Anna's backup). Upon returning to the Mishima Zaibatsu, she shows Jin old files and newspaper articles of the Mutare Experiment (the M-Cell), which was performed on Jin's old school friend, Shin Kamiya. Upon learning about this, Jin then sends Nina to Russia where she would activate Alisa Bosconovitch, who she would then send to an international school in Kyoto, Japan to act as a spy to get info about Shin.

Nina, later on, appears halfway through the film, where she informs Jin that Alisa is ignoring their orders and doing her own investigation (with Ling Xiaoyu). Realizing that G Corporation will track Alisa down, Nina turns Alisa's network offline. Afterwards, Jin sends her to Kyoto to go after Alisa. On her way to the android girl's location at Lee Chaolan's mansion, Nina receives a radio message that G Corporation soldiers led by Anna are after Alisa, too. After noticing her sister's presence, she decides to help Alisa and Xiaoyu escape by turning Alisa's network back online. After the two girls escape the mansion just in time, Nina arrives to welcome Anna once again. Later, it's revealed that there was another fight between the two sisters at the mansion. Nina falls unconscious after Anna wakes up. Anna then attempts to capture Nina, amusing Lee Chaolan. This attempt leads to an unknown outcome, though Nina most likely escaped.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Nina appeared in Street Fighter X Tekken as a playable character, her tag partner is Kazuya Mishima.

A professional assassin, who works without choosing her clientele. She is a cool-headed and callous individual who does not let anyone get in the way of her job. In the past, she failed to assassinate Kazuya Mishima.[39]

Kazuya learns that the mysterious object that has crashed in the Antarctic possesses incredible power. Believing he will be able to use the box to amplify the power of his Devil Gene and thus defeat the Mishima Zaibatsu and his son, Jin Kazama, he begins plotting. Kazuya hires Nina to help him obtain Pandora, promising her a vast sum of money if they are successful.[40]

Rival Fight
Kazuya and Nina encounter Ken and Ryu. Nina is dismissive of them, but Kazuya is curious about whether their reputations are justified. He challenges them to a fight.[41]

Ending Description
Kazuya and Nina reach the Antarctic, but Nina steps in front of Kazuya before he can reach the box. He questions the meaning of what she's doing, and Nina reveals that she is a double-agent, sent to retrieve Pandora for someone who wants it more. Kazuya says he was waiting for her true intentions to be revealed, and uses a hand signal to order numerous G Corporation soldiers to form up behind him. Nina takes out the soldiers in the blink of an eye and disappears. Kazuya is not concerned with where she has gone, and approaches Pandora.[42]

Tekken Tag Tournament 2


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Nina Arcade Ending Movie

Nina appeared as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. She retains her moveset from Tekken 6 along with a few additions and a network of alliances.

Born to a family of assassins, Nina became one herself after receiving training from her father. Killing is her business and business is good. If ordered to do so, she won't hesitate to take out any target. She currently works behind the scenes for Jin Kazama as an assassin for the Mishima Zaibatsu.

"You've got a date with death."[43]

Ending Description
Nina stands on a rooftop with a sniper rifle. She looks through the scope, aiming at her target, and succeeds in taking him out. She flees over the rooftops and through the streets, but her target's armed guards catch up to her. They begin chasing her and firing at her. She returns fire, forcing them to take cover. The guards decide to call for backup. Having slowed them down, she takes a high position and drops down on the guards, dispatching them all with a mix of her physical abilities and gunplay. She is then descended on by a helicopter, from which Anna mans a mounted machine gun. Anna fires on Nina, forcing her to flee. Nina successfully loses them and climbs to the top of a water tower. The scene ends with Nina smirking, taking aim at the helicopter, and firing a single shot.

Special Alliance Partners:

Tekken Revolution

Nina appears in Tekken Revolution as a playable character.

Tekken Card Tournament

Nina appears in Tekken Card tournament as a playable character. She plays as a balanced character who can heal rapidly, draw rapidly, and launch powerful attacks, but at the cost of having more difficult, or "technical" requirements for some cards to activate. She can be played in a lot of unique ways, and doesn't favor any major ability, except for healing. She can heal herself in large amounts, but her cards have to be in specific positions in order to work, making her healing tank playstyle a lot more luck-based. Playing as Nina requires patience, a high understanding of her cards' various technical abilities, and not being afraid to take chances, but she is overall a very useful character that any seasoned player can use. She currently is the best character to use in the game, doing well in tournaments, and is also a viable tag partner.

Tekken (Mobile)

Nina appears as a playable character in Tekken (Mobile) as part of the main story character alongside Kazuya. Nina currently has three costumes: the camo-suit, the wedding dress, and the black catsuit.

Tekken: Bloodline

Nina appears in the animated series Tekken: Bloodline as one of the competitors in the third King of Iron Fist Tournament, though her participation in at least one of the previous tournaments is referenced. She meets Jin early on after coincidentally sharing the same van to the venue, and warns him of the unspeakable evils unleashed by Kazuya Mishima. She fights Xiaoyu in the preliminary stages, and, despite her experience, is defeated by Xiaoyu. Nina's relationship with the Mishimas, her sister and her son is never mentioned, and, unlike in Tekken 3, she shows no sign of being under the influence of Ogre.

The King of Fighters: All Star

Nina appears as a playable unit in The King of Fighters: All Star mobile game. Two different Nina units are available: one unit features consists of Nina in her Player 1 outfit from Tekken 7: Fated Retribution while the other depicts her in her Tekken 6 Player 1 outfit.


Nina has been a fan favorite from her debut, owing to her speed, lethal moves, and chain throws. Her strength is on par with most characters, and she can even evade and counterattack. Her combos are something to watch out for, as they are elaborate, strong, and even lethal. However, her chain throws are difficult to perform and require precision and patience (though Tekken 8 introduced easy inputs for her chainthrows, they deal less damage than a chainthrow done with the proper input). She also has access to a full throw game and an Attack Reversal, which when used to counter left-handed punches leads to some of her strongest chain throws, though one must react extremely quickly to do so.

She can be very technical character and is far from beginner-friendly. Her main point of offense are her Uppercut to Jab Step, Creeping Step, and Snakeshot, which allow her a quick transition to a crouching status, a sidestep, her moves from quarter circle forward (which include her chain throws) and in case of Snakeshot, a backsway. The variety of options can make her difficult to master but also very difficult for the opponent to read.

In Tekken 8 Nina now uses dual pistols that can cause chip damage in some moves. Tekken 8 also introduced easy inputs for her chainthrows, though using them deals less damage than the proper input.

Fighting Style

Nina's fighting styles is comprised of martial arts of Aikido & Koppojutsu in ways of an assassin.


Nina Williams Moves

Character Relationships

  • Anna Williams - Her younger sister and rival. Nina regards Anna with a mixture of hatred and indifference. The two frequently clash, with Nina usually emerging the victor. Since childhood, Anna has sought to win their father's approval by besting Nina,[citation needed] something she rarely achieved. Whilst Anna's sometimes appears to long for a less antagonistic relationship with Nina,[44] Nina by contrast has little interest in Anna beyond removing her as an obstacle to her ambitions, and humiliating her.
  • Richard Williams - Her father, who trained Nina in assassination arts. Nina and her father seem to have similar personalities, with Richard training Nina to be a cool-headed killer.[citation needed] They both have a practical attitude, with Richard favoring Nina over Anna for her successes.[citation needed]
  • Mrs. Williams - Her mother. She trained her and Anna in aikido.
  • Steve Fox - Her son, created by the Mishima Zaibatsu from Nina's genetic material while she was in cryosleep. Nina was initially sent to assassinate him in Tekken 4, accepting the job despite being told about the nature of their relation; however, she and Steve's ending cutscenes depict her protecting Steve or at least hesitating to kill him. In her Tekken 7 Character Episode ending cutscene, Nina is indifferent to Steve being her son and claims to feel nothing for him. Despite this, Steve was still willing to help her escape from the Tekken Force afterwards.
  • Jin Kazama - Jin was Nina's assassination target when she was brainwashed by Ogre in Tekken 3. Nina went on to be Jin's personal bodyguard and confidante in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion (and in the non-canonical Tekken: Blood Vengeance and Street Fighter X Tekken). At the beginning of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, Nina was searching for Jin with Tekken Force following his disappearance at the end of Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion's Scenario Campaign. When Heihachi regained control of the Mishima Zaibatsu, she was sent to kidnap Jin from Violet Systems for him.
  • Kazuya Mishima - Her assassination target in Tekken 2. Kazuya had her captured and forced her to undergo a cryosleep experiment near the end of Tekken 2. As part of the Mishima Zaibatsu in Tekken 6 and Tekken 7, Nina worked against him and his faction, G Corporation. In Tekken 8, Kazuya recruits Nina as his direct subordinate and grants her title of commander of the G Corporation forces. She and Kazuya had a temporary partnership in the non-canonical Street Fighter X Tekken, though Nina was revealed to be spying for Jin.
  • Heihachi Mishima - Her assassination target in Tekken. Heihachi was responsible for the Mishima Zaibatsu Supersoldier Program, and had Nina's genetic material harvested whilst she was in cold sleep to create a child for the experimental program: Steve Fox. Heihachi later forced Nina to work for him when he defeated her and reclaimed the Mishima Zaibatsu in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. In the non-canonical Death by Degrees, Heihachi sent his Tekken Force after Nina and demanded that she act as his 'superweapon'.
  • Lei Wulong - Lei Wulong busted The Syndicate, Nina's employers in Tekken 4. He also appeared in Nina and Steve's Tekken 4 ending videos, both times attempting to apprehend Nina.
  • Eddy Gordo - Nina's co-worker in Tekken Force in Tekken 6.
  • Doctor Bosconovitch - Nina became his test subject in his cryosleep research.
  • Lars Alexandersson - Lars is her enemy and directly works against Nina in Tekken 6 and Tekken 7. Lars' rebel army seceded from Tekken Force whilst Nina was working there and he has been at war with the Mishima Zaibatsu ever since. They were allies before Lars rebelled against the Zaibatsu. Nina then considered Lars to be a traitor.[45] During the events of Tekken 8, Nina is directly opposed to Lars as she works algonside Kazuya.
  • Alisa Bosconovitch - Nina initially appeared to be Alisa's enemy in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, until Jin revealed that Alisa had been spying for the Zaibatsu all along. After being reprogrammed by Lee Chaolan, Alisa helped prevent Nina and Tekken Force from kidnapping Jin in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. The two continue to be enemies in Tekken 8, with opposing goals. In the non-canonical Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Nina is Alisa's commander.
  • Ogre - Nina was brainwashed by Ogre into pursuing Jin as an assassination target in Tekken 3.
  • Lee Chaolan - Lee prevented Nina from kidnapping Jin from a Violet Systems facility, and then detonated a building with her inside during the events of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. In Nina's Tekken 8 Character Episode ending, it is revealed that Nina wanted payback for this. In the non-canonical Tekken: The Motion Picture, Lee employed Nina to kill Kazuya and was in a romantic relationship with her.
  • Claudio Serafino - Nina's ally in Tekken 7. They were both coerced into working for Heihachi after he defeated them.
  • Anna's Fiancé - Nina assassinated him on his wedding day.
  • Emma Kliesen - Emma worked with genetic material harvested from Nina during the Mishima Zaibatsu Supersoldier Program.
  • Ling Xiaoyu - Her opponent in the non-canonical Tekken Pachislot intro cutscene. In the non-canonical Online Tekken Comic, Nina becomes a subject of Xiaoyu's jealousy for being stuck with Jin, thinking Jin is choosing Nina over her in misunderstanding.
  • Edgar Grant - In the non-canonical Death by Degrees, Edgar Grant fooled Nina by disguising as her team's sneaker Alan Smithee during her mission.
  • Lana Lei - In the non-canonical Death by Degrees, Lana Lei captured Nina to use her in her evil superweapon project.
  • Bryce Adams - In the non-canonical Death by Degrees, Bryce was sent to stop Nina in her mission by Lana Lei.
  • Lukas Hayes - In the non-canonical Death by Degrees, Lukas partially worked with Nina during her mission.
  • Enrique Ortega - In the non-canonical Death by Degrees, Enrique tried to stop Nina in her mission.




  • It is possible that Nina and Kunimitsu were supposed to be the same character originally, as seen in Kunimitsu's very early concept art. In the aforementioned concept art, it is stated that she is a female assassin and aikido prodigy. Nina and Kunimitsu still share a returning theme of purple colors in their respective outfits.
  • Like Paul Phoenix, Yoshimitsu, and Heihachi Mishima, Nina has been playable in every Tekken game, making her the only female character with this distinction.
  • If spin offs and other games are included, Nina has appeared in the highest number of games of any female Tekken character.
  • Nina bears a number of similarities to Sarah Bryant from the Virtua Fighter series:
    • Both have blonde hair worn in a ponytail.
    • Both wear catsuits, Sarah in dark blue and Nina in dark purple. Nina's alternate costume in the first Tekken also bears a strong resemblance to Sarah's in Virtua Fighter.
    • Both were assassins brainwashed by an evil force (Ogre in Tekken 3, the organization Judgement 6 in pre-Virtua Fighter 4).
    • Both feud with siblings that usually wear red (in Sarah's case, her older brother Jacky while she was brainwashed).
    • Since Virtua Quest, Sarah has been voiced by Lisle Wilkerson, who also voiced Nina in Tekken 4 and 5, later in gameplay achieved voice clip only.[clarify phrasing]
  • Nina is the first and only character in the Tekken series to get their own game: Death by Degrees.
  • At 43 years old, Nina is the oldest female human character alongside with Jun Kazama.
  • At 161 cm (5'3¼"), Nina is the second shortest human character in the series, the first being Ling Xiaoyu at 157 cm (5'2"). This is no longer the case as of Tekken 8, as her height has now been changed to 168 cm (5’6”).
  • In Tekken Chronicle, Nina's hair color is brown instead of blonde and her occupation is listed as a boxer instead of an assassin.[citation needed]
  • Despite being Irish, Nina speaks with an American accent. Katsuhiro Harada has stated that this is due to her being an international assassin and needing to disguise her country of origin.[46]


  • Nina appears in the console opening cinematic.
  • Anna is Nina's stage 8 sub-boss.

Tekken 2:

  • Nina appears in the console opening cinematic.
  • Nina is Anna's stage 8 sub-boss.
  • Nina's stage is Athens.
  • She appears in Anna's ending in her primary outfit while handling the camera and photo.

Tekken 3:

  • Nina appears in the console opening cinematic.
  • Nina Williams' bosses in the Tekken Force side game are (in order of appearance): Jin Kazama, Anna Williams and Heihachi Mishima.
  • There is a certain glitch which allows Nina to use King's moves.[citation needed]
  • In early screenshots of Tekken 3, Nina's outfit was slightly different, featuring her with light blue jeans on in her Player Two outfit rather than the black leather pants of the final release. She was also capable of performing Anna's Mystic Booty Taunt, which she did not have access to in the final product.[47]
  • Nina appears in both the original and censored variant of Anna's ending cutscene.[48]

Tekken Tag Tournament:

  • Nina's Stage 7 sub-boss is Anna Williams. If Anna is not available, then it is Kazuya. If Kazuya and Anna are both unavailable, it is Jin.

Tekken 4:

  • Nina is selectable after beating the game three times or as soon as the player completes Story Mode with Steve Fox.
  • This was the only game where Nina is locked by default until Tekken 6 was released.[citation needed]
  • This is the last game in which Nina enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament to kill someone.
  • Nina's appears in Steve Fox and Lei Wulong's endings.
    • Nina, Steve, and Lei's endings are all variations on the same scenario; none of them are canonical.

Tekken 5 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection:

  • Nina appears in the Tekken 5 console opening cinematic.
  • Nina's sub-bosses are Raven and Anna Williams.
  • One of Nina's moves, Sadistic Cupid, causes an opponent to lose their K.O. scream.[citation needed]
  • If Nina performs certain moves on Bryan Fury, he will do a sadistic laugh. The moves are: Bad Habit and Twisted Mind.
  • If Nina performs Reverse Neck Breaker on her opponent, the last grunt of the opponent is the same grunt as in Nina's win animation when she treads on the opponent's back.[citation needed]
  • The music in she and Anna's endings feature the first few notes of Raphael Sorel's theme "Endless Warfare" from Soul Calibur III.[citation needed]
  • Nina appears in Anna's ending cutscene.

Death by Degrees:

  • Nina is now voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, who later reprised her role in Tekken 5 console versions and onwards.
  • Nina's bosses are Bryce Adams (Nina has to fight Bryce two times), Enrique Ortega (two times), Lana Lei (three times), and Anna Williams (two times). If player completes Anna mode, the player can fight Heihachi Mishima as the final boss. 
  • Several kicking animations used in this game would later become moves for Nina from Tekken 5 onwards: Sweeper Combo, Deadly Assault, and Deadly Hunter.
  • When both Nina and Anna do the Flash Kicks combo, the animation used is Nina’s Siren’s Kiss move from Tekken 5.

Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

  • Nina has a special win pose with Anna, where Anna poses in front of Nina only to get kicked when turning her back to her.
  • Nina has two special win poses with Jin.
    • In the first, they pass by each other with Nina shrugging slightly with her hands raised.
    • In the second special win pose, Nina steps aside to allow Jin to pass her before watching him walk by.
  • Nina is portrayed by Summer Daniels in the "Girl Power" trailer.
  • She appears alongside other female assassin characters in Anna's ending, where Anna is seen defeating them all.

Tekken 7 and Tekken 7: Fated Retribution:

  • Some of the lines in Nina's pre-fight and win animations are taken from her conversations with Jin and Lars in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion's Scenario Campaign mode.
  • Nina's appears in is her black biker outfit from the movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution's Story mode.
  • Her item move has her command a remote helicopter to shoot the opponent.
  • Nina is Steve's Character Episode partner.
  • Nina's storyline in this game is linked to Anna's.
    • In her Character Episode, Nina is fleeing from a wedding during which she assassinated multiple mafia members. After the release of Anna as a DLC character for Fated Retribution, it was revealed that one of the men killed was Anna's fiancé.
    • In a tweet, series producer Katsuhiro Harada stated that Nina had learned of Anna's fiancé having a "dark side" which Anna had been yet unaware of, and assumed that Anna would be thankful to her for killing him if she ever learned of this.[49]
  • Despite lacking a takedown move in her movelist, she is one of only two characters (the other one being King) capable of performing a kneebar by pressing 3+4.

Tekken 8

  • Nina can now wield two handguns, which she uses to perform a number of moves.
  • For the first time, Nina's default hairstyle is worn down and much shorter, rather than in a ponytail.
  • Her twin handguns and dress may be a reference to Death By Degrees.
    • Further, her Rage Art is likely a reference to the "Focus Kill" special moves used to defeat enemies in said game, as the Rage Art itself is officially named "Death by Degrees".
  • Nina has a special intro with Lee Chaolan and Eddy Gordo.
  • Nina has special intro and outro dialogue with Steve Fox.
    • Nina's special outro with Steve has her warning him to stay away from her. It is unclear if this is for Steve's safety or due to her own qualms with him.
    • In Steve's outro against her, he attempts to convince Nina to rejoin proper society again.
  • Nina’s ending is a reference to her ending from Tekken 5.



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