List of quotes for Nina Williams.

Intro and Quotes

Tekken 4

Intro Win
Time to die. What a nuisance.
Come on baby, show me what you've got. Finished all ready? Please.
It was nothing. Goodbye...
Tekken 4 Nina Williams All Intros & Win Poses

Tekken 4 Nina Williams All Intros & Win Poses

Tekken 5 - 6

Intro Win
Time to die. You must be joking.
Come on baby, show me what you've got. What a nuisance.
Finished all ready? Please.
It was nothing. Goodbye...
I don't play with amateurs.
Isn't it past your bedtime?
Tekken 5 Nina Williams All Intros & Win Poses

Tekken 5 Nina Williams All Intros & Win Poses

Tekken 6 (Scenario Campaign only)

Before fights
Stop trying to get close to Jin, or else (to Xiaoyu).
It is my job to protect Jin Kazama. And i'm very good at it (as a CPU only).

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

You've got a date with death.
Feel free to sit this one out.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

Intro Win
Going somewhere? What's done is done.
Time to die. Goodbye.
This should be fun. Isn't it past your bedtime?
Step aside.*

* Nina only says this quote in her Character Episode.

Tekken 7 - Nina Williams (Voice Collection)

Tekken 7 - Nina Williams (Voice Collection)

Street Fighter X Tekken

Pre-Fight Win
Well, shall we begin? Pathetic!
Do we have to take them alive? Another pawn off the board.

Street Fighter x Tekken win quotes

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I have no memories as well, but what's important is your future, not your past. Bosconovitch... Good and evil? I couldn't care less. My mission is all that matters.
What the hell are you? You're... not human...

Crap! All the information in the world wasn't enough to prepare me for that... (Versus mode)

You're a child of the Kazama family... I'll let you live, so scram. What's the matter, little kitty? Afraid little ol' me will dance on your corpse?
You're so bad that I don't even know what else to say. You call that the perfect body? I think you need your eyes checked. Sorry kid, even good guys blow it.
Better run home to momma now! I like a good fight myself, but you just take all the fun out of it.
Speed only wins in sports. If you haven't found who you're looking for, maybe he doesn't want to be found. You know, I really loved kittens once. Then one bit me... And, well...
Your investigation ends here. How many times are we going to fight? But I'll admit you're tough, old timer.
Only little children go on rampages when they're bored. There's nothing stupider than a brash, young man.
No time for parlor tricks. Get lost. An improved model? Better get rid of this one before it's mass produced.
The old, tired traditions of the past mean nothing to me. I'll send the information in 3 hours' time, as usual.
You want to make friends? Girl, you need to pick your targets and places better. You idealistic views are not something to be proud of.
They allow those kind of haircuts in the army? How sad. Heh, why would I want to work for a weakling like yourself?
Bushinryu style? I never knew it was so... Pathetic. Armor King? I knew a man called that once, but what's it to you?
Mmm, I like big targets. They're so much easier to slap around. What the... This is no zoo!
Teaming up with a rookie like you would just cramp my style. Now, get lost. I've had my episodes of sibling rivalry in the past... But that's about it.
I think I'd regret it if I let you live... So I'll just kill you here. I'm not concerned with your affairs. Now, if you would be so kind as to die...
Maybe you should think about hiring a bodyguard. I'm available if you need me. Your clumsiness has gotten the better of you, cop. See ya.
Now I have all the info I need on Shadaloo. I bet you thought this would be child's play, but you thought wrong, sweetheart.
Those shoes look nice. I'll be taking them off your hands, if you don't mind. You're a real pain, you know that? I almost fell asleep fighting you.
Petty terrorists like yourself are a waste of my time. Is this some sort of sick joke? I don't look this ugly.
Can you please shut up? You're giving me a migraine. That box must have something to do with your revival.
So you're the legendary fighter, huh. That's nice, now out of my way. Did fighting that bear make you this stupid?
The meaning of battle? Don't think too hard about it, you may hurt yourself. You possess a great deal of knowledge. Too bad that's all you possess.
Kid, you're going to regret ever crossing paths with me. You shouldn't poke your nose into other people's business. It may get cut off.
You actually think you can get me with that claw? Please. You are surprisingly annoying, you know that?
Ugh, sweaty wrestlers. Just stay away. There's no such thing as an honorable thief. Remember that.
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