Octopus Special is a throw usable by King I in Tekken 2. Its input is 2,1,3 during the fourth Stagger Kick on a counter hit. The fourth Stagger Kick must connect in order for the throw to occur. At 80 damage, it is the most powerful throw in Tekken 2, beating both the Giant Swing and Jack-2's Pile Driver by ten damage points.

Unfortunately, the opponent can block King's version of the Stagger Kicks after the second kick despite being a counter hit (and despite all five of Armor King's, Roger's and Alex's Stagger Kicks being guaranteed on counter in the same game) so it is rarely seen in competitive play, or even against the CPU. Due to chaining from the counter-hit Stagger Kicks, it is almost always an instant KO if nothing is blocked.

The total damage for the combo including the Stagger Kicks is no less than 113: 17,7,5,4,80. Note that the damage value for the first Stagger Kick will actually be more than 17 due to the counter hit property.

The move returned briefly in Tekken 6 as King's Item Move, replacing his standing Figure Four Leg Lock, although its damage was nerfed to be the same as the Figure Four.

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