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Ogre's Temple is Ogre's and True Ogre's stage in Tekken 3. It is dark and lit with ominous torches. There is a tunnel of light located far away in the background, connected by the pillars along the path, leading to the Mexican Temple.

Background Music

PlayStation Version

Ogre True Ogre (PlayStation2 Version)

Ogre True Ogre (PlayStation2 Version)

Arcade Version

Ogre (Arcade Version)

Ogre (Arcade Version)



  • This stage was featured in Tekken Tag Tournament mostly unchanged. Heihachi Mishima is fought here in Tekken Advance, but Ogre's BGM will play despite being absent.
  • This stage and Mexican Temple look quite similar, with only minor details that separate the two.
  • This stage goes dark when the player is fighting against True Ogre.
  • It is possible that this is the same temple that is explored during stage 3 in the Devil Within mini-game, but this temple doesn't seem to be located beneath a G Corporation laboratory. However, since Devil Within is considered non-canon, it may as well be the same building.
  • The Arcade version of Ogre's Theme was remixed for Street Fighter X Tekken as the final boss in the arcade mode if you're playing as the Street Fighter characters.


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