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Online Tekken Comic (鉄漫 -TEKKEN COMIC- Tetsuman?) is a manga collaboration produced by Namco Bandai and Ultra Jump Egg, an online flash comic site. The manga is illustrated by Rui Takato and was made for fans of Tekken 6, who were waiting for the console versions of the game to be released.

The comic has eleven chapters and the first and most recent chapters were released on Ultra Jump Egg's homepage. The comic has ended as of chapter 11.


Jin Kazama decides to start a war against the world. At the same time, he organizes a fight between Paul and Marduk. Paul wins and Jin hands to him a ¥10.000.000 ($100.000) check. Then, Asuka Kazama enters the ring and beats Jin up for starting a war. However, she gets kicked out by Eddy Gordo and soon returns to Osaka. The next day, after training with her father and resolving several fights around the city, she gets hit by a parachute jumper and they start immediately fighting.


Note: Some of them, like Anna, Nina, Kazuya etc. appear in the third chapter.


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  • The comic is non-canon to the Tekken series and serves more as comic relief and fanservice for Tekken 6.