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Panda (パンダ?) is a character in the Tekken fighting game series. She is, as her name implies, a giant Panda and the loyal pet, best friend, and bodyguard of Ling Xiaoyu.

She has the same fighting style as Kuma, Heihachi Mishima's pet grizzly bear, of which she is a palette swap of in all of her appearances, with the exception of Tekken Card Challenge, Tekken Bowl, Tekken Tag Tournament 2,Tekken 7 and Tekken (Mobile), where she finally gets her own slot. Panda is also Kuma's love interest. In Tekken Bowl and Tekken Mobile, marks Panda playable in a game where a Kuma is not.

Like Xiaoyu, Panda made her debut in Tekken 3.



Very intelligent, Panda seems to have an almost human-like empathy and thought process. She is shown to be very considerate to Xiaoyu when she is upset, as well as supportive towards her decisions. She sometimes shows a playful side, similar to Xiaoyu.

Panda has shown a more sinister side, where she is shown to often reject Kuma, sometimes with physical violence. Although she seems uninterested in Kuma romantically, she does occasionally think of him.




Tekken 3

Protector of Ling Xiaoyu. She is cared for at Xiaoyu's high school. To participate in the tournament, Xiaoyu moved to the Mishima Industrial College in Japan. Heihachi Mishima taught Panda advanced bear fighting so that she could act as a bodyguard for Xiaoyu during the tournament. Although Kuma is fond of Panda, she dislikes him and keeps her distance.

Ending Description, "Honey...": Her ending is the same as Kuma's; with no visible differences.

Tekken 4

After the last Tournament, Panda accompanied Xiaoyu back to Mishima High School. Since then, Panda spent her days training with Xiaoyu. On some days, she wondered (just a little) about the whereabouts of Kuma, who disappeared after the Tournament. One day, two years after the Tournament, a preoccupied Xiaoyu mentioned the announcement for The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. After hearing Xiaoyu's concerns about the Tournament and the Mishima Zaibatsu, Panda decided to become Xiaoyu's bodyguard once again.[1]

Ending Description: The scene opens with the words: "Then Panda invited Xiaoyu out..." Panda and Xiaoyu are sitting at the Arena. Xiao asks why Panda asked her out. Panda takes out a picture of her, Xiaoyu and Jin, and then points at Jin. Xiaoyu then believes that Panda wants to help her find Jin; Panda, however, wants Xiaoyu to do it on her own, since she would be on the "endangered species" list. Upset, Xiaoyu places her face on her knees. A moment later, Xiaoyu stands up and, with a new resolve, decides that she will go on her own. She hugs Panda and says that they will always be best friends.

Tekken 5

After the conclusion of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, Ling Xiaoyu had been feeling depressed. Panda thought long and hard about how she could make Xiaoyu happy again. Panda decided that the best approach would be to find Jin Kazama. Panda searched for Jin, but she was unable to find him. One day, Xiaoyu came to her excited. "Panda, I've decided to enter The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, and I need your help once again". Panda didn't quite understand Xiaoyu's reason for entering the tournament, but she decided to help if it would make her happy.

Ending Description:


Tekken 5 - Panda ending

Panda is now the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Lee comes to Panda, telling Kuma would like to see her. "Bring him here.", she says. At her command, he agrees and allows Kuma to enter the office. He proceeds to walk towards her with his arms open, preparing to hug Panda (he is also holding a bouquet of red flowers in one of his hands). Panda puts her arms up as if she is going to hug him back, but instead presses a big red button as soon as he's in front of her desk. Kuma then falls into a hole screaming. Panda is now satisfied. Lee confidently gives a thumbs up.

Not soon after, Xiaoyu comes in, greeting Panda excitedly asking Panda how she's been. She quickly approaches her desk. She then sees a big blue triangle-shaped button, curiously wondering what it does. Panda tries to shake her head as a warning not to. However, Xiaoyu lets curiosity get the best of her and pushes it. The floor opens up under Panda and her chair as both are ejected down into a hole screaming. Ling then contemplates what happened to Panda. Lee just gives another thumbs up.

Tekken 6

Panda took part in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 as Xiaoyu's bodyguard.

Panda was relieved to learn Heihachi Mishima still lived, but only briefly--her moment of relief passed by quickly, due to the sudden announcement of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6.

Bound by duty, Panda finds herself once again propelled into harm's way.


Tekken 6 - Panda ending - HD 720p

Ending Description: The screen first shows Lili putting her index finger and thumb on the side of her face. Asuka, possibly offended by her actions and looking for a fight, yells at Lili saying, "Are you some sort of idiot?!" and prepares to hit Lili. Lili, who is shocked, gets ready as the two engage in combat. Meanwhile, while they counter-block each other's hits in front of Lili's limousine, Xiaoyu and Panda come rushing toward them on their way to school. Xiaoyu remarks that she's going to be late. Panda reacts by running faster and has a head-on collision with Asuka, Lili and her limo, literally blowing the two in the opposite direction as one another as well as the limo. Lili then crawls next to Asuka, who is also laying on the ground and the girls exchange looks. The two girls get back up and run after them. Suddenly, Xiaoyu looks back and sees the girls, startling her and Panda. The screen ends with Asuka and Lili angrily chasing after Panda and Xiaoyu.

Tekken 7


TEKKEN 7 - Panda Ending & Intro (TEKKEN 7 Character Endings)

Panda, Ling Xiaoyu's pet and personal bodyguard, was concerned because she hadn't seen Xiaoyu since she'd left in search of Jin Kazama. Panda deduced that Xiaoyu was likely at a King of Iron Fist Tournament match, so she headed off to the arena.

Panda approached the staff entrance and inquired with the guards as to Xiaoyu's whereabouts, but was hurriedly ushered inside. Believing Xiaoyu to be somewhere up ahead, she bounds down a darkened corridor towards the light ahead...

But to her chagrin, it wasn't Panda's dearest Xiaoyu who awaited her, but an unfamiliar, boorish man with a bizarre hairstyle. Enraged by the man's attitude and absence of her owner, Panda's fury reaches boiling point!

Ending Description: Panda celebrates her victory against Paul until one of her bracelets falls off. She then remembers Xiaoyu and begins to smell her scent. Hoping to reunite with her friend, Panda races towards the scent while running over Paul.

Other Appearances

Tekken Tag Tournament


Tekken Hybrid Tekken Tag Tournament HD - Panda ending - HD 1080p

Panda appeared playable in Tekken Tag Tournament.

Ending Description: Kuma is seen nervously walking towards Panda holding flowers. He quickly kneels down on one knee and presents her flowers once again. Paul is behind him (and probably the one who told Kuma to properly give Panda flowers). Panda abruptly slaps Kuma, giving him one last disgusted look. The scene ends with Panda happily walking away with Ling Xiaoyu, who was waiting for her, and with Paul cheering while seeing Kuma's misfortune. The ending takes place at the second school stage in the game, School-B.

Tekken Tag Special Alliance Partners:

Tekken: Blood Vengeance

Panda appeared in Blood Vengeance as one of the supporting characters.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Panda Arcade Ending Movie

Panda returned playable in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, this time she finally gets her own character slot.

Ending Description: On a roller coaster, Panda is seated with Alisa behind Xiaoyu and Miharu. She growls at Miharu out of jealousy. When the roller coaster train speeds, Panda raises her arms. Then, on a teacup cup, Panda attempts to get a seat with Xiaoyu, but again has to sit with Alisa and feels outraged. When the three girls have some ice cream later, Panda begins to feel isolated, thinking back to the times she spent with Xiaoyu. When the dream ends, Miharu offers Panda some water, then she jumps happily into Xiaoyu's arms. Later, Xiaoyu begins to hate herself for not giving Panda more attention. Alisa then suggests they all go to a sauna.

Special Alliance Partners:

Tekken Card Tournament

Panda appears as a playable character in Tekken Card Tournament. Her cards focus on defense and protection, which means that it will be quite difficult for opponents to get real damage out of her if her decks are set up with lots of protection. She also hits hard, being the 2nd strongest character after Paul. Her drawbacks are that she draws slow, but not as slow as Paul does. She also is still susceptible to focus breaks even with protection, has no major parries, and her more powerful cards either drain HP, or strengthen her opponent's cards in some manner. She can also heal, but dual strikes are the only major way to do so, and her opponents will most likely wait her out so they can strike without any problems. Overall, she has impressive abilities, and can be used by beginners and veterans alike.


Her Rage Art has her doing a volleyball routine to hit her opponent with a serve and toss and knocks them with a devastating spike dealing massive damage.

Fighting Style

She has the same fighting style as Kuma II.



Character Relationships



  • Panda is the first female animal character in the Tekken series.
  • Panda is the tallest (animal) female character, standing at 277 cm (9′1″), and also the heaviest, weighting at 200 kg (441 lbs).
  • Despite being female, Panda cannot be attacked with Nina or Anna's Bitch Slaps, which is usable against females; but by Heihachi's Headbutt Carnival (f,f+1+4), which is usable against males.
  • Panda is one of the five characters that are palette swaps; the others include Alex, Angel, Tetsujin, and Tiger Jackson.
  • The noises and grunts Panda makes from Tekken 3 to Tekken 5 sound similar to that of a dingo. In Tekken 6, she sounds much more like a bear.

Tekken 3:

  • Panda can be selected by pressing one of the kick buttons while on Kuma.
  • She has no character select icon of her own, with Kuma's portrait will be shown during loading screens.
  • Her ending is almost identical to Kuma's, except the ending shows a few extra seconds of her and Xiaoyu walking away from Kuma.
  • She appears in Embu 3 along with the other unlockable characters, taking the place of Hwoarang.

Tekken Tag Tournament:

  • Panda receives a new outfit, wearing a yellow ribbon around her waist and red bracelets on her wrists.
  • Her sub boss is Paul Phoenix.
  • If teamed with Heihachi Mishima, Kuma and Panda will be able to perform Heihachi's Demon Boar move (called Demon Bear).
  • She appears in Embu 2 along with the other animals, with her P1 outfit taking the place of Jin and her P2 outfit taking the place of Eddy.

Tekken 4:

  • Panda becomes playable by beating the game seven times, or as soon as the player complete Story Mode with Ling Xiaoyu.
  • In the Tekken Force side game, Panda (or Kuma) is the boss of the second stage, the "Jungle" stage.

Tekken 5:

  • Panda's sub-boss is Kuma.
  • Not counting the three characters debuting in Dark Resurrection, Panda is the only character that is never encountered in Story Mode as a boss.

Tekken 6:

  • Panda has two item moves. The first has her roll a bowling ball that launches the opponent. The other has her spin and dance with a tutu while hitting the opponent. The second item move is shared with Kuma.
  • She is encountered as a midboss at the Mishima Polytechnic in the Scenario Campaign, where she is found and must be defeated before reaching Xiaoyu.
  • For some reason, if Panda is selected as an opponent for Practice Mode, Kuma's portrait will be displayed on the character select, though Panda's name will still be displayed.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

  • This is the first game where Panda gets her own character slot.
  • Panda makes her cameo in the Sakura Schoolyard stage (when she is not selected). She is seen in the background with the rest of the schoolgirls sitting up.
  • Panda's partners in Ghost Battle (in order from lowest to highest ranks) are Jinpachi Mishima, Miharu Hirano, Alex, Ling Xiaoyu and Kuma II.
  • When paired with Xiaoyu, she can perform Xiaoyu's Storming Flower.
  • Her item move turns her Mauling Bear from Hunting into a tag-bufferable throw. When used, she will smash into her opponent while riding a tire to bring in her partner. If the opponent is behind a wall, Panda will crash into the wall instead of bringing her partner.

Tekken 7 and Tekken 7: Fated Retribution:

  • Panda's new main outfit is based on her previous customized outfits in Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion but with minor changes.
  • Panda's Rage Art is based on Shoma Sawamura's Grand Slam in Capcom's Rival Schools series where the player does a volleyball serve and toss and sends the airborne opponent to Shoma with a spike to make him hit with his large baseball bat to knock his opponent in massive damage.
  • Panda has new intro animations that do not match Kuma's. One of which has her mimic one of Xiaoyu's intro poses.
  • Panda can use her Rage Drive (ff+1+2) after landing a Bear Shove (While Crouching d/f+1+2, then 1) to launch her opponent into an aerial combo. This makes her, Kuma, Master Raven and Josie Rizal the only characters who are able to launch off moves that would otherwise give guaranteed ground hits when rage is active
  • Panda's memory of Xiaoyu in her ending is reused from her Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending.
  • Panda is now able to perform the female-exclusive Bitch Slaps, but can no longer perform the Headbutt Carnival.
  • One of the customizable player boxes featuring Panda is based off of the Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga, an ancient set of picture scrolls featuring several animals and is credited to being the oldest form of manga.