Piguaquan (劈掛拳, literally "chop-hanging fist"), or Piguazhang (劈掛掌, literally "chop-hanging palm"), known in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament as the literal Japanese translation Hika Ken, is a real-life Chinese martial art. It is practiced by Ling Xiaoyu and Miharu Hirano alongside Baguazhang.


Piguaquan features explosive, long-range power, with emphasis on palm techniques. Piguaquan's power comes from the accelerational force of the arms which are often in rotation.

Piguaquan and Baji Quan are often taught as complementary martial arts, especially in Taiwan. In Mainland China, Piguaquan is still often practiced as a stand-alone art as well. Among some lineages of the art in Mainland China, there had developed practice forms and methods which are called "Baji-Pigua", which combine elements from both arts.


  • Combot - Tekken 4 only; through mimicry.
  • Unknown - Tekken Tag Tournament only; through mimicry.



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