Pile Driver (パイルドライバー Pairu Doraibā), called Jaguar Driver (ジャガードライバー Jag'ā Doraibā) in Japan when used by King I or King II, is a move which has been around since the first Tekken game, and is exclusive to the two Kings, the two Armor Kings, Roger/Alex and Roger Jr. Its notation is QCF+1. As of Tekken 3, the grab can be escaped with 1+2, and a late escape is possible when being held in the air, with the input being 3+4 in Tekken 3 through Tekken 4, or 1 as of Tekken 5.

Starting with Tekken 2, King I and II could chain a Pile Driver into a Double Arm Face Buster or a Boston Crab. The former move cancels the Pile Driver while the latter is performed after the Pile Driver as 2-hit combo.

The Jack series of androids also have an identically-named Pile Driver, but it is an actual Pile Driver, and is a lot more powerful than King's. The Jacks also have a version with the same input as the original Pile Driver, called the Pyramid Driver, although Prototype Jack is unable to perform either move outside of the arcade version of Tekken.


  • In earlier move lists, Heihachi's Jumping Powerbomb was incorrectly referred to as a Pile Driver, including on Namco's official US Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament websites. In Tekken 2, Roger and Alex's versions of this move were correctly named however, and the move is referred to as a Jumping Powerbomb for all three characters in Tekken Tag Tournament's in-game move list on the PlayStation 2.

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