Polar Paradise is a stage in Tekken 5. There are penguins and a few seals surrounding the fighters who are on a huge block of ice that is above a large body of water. The penguins are seen waddling about near the players.

Background Music

The stage BGM is named "Frozen Paradise".

Tekken 5 - Frozen Paradise

Tekken 5 - Frozen Paradise



  • This stage shares similarities with the King George Island stage in the original Tekken game.
  • This is one of the few stages in Tekken 5 that does not have any interludes.
  • If the players fight too close to the animals, they will slide away to safety.
  • At the beginning of the fight, when the players get in their positions before each battle, the fighters will breathe cold air out from their mouths.
    • Also, many penguins can be seen jumping from the edge of an ice cliff and sliding into the water before the battle officially begins.
  • This stage corresponds to Aurora Australis in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.
  • It was rumored that playing as Yoshimitsu on this stage and using his Meditation stance after completing certain conditions would cause the penguins to line up behind him. However, this has never been proven.
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