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Julia vs Xiaoyu in Practice Mode.

Practice Mode, also known as Training Mode, is a feature that is common in most Tekken games.


Practice mode is simply an opportunity to practice moves on a dummy. Players can practice and figure out combos, special attacks, etc., without the worry of a health bar, time limit or counterattacks. Practice Mode made its debut in Tekken 2, where it was limited to a CPU-controlled opponent which did not block or retaliate, only standing up after being knocked down. In that game, the only major feature was to practice 10 Hit Combos, where the game would provide a list of each character's combo strings, if applicable. After selecting a combo from the menu, the input will appear on screen as a guide to performing the move. A chime will indicate a button press, while the button in the sequence will light up to indicate a correct input. To provide further assistance, it is possible to have the computer pull off the move automatically, offering a visual example of how the move is executed and when to press the next button in the sequence.

The player also has the option, from Tekken 3 onward, to set the CPU opponent's attack pattern, either fighting normally at a selected difficulty level or repeating a certain attack, allowing players to practice blocking and countering these attacks. Tekken 3 also introduced the ability to set up the opponent to crouch, guard, roll or Ukemi when knocked over, or even to use a human player using the second controller (useful for practicing Attack Reversals, throw escapes and the like), although it could also be used in this mode to play infinitely without needing to worry about being knocked out or running out of time.

A secret option in Tekken 3 was a recording mode, which allowed the player to record combos and then play them back. To enable the recording function, the player has to enter the 1P Freestyle menu and hold the four shoulder buttons (L1, L2, R1 and R2) and press 4 (Circle). It cannot be enabled in in any other mode. The recording mode later became a standard feature in Tekken Tag Tournament without needing to enter a code.



  • From Tekken 4 and onwards, upon playing a move preview, the chosen character will demonstrate their selected move on a dummy who is on the same side as the cpu character.
    • In Tekken 4, the dummy is a grey humanoid with no facial features.
    • In Tekken 5, it is a monotone colored dummy that looks like Mokujin, though players believe that it's Tetsujin.
    • In Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Mokujin himself is used as the demonstration dummy, though in Tekken 6, Mokujin doesn't have chains.
    • In Tekken 7, it looks like the humanoid dummy from Tekken 4, but with robotic features.
  • The training dummy used in the move previews since Tekken 4 assumes Jin Kazama's stance.