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King's Rage Art in Tekken 7.

A Rage Art is a type of move introduced in Tekken 7. It is a powerful attack with power crushing properties that can only be used when a fighter has Rage. Rage Arts are similar to Ultra Combos in the Street Fighter IV series and Critical Edges in Soulcalibur V and Soulcalibur VI. Rage Arts were the only moves that let a character expend their Rage status until the introduction of Rage Drives in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution.

List of Rage Arts in Tekken 7

  • Akuma - Performs a Wrath of the Raging Demon. Akuma strafes towards his opponent and grabs them. Four kanji appear on the screen (一瞬千撃', Isshun Sengeki, "One instant/blink, thousand hits"). The screen then goes black as Akuma strikes the opponent multiple times in a short period of time. Akuma is then shown standing over the opponent, back to the camera with the kanji 天 (ten, "heaven") emblazoned on his back. Like in the Street Fighter series, Akuma cannot combo into this move during a juggle. However, this move can be combo from the walled opponents. This Rage Art is a low unblockable and thus can only be avoided by being far enough away or by jumping. Season 2 later fixes the damage properties, with the standing opponent can no longer use jump while in damaged standing state. Furthermore in Season 3, Akuma can now perform a combo into this move when his opponent is at Tailspin state.
  • Alisa Bosconovitch - Incapacitates her opponent with a chainsaw in her right hand before thrusting her opponent into the air with two chainsaws. She then shoots her opponent with her Rocket Punches as they fall to the ground. This Rage Art can be ducked as it is a high attack. It is however punishable only with crouching attacks because her attack will be active for multiple frames and she is no longer open by the time it's safe to stand up.
  • Anna Williams - After her slap finally hits her opponent, Anna throws multiple knives which pierce her opponent, then pulling out her bazooka by whacking her opponent upwards and shooting them.
  • Armor King - Stuns the opponent with a gut kick and then does a double arm swing which launches the opponent into the air. Armor King then uppercuts them sending them even higher and performs a Reverse Armor King Driver.
  • Asuka Kazama - Stuns the opponent with her Mist Palm Thrust move and follows up with a White Heron Dance and a Windmill Kick to launch her opponent before she hits them on the way down with the strong straight punch from her "You're gonna get hurt!" intro pose.
  • Bryan Fury - Begins with a Chopping Elbow and then uppercuts the opponent into the air. He hits the opponent on the way down with a Mach Kick and punches them away with a Mach Breaker before performing his taunt.
    • Bryan's Tekken 7 Rage Art compared to his Tekken 7: Fated Retribution is different. There are no slight changes to his rage art, however, he suddenly punches the opponent with his Mach Breaker, while in Fated Retribution: It takes a while for him to punch his opponent.
  • Claudio Serafino - Knocks the opponent into the air with an uppercut and manifests a blue light resembling an arrow in his hands. He unleashes the energy, shooting the magical arrow into the opponent as they fall to the ground.
  • Craig Marduk - Performs an overhead punch then punches the opponent away, sending their back to the camera. He then tackles them and punches them two times before throwing them up and punching them in the stomach.
  • Devil Jin- Takes flight and swoops under his opponent before shooting them into the sky with a red forehead laser. He then grinds their face along the ground and finishes them off with a second forehead laser.
    • Devil Jin has a new Rage Art in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. The updated move has him swoop under the opponent, propelling them into the air, before flying through them multiple times and finishing them off with his forehead laser, smashing them into the ground.
  • Eddy Gordo - Performs a spinning roundhouse kick to his opponent's stomach before circling them while performing a five hit combo of punches and kicks, the last hit of which launches the opponent. Eddy then performs a jumping roundhouse kick as they fall to the ground.
  • Eliza - Performs a flying knee attack to ground the opponent. She then picks them up with her Dark Wave powers and traps them in a sphere of energy before powering up her fist and hitting the opponent out of the sphere with a dashing punch.
  • Emilie De Rochefort - Performs the first part of her Alstroemeria move, followed by a Backflip Spinning Edge and finishing with a Twist Backflip stomp.
  • Feng Wei- Palm strikes the opponent in the gut then uses a rising palm to launch the opponent into the air. He finishes with a final punch to the gut as the opponent falls to the ground.
  • Ganryu - Clinches the opponent before throwing them over his shoulder, and then carries the opponent on his shoulders and throws them away. Ganryu then jumps upwards, throws them down, and then lands on them. He will pull out a fan and say "Victory is mine!" if he KO's the opponent with his rage art.
  • Geese Howard - Geese has two Rage Arts from the King of Fighters series.
    • Performs his Rashoumon move; he throws his opponent into the air, swirls his arms to gather chi and fires it into the landing opponent. This rage art is a mid unblockable and thus can be avoided by ducking.
    • Performs his Deadly Rave move; once he rushes into his opponent, Geese must use the input barrage follow-up before performing the final input's ki blast.
  • Gigas- Leaps towards the opponent and smashes them into the ground with both fists. He continuously pounds on their head multiple times before digging his hands underneath them and chucking them into the air, letting them slam violently back down the ground.
  • Heihachi Mishima - Heihachi performs the Kidney Smasher and launches the opponent into the air with Twin Pistons. He then yells "Die!" while he performs Heaven's Wrath as he finishes with his Demon Breath attack as the opponent falls to the ground.
  • Hwoarang - Kicks the opponent with a straight left kick to the gut and follows up with a fast flurry of kicks before finishing them off with a spin kick. This Rage Art can only be used in Flamingo Stance and can't be punished on block.
  • Jack-7 - Performs a Gigaton Punch, throws the opponent into in the air, juggles them with his Piston Gun move and finishes them off with second Gigaton Punch. This move is similar to Jack-X's Super Art, Giant Rush, in Street Fighter X Tekken. While more unsafe than other rage arts if blocked, it has a fair amount of pushback, which can make it difficult for some characters to punish effectively.
  • Jin Kazama - Strikes the opponent with a right punch and follows up with a flurry of jabs. He finishes with a more powerful version of the Median Line Destruction. This Rage Art cannot be punished on block but it can be ducked as it is a high attack.
  • Josie Rizal - Uppercuts her opponent, executes two kicks in midair and knocks her opponent to the ground with a spike.
    • Josie has a new Rage Art in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. Her updated move has her uppercut the opponent into the air and perform a mid-air knee kick to their gut, followed by a punch that slams the opponent to the ground.
  • Julia Chang - Performs a double-handed punch to the gut. She then tells her "viewers" to get ready, then strikes the opponent with an elbow. She then thanks the viewers for an unknown reason.
  • Katarina Alves - She begins with a spinning kick to the opponent and follows up with her Acid Storm move before back-flip kicking the opponent into the air. She finishes them off with a Pulse Blast as they fall to the ground.
  • Kazumi Mishima/Devil Kazumi - Punches her opponent hard in the gut, launch them with an uppercut and unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks to them in midair before slamming them to the ground with a heavy punch to their chest.
  • Kazuya Mishima- Staggers his opponent with a Glorious Demon God Fist and then launches them with an Electric Wind Godfist. He then transforms into Devil and fires a strong forehead laser into his opponent as they fall to the ground. This move is similar to his Super Art in Street Fighter X Tekken.
  • King - King changes Rage Art depending which special item set he is in.
    • Default: Lariats the opponent, picks them up, does his trademark "point" to the camera and performs a jumping island driver on the foe.
    • Kazuchika Okada Set: Lariats the opponent. He then performs Okada's trademark pose, celebrating as cash falls around him. He then performs Okada's finisher, the Rainmaker, where he grabs the opponent and pulls them closer as King punches the enemy while the camera angle changes.
  • Kuma - Uppercuts the opponent into the air, grabs a salmon out of nowhere then uses the fish like a baseball bat to perform a home run on the opponent.
  • Kunimitsu II - Kunimitsu dashes forward slashing with her knife. After dashing through, she imbues her twin kodachi with red and blue fire and does two circular slashes, then a hopping slash, then impales her opponent and slashes while moving back. She then moves forward and swings her swords down cutting through the opponent.
  • Lars Alexandersson - Lars changes Rage Art depending which special item set he is in.
    • Default: Punches the opponent hard in the chest, follows up with both Wind Liger and Ark Blast and finishes with his Zeus move.
    • Hiroshi Tanahashi set: Performs Tanahashi's signature move, Sling Blade, where he punches the opponent hard in the chest, grabs the opponent and does a reverse bulldog with the camera angle changing once when the opponent hits the ground.
  • Lee Chaolan/Violet - Begins with a gut punch, follows up with Machine Gun Kicks, then throws a bomb resembling a rose into the opponent. Lee then turns towards the camera and away from the opponent as the dynamite flower (rose) explodes. As Violet before the dynamite flower (rose bomb) explodes, he will say his signature “Excellent”.
  • Lei Wulong - Attacks the opponent with an overhead kick. If it connects, Lei will "cartwheel" over his opponent. After reaching the other side, Lei taunts the opponent then connects a combo consisting of two elbows and two kicks, finishing off with a whirlwind punch.
  • Leo Kliesen - Punches the opponent multiple times and finishes with a heavy shoulder strike.
  • Leroy Smith - Kicks the opponent in the stomach, then unleashes a flurry of punches. He then elbows the opponent before saying "You're done." and punches the opponent in the chest with a one-inch punch.
  • Lidia Sobieska - Lidia does a lunging punch at the opponent, then a slap, a lift kick, a hammer punch and a jumping side kick. She then circles her hands with winds coming off and finishes with a devastating punch to the opponent's abdomen.
  • Ling Xiaoyu - Assumes a Phoenix Stance with her left hand on the ground, performs Phoenix Cannon, follows up with Shooting Star before using her Mistrust kick to launch the opponent. She finishes by using Storming Flower on her airborne opponent, knocking them away. Her Rage Art is based on the move she uses to defeat Heihachi's bodyguards on the yacht in Tekken 3 console opening.
  • Lucky Chloe - Launches the opponent into the air with a low kick and juggles them several times with low spin kicks similar to Lei's Windmill throw before letting them crash into the ground. This Rage Art has two variations that appear if the player inputs certain commands during the move. In one she finishes the opponent with an uppercut, and in another she strikes a pose as opponent falls to the ground. She has the only Rage Art that is a low attack.
  • Marshall Law - Punches the opponent in the stomach, follows up with a powerful Dragon Judgement, pauses, then finishes with a Dragon Flight to the face.
  • Master Raven - Performs a teleporting dive kick on her opponent, knocking them into the air, and then slashes them four times with her sword. She slices through them one more time as they fall to the ground, hitting them back up into the air and sending them crashing down to the ground as she holsters her sword.
  • Miguel Caballero Rojo - Punches the opponent and knocks them away with a straight kick. The camera then switches to a first-person perspective from the opponents point to view as Miguel punches them three times in the face. The camera reverts back to normal as Miguel delivers a final, double-handed blow.
  • Negan - After praying for Lucille’s soul to strengthen his bat, Negan proceeds to punish the opponent by doing an overhead strike with his bat, bringing his opponent down to their knees. The camera then switches to a first-person perspective from the opponents point to view, even deadlier than Miguel’s, as Negan taunts the opponent saying, "Oh, look at that! Taking it like a champ!" before smashing the opponent over the head again with his bat, making the opponent fall forward.
  • Nina Williams - Stuns the opponent with a variation of Blonde Bomb before executing a complicated twisting throw on her opponent, finishing by putting them in a triangle choke.
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum - Performs Limit Break Armiger. He summons a variety of weapons and deals a multiple of slashes toward his opponent as the last blow where he impales his opponent with an axe to deal heavy damage.
  • Panda- Juggles her opponent in the air like a volleyball several times before spiking them hard into the ground.
  • Paul Phoenix- Starts with a Hammer Punch that hits so hard it bounces the opponent off the ground and into the air. Paul finishes with a massive Burning Fist as the opponent falls to the ground. This rage art can be cancelled after the first hit, turning it into a launcher. This move is similar to his Super Art from Street Fighter X Tekken.
  • Robert Richards- Starts by punching the opponent in the gut followed by a barrage of punches and a single roundhouse kick. He then jumps into the air and performs a strong diving punch.
  • Sergei Dragunov- Performs a faster version of his Sub-Zero move on the opponent, followed by a swift backhand punch and finishes with a Blizzard Hammer that hits so hard it sends the opponent bouncing of the ground and into the air. He finishes with a Stinger Kick as they falls to the ground.
    • Dragunov has a new Rage Art in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. His updated move involves him performing a fast Sub-Zero before punching the opponent in the gut. Dragunov slowly walks towards them as they double over in pain. He then performs a strong Blizzard Hammer that smashes them into the ground.
  • Shaheen - Punches the opponent in the gut before launching them into the air. He jumps up and puts the opponent into a submission hold as they slam into the ground.
  • Steve Fox - Performs a Hellfire and follows up with three more punches. He finishes with an uppercut and taunts them as they crash violently into the ground headfirst. This rage art is a high attack and thus can be avoided by ducking. It also knows the opponent back if blocked and thus cannot be punished if blocked.
  • Yoshimitsu - Slashes through the opponent with both swords multiple times before finishing them off with a Moonsault Slayer after saying "hissatsu" (certain kill). This is based on Yoshimitsu's Tekken 5 ending.


  • Kazuya Mishima (Devil Eye): The screen turns grey (excluding fighters). Kazuya then does a weak, rapid combo of four punches, two kicks, then Kazuya does a punch in the stomach. He then punches the opponent so hard that they step back. As they double over in pain, Kazuya hooks their head and finishes off with a lightning dragon uppercut.
  • Devil Kazuya ("X/Shin"): Devil Kazuya dashes across. If he hits the enemy, the enemy doubles over in pain, allowing Kazuya to uppercut the opponent in the air. Kazuya looks up at the enemy and flies towards them, crashing into them. As Kazuya's opponent falls down, Kazuya zooms down at the opponent hitting the opponent then crashes into the ground. (Part of the story mode includes Kazuya throwing the opponent away, then firing his laser beams at the opponent, resulting in a white explosion. This Rage Art will always deplete a health bar.
  • Heihachi (Powered-Up/Shin): Heihachi does a punch in the stomach. He punches the opponent in the chest, punches the enemy in the stomach again, then headbutts his opponent as they bounce off the ground, powered by Heihachi's power. He then swings his arms to generate a wind aura as the opponent falls down and then punches the opponent in the stomach. He only shouts Kazuya to die in the story mode only. This Rage Art will always deplete a health bar.
  • Akuma (Powered-Up/Shin): A powerful version of his original Wrath of Raging Demon Rage Art, with the finishing kanji 天 (ten, "heaven") background now in sparks of lightning. This Rage Art will always deplete a health bar.

Tekken (Mobile) Rage Arts

In Tekken (Mobile), some characters gain new Rage Arts whilst returning characters gain Rage Arts exclusive to the mobile version:

  • Kazuya Mishima - Knocks his opponent into the air with a Wind God Fist, performs a Hell Lancer while they are airborne and finishes with a vicious Dragon Uppercut.
  • Craig Marduk - Throws his opponent to the floor, pummels them in the gut and follows up with three powerful stomps to their stomach.
  • Bruce Irvin - Knees his opponent in the stomach seven times in a row, launching them into the air.
  • Christie Monteiro - Performs a spinning roundhouse kick, follows up with a Rio Special then juggles the opponent in the air five times with spinning roundhouse kicks.
  • Alex - Knocks his opponent with an Animal Uppercut followed by a Tail Tripper and heavily knocks his opponent with a Wind-Up Punch.
  • Anna Williams - Instead of using weapons and firearms, Anna performs the Chaos Judgement position, followed by smacking the opponent and a right knee to the gut. She slaps her opponent's face multiple times with the last slap sending the opponent flying,, and knocks her airborne opponent with her butt.


Most Rage Arts are mid attacks, meaning they can hit both standing and crouching opponents, though there are several exceptions: Alisa, Anna, Jin, and Steve all have high Rage Arts (though they are much faster and safe on block if not ducked), Lucky Chloe's Rage Art is a low, Akuma's is an unblockable grab that can only be dodged by holding any upward direction, and Geese's Rage Art is an unblockable high. Most Rage Arts are also extremely unsafe on block (again, excluding the highs and unblockables), with the exception of Hwoarang as he must do his Rage Art while in Left Flamingo stance, though it can also be avoided with a well-timed sidestep or an attack that has a built-in sidestep. Rage Arts that have the character jump in the air like Gigas, Lei, or Devil Jin are considered low crushes, and lows will be avoided when they are in the air.

In Fated Retribution, Rage Arts do more damage the less health the user has. This change was made due to Rage being triggered at a higher threshold compared to the original Tekken 7. As Rage Arts have power crushing properties, a fighter who initiates one can still execute the attack if they are hit during the start up animation (as long as they have enough health to survive the attack), making them powerful crush moves. The only limitation to this, however, is that Rage Arts cannot absorb one another. This means that whoever lands their Rage Art first will be the one who successfully attacks.

However, given that Rage Art's are punishable and using them forfeits the player's rage status, Rage Drives are generally safer and more useful alternatives and thus, rage arts are seen relatively rarely on a competitive level. It is possible however to combo into a Rage Art and this is a safe way to deal a ton of damage. Rage drives however have more complex inputs and the player must learn them for each character individually, while rage art has a button dedicated to it in addition to having traditional inputs, making rage arts much simpler to execute.

Rage Arts cannot be reversed by most characters and standard parries will not work against them. Notable exceptions to this rule include Jin's parry, Leroy's Twin Dragon Gate and Geese's Joudan Atemi.



  • Rage Arts are similar to Super Combos and Ultra Combos in the Street Fighter series, Critical Edges in Soulcalibur V and Soulcalibur VI, Power Blow from Dead or Alive 5, and Hidden Super Desperation Moves from The King of Fighters 2002.
  • Lars' Rage Art is based on his Super Art in Street Fighter X Tekken and his Ultimate Jutsu in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.
  • Jin's Rage Art is a direct reference to the move that Jin uses to finish off Heihachi in Tekken: Blood Vengeance, as well as his Super Move "Jab" in Project X Zone.
  • Akuma's Rage Art is Wrath of the Raging Demon, his first Ultra Combo in the Street Fighter IV series.
    • Before the Season 2 DLC, it could be avoided by holding up during any animation without a hitbox, including taunts and certain stances. It was patched to exclude some of those moves.
    • Before the Season 3 DLC, it was possible to essentially guarantee landing a Rage Art by using a ki charge and having an opponent block a move which was then cancelled into his Rage Art. It was deemed a glitch and was patched out, however it can now be used immediately after a Screw.
  • Devil Jin's Rage Art is the Critical Edge that a custom character in Soulcalibur V can use when using Devil Jin's moveset, with some minor changes.
  • Josie's initial Rage Art is similar to Xiba's Critical Edge in Soulcalibur V. It has since been changed in Fated Retribution.
  • Dragunov's new Rage Art bears a resemblance to Q's Deadly Double Combination in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.
  • Kuma and Panda's Rage Art are based on Shoma Sawamura's Grand Slam and his Homerun Hitter from Capcom's Rival Schools series
  • During the Beta Test version, there was a bug that resulted in Steve's Rage Art never being scaled during combos.


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