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Robert Richards (ロバート・リチャーズ Robāto Richāzu?), also known as "Bob" (ボブ Bobu?) for short, is a character in the Tekken series who was introduced in Tekken 6 and returned for Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. Bob is a renowned martial arts prodigy from the USA.

An alternate version of himself named Slim Bob is playable in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. As the name suggests, he is a skinny version of Bob which made an appearance in his Tekken 6 ending.



Bob is portrayed as likable and charismatic with a strong sense of justice, usually using his fighting skills to help those in need. He is also quite cocky, appearing as a smooth talker and a bit of a ladies man. As Bob is fully confident in his abilities with his current figure, he is ironically far more insecure about losing weight than gaining it and his demeanor becomes far less enthusiastic when subject to weight loss.


Bob is a man with blond curly hair and blue eyes with a goatee. His main physical characteristic is that he is obese, his physical asset for tournaments. Originally, he was loved by his fans especially for his attractive fit face and muscular body.


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Tekken 6

Bob had always been very serious about his training. He was hailed as a master of martial arts from a very young age, and he garnered many fans with his chiseled body and good looks. However, he could not defeat opponents who were larger than him. He vanished from the martial arts scene and dedicated himself to a special training regimen that increased his power and weight while maintaining his agility.

After several years in seclusion, Bob returned to the fighting world a changed man. Those who know Bob were astonished by his transformation. His handsome looks were gone and he gained a disproportionate amount of weight. Bob paid no attention to his critics, and relied on the benefits of his training: speed, power and unyielding weight. He decided that he was ready to return to competition; he joined the sixth King of Iron Fist Tournament to test his martial arts abilities once again.


Tekken 6 - Bob Ending

Ending Description: After winning the tournament, Bob became a worldwide sensation, winning back the love of his fans and best friends. And his schedule was filled with a series of television and magazine interviews, with his training secrets becoming unearthed. After cameras take multiple photos, a poster of his obese self appears on the wall, with a blurry image of Bob walking by. He weighs himself in his exercise room, where he discovers he only weighs a shocking 150 lbs on a scale. He steps off, wondering if it was just an illusion, then weighs himself again. After looking at the number once more, not believing that he really weighed 150 lbs. The camera then shows Bob, wearing heavy clothing covering a skinnier and slimmer body, and he shouts in horror, accepting the fact that all of his famous weight vanished without him ever knowing it. He then proceeds to bang his head on the wall, only to be found in the middle of the floor, passed out.

Tekken 7


TEKKEN 7 - Bob Ending & Intro (TEKKEN 7 Character Endings)

Bob entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament to prove he was the strongest in the world. On the way to his match, the road before him exploded, blocking his way forward. The smoke cleared to reveal a lone man, emanating an evil aura.

Bob had no idea what was happening, but his instinct told him that this guy was somehow connected to the destruction around them. Bob's sense of justice stirred inside him, and he vowed with all his might to defeat the man before him.

As a red mist fell over his eyes, Bob forgot about being in a hurry and walked toward his opponent.

Ending Description: After defeating Bryan, Bob flips high into the air yelling, "Speeeeeed...and...weight!" He lands hard on top of Bryan and crushes his opponent's back. As he stands in victory, the floor under them suddenly cracks and breaks apart, taking both of them down. An epilogue text states that Bob never made it to the tournament.

Other Appearances

Street Fighter X Tekken

Bob appeared in the crossover game, Street Fighter X Tekken, as a playable character. His tag partner is Julia Chang.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Bob appeared in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a playable character. His Slim Bob alter-ego also appears as a DLC character.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Bob's Arcade Ending

Ending Description: Using his super-hero alter-ego, Bob saves some kids from a group of thugs and later a woman falling from a building. The scene ends with Bob reading a newspaper about his identity being discovered when pictures of him were taken dressing up as the vigilante.

Special Alliance Partners:

Tekken Revolution

Bob appears playable in Tekken Revolution.


Exceptionally strong, fast and hard-hitting, with good range and devastating combos, Bob is a well-rounded fighter (no pun intended). His offense is very damaging, but most of his good launchers and low hits are punishable. Also, he's a big target for longer juggles. Overall, Bob is generally played as an offensive character.

He has moves that resemble those that the Mishimas use. His Straight Rondel is a mix of Flash Punch Combo and Demon Slayer, his Spiral Rocky shares similarities with Dragon Uppercut, his Langue Washer closely resembles Jin's Right Roundhouse Punch, his Spinach Upper shares the same role as Twin Pistons, his Whopper Kick is similar to Devil Jin's Demon Steel Pedal, he also has a move in a similar role to Demon's Paw in Zip Cutter, and he is also capable of Crouch Dash.

In Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, Bob gains more moves to his arsenal. His Rage Art has him punching his opponent to the gut following with a barrage of punches followed by a single roundhouse kick. Then he flip jumps in mid-air and lands a powerful diving downward punch towards his opponent.

Fighting Style

Bob was described as "a freestyle karate practitioner from the U.S." by Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada. His fighting style can also possibly be derived from Martial art-based acrobatic sports such as Tricking. Bob also incorporates his large size and weight into his style to gain an edge against his opponents.


Robert Richards Moves


Character Relationships



  • Rufus from the Street Fighter series is similar and often compared to Bob. They are both overweight American fighters who are amazingly fast for their sizes, they both developed their own fighting styles and they both have blonde hair, their personalities are different though as Rufus is loud-mouthed, obnoxious and impatient, a contrast to the more calm, serious and focused Bob.
    • In Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, Bob's Rage Art has a slight resemblance to Rufus' Space Opera Symphony Ultra Combo move in the Street Fighter IV series as they both include a flurry of punches into a kick that sets up the big finish.
  • Most of Bob's moves are named after various foods, food types and food related terms. Some of them are also in French or Italian (even when not related to food), languages from countries known for their cuisine.
  • Bob probably has the least amount of canonical relationships out of any character in the series. In Tekken 6, his story was not tied to anyone else's and his only canon interaction with another character is in Tekken 7, where he accidentally crosses paths with the maniac Bryan Fury (which could even be non-canon too).
  • When responding to fans who have requested Slim Bob to be added back to the game as he "looks better", Katsuhiro Harada has tweeted that "The fatter Bob is cooler!"[2]
  • Several attacks of Bob were motion captured from Koji Nakamura, a stuntsman that credited with for Kamen Rider and Ultraman, and Yutaka Kambe of Extreme Martial Arts.
  • Youtuber Eric Jacobus has done Bob's moves to the point that Katsuhiro Harada himself has noticed this and favored him for it.

Tekken 6:

  • His first two opponents in the Arena Mode are Ganryu and Paul Phoenix.
  • Bob's Tekken 6 CG pose resembles Jin's Tekken 5 CG pose.
  • In his Scenario Campaign dialogues, Bob will always mistake the player as trying to kidnap Alisa Bosconovitch and attempt to rescue her. The only exception to this is if the player selects Roger Jr., where Bob will instead attempt to rescue Roger Jr. from Alisa.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

  • He gains Rage faster than normal when his partner getting hurt is fellow heavyweight Ganryu or one of the fellow friendly Americans, Paul or Law. He gains rage slower when his partner is Steve, who also happens to resemble Bob's thinner self to some degree. In addition to this, he also gains Rage faster when the partner is either Miguel or Jin, most likely a reference to the events of the Online Tekken Comic.[3] He also has a special tag throw with fellow crime fighter Lei Wulong.

Tekken 7:

  • On the last hit of his Rage Art, Bob utilizes a Rider Jump to a diving Rider Punch like a Kamen Rider.
  • The "Speed & Weight" voices for his victory and Rage Art quotes are from his Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending.


  • Street Fighter X Tekken features a trailer in which Rufus, who bears similarity in stature to Bob, mistakes Bob for Ken Masters and attacks him in Law's restaurant (ironically, it turned out that the real Ken was just eating there with Ryu).
    • Bob's win quote with Ken reflects this misunderstanding, as he says “ So you're Ken Masters! We... We look nothing alike... “
    • Rufus and Zangief's ending in said game shows Rufus losing most of his weight (after opening Pandora which causes its energies to take away his obesity) and become skinny, mirroring Bob's ending in Tekken 6 where he loses his weight and becomes skinny as well under mysterious conditions.
  • Bob is a bounty hunter in Street Fighter X Tekken and in the Online Tekken Comic.
  • In Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Bob's dossier is briefly seen when Anna Williams opens a file containing dossiers of various persons of interest.


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