Roperto is a professional boxer. He first appears in the Tekken 4 intro, and later makes an appearance in Craig Marduk's Tekken 5 ending.



In Tekken 4, Roperto has short brown hair. In Tekken 5 he has a crew cut, where his hair is shaven at the back and sides of his head, leaving only the top untouched.


In Tekken 4, Roperto has white shorts with black lines on the sides and on the belt area. His shoes match the color-scheme of his pants, mostly white and with black lines. His boxing gloves are blue.

In Tekken 5, his shorts stay the same, but now also have a red "Agei" logo on the left side. His shoes stay the same, while his boxing gloves are now red.


Tekken 4

Intro: Roperto fought Steve Fox in the boxing ring, where Steve effortlessly dodged Roperto's punches before knocking him out with a flurry of punches.

Tekken 5

Marduk's Ending: Roperto is seen fighting another boxer, but Craig Marduk interrupts the match and knocks out the referee, grabs both boxers by the head and knocks their heads together, which could mean they're seriously injured.


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