Savate (translated as "old shoe") is a French martial art and combat sport. A style of kickboxing developed by sailors for self-defence in the 19th century, it is known as being one of the few disciplines that allow practitioners to wear shoes during a match.


Unlike other kickboxing styles, Savate as a sport restricts the use of knees or shins and more so prioritizes on foot-kicking techniques towards an opponent's vital areas. Hand-striking techniques are mainly derived from western boxing. Savate also utilizes combinations when fighting opponents, combining both punches and kicks together to lower the opponent's guard in hopes of revealing a weakness.

Only four types of punches are allowed in Savate; the direct bras avant (jab), direct bras arriere (straight), crochet (hook) and the uppercut.

Additionally only four types of kicks are allowed; the fouette (roundhouse), chasse (piston-kick), revers (reverse hooking kick) and the coup de pied bas (low kick).

One of the most well-known and slightly controversial techniques of Savate is the chasse-bas (known more widely as the 'oblique kick'), in which a practitioner drives their heel into the opponent's upper leg.

The self-defense variation of Savate is known as Savate de Rue, which additionally teaches knees, headbutts, throws and clinch techniques.



  • Gigas - (Before mutation)