800px-Asuka and Xiaoyu vs Roger - Scenario Campaign - T6 BR

Asuka and Ling in Co-op mode about to fight kangaroos

Scenario Campaign is the Story mode featured in Tekken 6. Like the Tekken Force and Devil Within mini games before it, it plays in beat 'em up gameplay.

The player can pick one character, while the second is picked automatically, the first one being player-controlled and the second one being computer-controlled.

The player starts out playing as Lars Alexandersson being the player-controlled character and Alisa Bosconovitch being the computer-controlled character. As the game is played through, more and more characters will be unlocked for the player to choose.

In some parts of the stages, weapons like lead pipes, flame throwers and Gatling guns can be picked up and used.

The player can earn fight money to buy items for the characters to use. These items can upgrade stats, such as health, defense and the chance of attacks being elemental. It can be very useful for some of the harder stages and bosses.

Most characters within the game are also fought as bosses in one level or another. The bosses are more powerful than their playable form.

Scenario Campaign can either be played on single player or online co-op. However, it has no offline co-op. With online co-op, only some of the stages can be played. Single player must be chosen in order to go through the whole game. In online co-op, a second character can be chosen, unlike in single player.

Within this mode, traditional fighting is also available in the form of a sub-mode called Arena mode. Character prologues and endings are unlocked this way.



A map displaying a few locations

Hidden Stages


  • Scenario Campaign is only available on the home consoles (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) versions of Tekken 6; the PlayStation Portable version has a regular story mode in its place.
  • The scenario campaign is the biggest beat 'em up mode yet in the series, with over twenty-five stages, as well as some unlockable stages after beating the main story.
  • The majority of the stages have an alien and/or a special flag in the background, but some do not.
  • This is the only mode in which Dragunov can be seen speaking (albeit, not that much).