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Shaheen (Arabic: شاهين Shahin, Japanese: シャヒーン Shahīn) is a character in the Tekken series who was introduced in Tekken 7 as one of the new playable characters.



Shaheen has brown eyes and short dark brown hair with a mustache and pretty thick facial hair. His head is adorned with a long red and white checkered shemagh and a black agal. He also wields a scimitar around his waist. He wears an off-white military uniform with a black belt tucked into his uniform, aqua blue pants and black pointed shoes.

Under his headwear, he has dark brown hair with short spikes and a full fringe which resembles Shin Kamiya's hairstyle from Tekken: Blood Vengeance.


Shaheen appears to be a calm and collected individual with a strong sense of justice. However, he is also humble and forgiving, believing that revenge is not the answer and that even people as diabolical as Kazuya deserve a second chance.




Tekken 7


Tekken 7 Character Episode - Shaheen

Character Episode Prologue: Shaheen works for a private military firm specializing in the provision of security services. During his time in the army, he earned a reputation as an expert in one-on-one combat.

One day, his friend and owner of a company involved in the oil industry died suddenly under mysterious circumstances. In the postmortem the death was listed as accidental, but Shaheen suspected foul play when his friend's company was suddenly bought by G Corporation and the management, all family members, resigned. He began to investigate the matter, and a relative of a close friend confided in him that a demonic man was pulling the strings at G Corp: Kazuya Mishima. Shaheen struggled to believe a real demon could exist, but his investigations revealed that Kazuya could be worse than any of hell's creations.

Shaheen was torn: Should he take revenge for his friend's death by destroying that demon, or not? Wracked with doubt, he embarked on a solo mission to infiltrate G Corp.

Ending Description: Before Shaheen makes his decision to make peace with Kazuya instead of taking his revenge after defeating him, Kazuya refuses Shaheen's treaty, jumping off of G Corporation tower and transforming into his devil form to fly away, much to Shaheen's surprise. Realizing how diabolical Kazuya is, Shaheen vows to avenge his deceased friend by apprehending Kazuya the next time they meet again.


Shaheen possesses a plethora of oppressive pokes and counter hit moves, as well as having an above average combo damage on both walled and walless stages. He also has good tracking moves, as well as having good oki, wallcarry, and whiff punishment. Finally, he has a low skill floor requirement, making him effective even when players are under pressure.

Shaheen's weakness lies in his mediocre lows. Excluding slides, his lows don't have much damage and range and are only used to gain frame advantage. His slide can make opponents hesitate and crouch, but Shaheen needs to commit to a mixup. Also, since he is crouching before doing a slide, it leaves him vulnerable to mid pokes and launchers. This weakness cascades into him having a mediocre wall game since enemies won't have much incentive to duck. Finally, his grabs are, at best, only marginally above average.

All in all, Shaheen is a very effective character that possesses the tools needed to handle just about any situation.

Fighting Style

Shaheen fights using "Military Fighting Style" (軍隊式格闘術 Guntai-shiki kakutō-jutsu?) . It consists of punches, hand thrusts, elbow strikes, kicks, and slides. It is also highly acrobatic, with somersaults, slides, and leg stomps that slams and grinds the opponent's body into the ground.




Character Relationships

  • Kazuya Mishima - The man who was responsible for Shaheen's close friend's death, they fight each other in Tekken 7 and Shaheen defeats him. At first, Shaheen decided to spare him, but then Kazuya transforms into his devil form and escapes. After seeing how dangerous and diabolical Kazuya is, Shaheen vows to apprehend Kazuya and avenge his friend's death.



  • The name Shaheen is from the Persian personal name Shahin, meaning 'royal white Falcon/Hawk'. This name is widespread in Iran and throughout the Arabian peninsula.[2]
    • Falcons/hawks seem to be a common theme around Shaheen, as his shoulder pad is modeled after one, and one of his customization items is also a Hawk. Additionally, his hopkick, Altair (u/f+4), is named after the star of the same name, which originates from the Arabic phrase النسر الطائر al-nasr al-ṭāʼir "the flying eagle".
  • Shaheen's concept art was first shown during August 2014, as Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada asked fans to give feedback, as to prevent offense to the Arab community, most likely due to an incident regarding the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 stage, Modern Oasis.[3] He was designed by illustrator NINNIN, one of several character designers and illustrators employed to create character designs for Tekken 7, with help from community feedback on social media, particularly those from Saudi Arabia.
    • Shaheen received favorable feedback despite fans criticizing his appearance being "overly flashy" and too similar to an Assassins Creed character. His inclusion was announced at Harada's twitter on January 1, 2015 with a released picture of a newly designed Shaheen, dropping the "flashy" features.
    • The reveal also eventually led to Harada making a statement on his Twitter account regarding any criticism towards including a Saudi Arabian character in the Tekken series.[4]
  • Some of Shaheen's moves[5] are named after stars which have names of Arabic origin such as Aldebaran (アルデバラン Arudebaran) (his 2+4 throw), Altair (アルタイル Arutairu) (u/f+4), Taurus (トゥルス Tourusu) (his b+1+2 punch parry, called Falcon Shield in English version), Elnath (エルナト Erunato) (f, F+4), and Spica (スピカ Supika) (his 1, 2 strings).
  • Shaheen is similar and often compared to Street Fighter V's new character, Rashid in terms of character and fighting style.
    • Both men are Arabic fighters.
    • Both men use acrobatic and jumping kicks for their special attacks. In Rashid's case, he has wind based properties.
    • Shaheen's hopkick, Altair (u/f+4), also shares the name of Rashid's Critical Art.
    • Both men have friends who were killed under mysterious circumstances by originally unknown assailants. In Rashid's case, his missing friend was revealed to be killed by F.A.N.G during the events of A Shadow Falls, while Shaheen's friend's killer was revealed in his ending to be Kazuya.
    • Both Shaheen and Rashid have modern outfits as their secondary outfits.
  • Shaheen stands as "ARB" ("Arab") in the game files.
  • Shaheen's shemagh and agal can be knocked off by his opponent in battle.
  • The Japanese fanbase stated that Shaheen resembles J-pop singer-songwriter Ken Hirai. It is even mentioned in "ZIP", a Japanese news show [6]
  • During the Rage Drive trailer, Shaheen's original rage drive was meant to be an enhanced version of his "Rapid Strikes" which could re-splat an opponent on the wall. This was later changed to be a new attack entirely.



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