Space Colony is a stage in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection corresponding to Final Frontier in Tekken 5. The differences between this stage and its Tekken 5 counterpart are that it is now set in a circular glass tunnel on the outside of what presumably is a massive space station or a space colony, and the wheels along with the outline of the area are now sky blue instead of yellow and there are only three. The bars on the barriers are still there and are the same color.

Three space colonies similar to the one that was fought inside of in Final Frontier can be seen rotating in place in the background. The space colonies appear to be somewhere in Earth's orbit as the planet is seen rather close and they are seen between it and the Moon. Since the background view does not change or turn upside down, the platform appears to move at the same speed but to the opposite direction that the space station it is attached to rotates in, effectively causing it to stay still, similar to Final Frontier.

Background Music

The stage BGM is named "Center of Gravity".

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection - Center of Gravity

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection - Center of Gravity



  • When the BGM is playing, a robot sound can be heard saying "I must fight".
  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Dark Resurrection, the background music is the same as its Tekken 5 counterpart instead.
  • The picture for this stage in the stage select only shows one of the colonies from the outside, rather than the actual platform the fight takes place on.


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