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Sugar is a minor character in the Tekken series. Sugar is Leroy Smith's pet dog who first appeared in Tekken 7 as part of Leroy's move set and win poses.


Sugar is an American Bully, a type of pit-bull terrier. Sugar is the pet of Leroy Smith and accompanies its master during battle. Leroy can summon Sugar into combat, but the dog will only attack randomly, depending on its mood.


  • Sugar is the second animal to be part of a different character's move set. The first one was Kazumi Mishima's pet tiger.
  • Notably, Sugar can interact with certain projectiles such as ground-running projectiles like Hwoarang's Biker Helmet item move or Geese Howard's Reppuu Ken. If she collides with a projectile, she will continue running, but she cannot interact with the opponent, and the enemy's attack will miss her entirely if she chooses not to attack.


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