Super Combot DX is a robot from the Tekken series. Appearing only in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Super Combot DX is the improved version of Combot, created by the company Violet Systems.


In Combot's biography in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, it is explained that due to public humiliation caused by unexpected failures in battle by Combot in the fourth tournament, Violet swore revenge. To do this Violet created a new model of Combot: Super Combot DX whose design mobilized all the resources of Violet Systems.


In the Fight Lab, when everything is ready to start, Violet, when activating Super Combot DX, hits the wrong button. The Super Combot DX and most of the lab are blown up. Thus Violet finds his old Combot model, with whom he must go through all the training again. At the end of Fight Lab, the Super Combot DX is ready again and it proceeds to defeat Heihachi, Kazuya, and Jin, until Devil Jin blasts its head off with a laser. Lee remarks that he's forgotten to input devil data into the bot, but says nevermind, and proceeds to activate Super Combot's self-destruct sequence, detonating it and his family with it.

Character Relationships

  • Lee Chaolan - its creator, roboticist and CEO of Violet Systems.
  • Violet - its creator's alter-ego.
  • Lee's Secretary - an employee of Violet Systems who oversees Super Combot DX's creation.
  • Combot - its predecessor, and earlier combot model.
  • Heihachi Mishima - Heihachi initially laughs at its design, but is defeated by Super Combot DX, in Violet's TTT2 ending.
  • Devil Jin - shoots Super Combot DX's head off with his devil blaster, but is ultimately defeated by super Combot DX when Lee detonates it in Violet's TTT2 ending.
  • Jin Kazama - is defeated by Super Combot DX in Violet's TTT2 ending.
  • Kazuya Mishima - is defeated by Super Combot DX in Violet's TTT2 ending.


Tekken 7:

  • Super Combot DX appears in the background of Violet Systems stage on the Eastern side - its first canon appearance.


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