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This article is about the non-Tekken game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For more details see the Smash Wiki.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ SPECIAL Great Fray Smash Brothers Special?), often shortened to SSBU (スマブラSP?) or "Ultimate", is a crossover action fighting game for the Nintendo Switch. The game was released worldwide on December 7th, 2018. It is the fifth installment in the Super Smash Bros. series (sixth if the two versions of Super Smash Bros. 4 are counted as separate titles).

Inclusion of Tekken content

Heihachi Mishima

In the base game for Ultimate, the only Tekken-related content is Heihachi Mishima appearing as a sprite for fellow Namco character Pac-Man's up taunt, where his older sprite from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is one of many Namco-related sprites that Pac-Man can randomly spawn.

In the sixth batch of paid DLC outfits for the Mii Fighters, which was released on June 19, 2020, a costume for Mii Brawlers based off of Heihachi (specifically in his younger design from Tekken Tag Tournament 2) was included; the costume was previously included as paid DLC in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.

Kazuya Mishima and Mishima Dojo

On June 15, 2021 during Nintendo Direct: E3 2021, Nintendo revealed that Kazuya Mishima would be included as a playable DLC fighter as part of Challenger Pack 10, included within the Fighters Pass Vol. 2. Challenger Pack 10 will release on June 29, 2021, and will also include Mishima Dojo from Tekken 7 as an additional stage, with Heihachi (in his older appearance) appearing as a background character, as well as 13 Tekken-themed spirits and 39 Tekken music tracks. Kazuya has a larger moveset than other fighters and is based on various combos that he can do from his series. He also has Rage and the ability to transform into Devil Kazuya for his smash attacks, special moves, midair jumps, Final Smash, and victory screen.

Music Tracks

There are 39 music tracks available with Kazuya, all of which are available to play on Mishima Dojo, as well as the four Super Smash Bros. stages: Battlefield, Small Battlefield, Big Battlefield, and Final Destination.

Title Origin game Type Details
Marine Stadium, Japan Tekken Original Playstation Version
Chicago, USA Tekken Original Playstation Version
Kyoto, Japan Tekken Original Playstation Version
Heihachi Mishima, The King of Iron Fist Tekken 2 Original Arcade version
Kazuya Mishima, Devil Kazuya Tekken 2 Original Arcade version for both Kazuya’s forms
Kazuya Mishima, Devil Kazuya (Remix) Tekken 2 Remix
Emotionless Passion Tekken 2 Original Playstation version for Kazuya’s human form
Attract -Embu- /Character Select Tekken 3 Original Arcade version
Hwoarang Tekken 3 Original Arcade version
Jin Kazama Tekken 3 Original Arcade version
Heihachi Mishima Tekken 3 Original Playstation version
Opening Movie Tekken Tag Tournament Original Playstation 2 version
Jin Stage Tekken Tag Tournament Original Playstation 2 version
Kitsch Tekken 4 Original Playstation 2 version
Bit Crusher Tekken 4 Original Playstation 2 version
Red Hot Fist Tekken 5 Original Playstation 2 version
Moonlit Wilderness Tekken 5 Original Playstation 2 version
Poolside Tekken 5 Original Playstation 2 version
Snow Castle Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Original
Into Nirvana Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Original
RESURRECTION Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Original
Ethno Evening Tekken 6 Original
YUKI Tekken 6 Original
Only One Fight Tekken 6 Original
Dist Thins Out (Remix) Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Remix The original version of "Dist Thins Out" from Tekken 6 was used during the Heihachi Mii costume reveal for both SSB4 and Ultimate.
Karma (Remix) Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Remix
Arisa Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Original
Yodeling in Meadow Hill Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Original
Abyss of Time Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Original
Plucking Tulips Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Original
Landscape under the Ghost- Kaminano (remix) Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Remix Source of Original mix originally come from Tekken 2
New World Order Tekken Revolution Original
No Easy Way Out Tekken Revolution Original
Heat Haze Shadow Tekken 7 Original
Dojo (Japanese Style Mix) Tekken 7 Remix
DUOMO DI SIRIO 1st Tekken 7 Original
Moonsiders 1st (Remix) Tekken 7 Remix
Desperate Struggle (Remix) Tekken 7 Remix
Aloneness (Remix) Tekken 7 Remix
Victory! Kazuya Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Original Not a music track, instead simply a narration from Josh Keller saying "Kazuya Mishima wins", which plays at the end of versus matches in lieu of the other characters' victory fanfare.


Spirits are special items used to enhance character abilities. They are unlocked after beating a puppet fighter whose appearance resembles the spirit character's.

No. Spirit Name Debut Artwork origin Type Ability
1474 Kazuya Mishima Tekken Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
1475 Kazuya Mishima (Coat) Tekken Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
1476 Heihachi Mishima Tekken Tekken 7 (Tekken 5 version Classic outfit) Attack Fist & Foot Attack Up
1477 Jin Kazama Tekken 3 Tekken 7 Shield Can Be Enhanced at Lv. 99 (Devil Jin)
1478 Devil Jin Tekken 3 [NPC]
Tekken 5 [Playable]
Tekken 7 (Classic outfit) Shield Lv. 99 version of Jin’s spirit
Additional Midair Jump
1479 Kuma & Panda Tekken (Kuma [overall])
Tekken 3 (Kuma II & Panda)
Tekken 7 (Classic appearance for Kuma) Attack Impact Run
1480 Nina Williams Tekken Tekken: Blood Vengeance Shield Air Attack Up
1481 King & Armor King Tekken (overall)
Tekken 3 (King II)
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (Armor King II)
Tekken 7 (Caped version for King) Grab Strong Throw
1482 Ling Xiaoyu Tekken 3 Tekken 7 (Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Outfit) Shield Speed Up
1483 Paul Phoenix & Marshall Law Tekken Tekken 7 (Tekken 5 version Classic outfit for Paul) Attack Foot Attack Up
1484 Yoshimitsu Tekken Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Attack Sword Attack Up
1485 Jack-7 Tekken (Jack units [overall])
Tekken 7 (Jack-7)
Tekken 7 Neutral Fist Attack Up
1486 Asuka Kazama Tekken 5 Tekken 7 (Classic Outfit) Grab Lightweight



Mii Fighter Cosmetics




Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The Iron Fist of Darkness

Kazuya's Smash reveal trailer


  • Several references to Tekken are made in Ultimate:
    • In the trailer for the Heihachi costume, a Mii Brawler in the costume tosses Wolf O'Donnell into a volcano on the Wuhu Island stage, referencing how he tosses Kazuya off of a cliff in various Tekken games.
    • Kazuya's repeated act of tossing other fighters into a volcano during his reveal trailer is a reference to Heihachi doing the same thing throughout the Tekken franchise, as well as Kazuya tossing Heihachi off a cliff in his endings in Tekken 1 and Tekken 7.
    • The segment with him and King K. Rool about to punch each other on Boxing Ring is a reference to the Bandai Namco logo animation in Tekken 7[1], with K. Rool replacing Jin Kazama, and the Super Smash Bros. symbol replacing the Bandai Namco logo.
    • Kazuya can be seen fighting Ken and using his Crouch Dash to slip under one of his Hadokens before retaliating with a Dragon Uppercut. This is a reference to a trailer for Street Fighter x Tekken where he and Nina fight Ryu and Ken.
    • Before his Final Smash is shown, he is shown slamming Incineroar into the ground. Incineroar is a stand-in for Heihachi, as both characters shared the same late-Japanese voice actor and Heihachi's Gi bears a tiger emblem.
    • In one scene Kazuya is seen fighting Solid Snake in his jaguar camouflage costume as a stand-in for King.
    • The beginning of Kazuya's gameplay demonstration features a unique panning of the camera, which is similarly done before a round in the Tekken series.
    • In one scene, Devil Kazuya is seen shooting an Inferno at Daisy in her blue dress and Wario in his red biker outfit. Daisy resembles Asuka Kazama, while Wario resembles Bob.
    • In one scene, Kazuya is shown meteor smashing a green Inkling followed by punching a black Zero Suit Samus. The green Inkling resembles Bryan Fury as he appears in Tekken 7, while the black Zero Suit Samus resembles Nina as she appears in Tekken 7's story.
  • With the inclusion of Kazuya, Ryu, Ken, Terry Bogard, Cloud Strife, and Sephiroth as fighters, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate marks the second time that the Tekken, Street Fighter, SNK Fighting series, and Final Fantasy franchises crossover in a fighting game, the first being Tekken 7, which features Akuma, Geese Howard, and Noctis Lucis Caelum as guest characters alongside the Tekken cast.
  • Although Sega’s Virtua Fighter only have an Assist Trophy representative (Akira Yuki), Ultimate marks the second fighting game to feature both classic 3D fighting game series Tekken and Virtua Fighter in a same crossover fighting game since Smash 4 included their respective Mii costumes.
  • Both Kazuya's outfits are based on his main outfit since Tekken 5 and secondary outfit from Tekken 7 (the latter briefly appeared in intro of Tekken Tag Tournament). Both of his Tekken 7 devil forms also make an appearance in the game.
  • Super Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai previously stated that, for the previous Smash game, he considered including Heihachi as a playable character to represent Bandai Namco, but ultimately decided against it, citing the difficulties of implementing his movements into the game. Sakurai's decision to include Kazuya because not only he was the first protagonist of the first game (similar how Terry was the first protagonist of which series where The King of Fighters first debuted prior to the titular tournament becoming a team-based alternate universe series), but also that Devil Gene is the main focus within Tekken storyline.
    • It is also because Heihachi's Japanese voice actor from Tekken 3D: Prime Edition - Tekken 7 passed away on August 18, 2018, a year after Tekken 7 was released and Heihachi's death in that later game, his voice archive reuse for his stage background appearance in Mishima Dojo.
  • Tekken representative is the only series in the entire game to not have a victory theme; and not using the standard announcer of Xander Mobus on the victory screen, using Josh Keller (the announcer for Tekken 7) instead.
  • Tekken is one of two major universes in Smash to also have a fighter in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, with the other being the Metal Gear series.
  • Although appearing in Sakurai's showcase about Kazuya, the characters Kazumi Mishima and Jun Kazama are not appearing as spirits, possibly due to their current statuses in the main storyline, or/and some of the original appearance designs and full body renders of their respective alternate demon forms, namely Devil Kazumi and Unknown
  • Like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, instead of having both English and Japanese languages like in Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Tekken series, much like Nintendo’s ARMS and Sega’s Virtua Fighter series keeps the tradition of its cast only speaking in their native languages, unlike union-based Square-Enix representatives such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

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