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Taekwondo Girl is a character who was supposed to appear in Tekken (Mobile) as a fighter. Due to the announcement of shutting down the entire game on February 15, 2019, she will no longer be released so she is now a cancelled character.


Taekwondo Girl is a young woman with long black hair, who seems to be Korean even though nothing has confirmed it. She wears a blue and white sportswear jacket that reveals part of her chest and belly. The sleeves are raised and a white fox with nine tails is represented on the front of the jacket. Her gloves and pants are also blue and white. She also sports a black belt which has written in white, "Nine Tailed Fox."


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Her story is unknown.



  • Fans gave her the name Shuwawei. However, it is not an official name.
  • It is speculated that she is from South Korea based on her fighting style and appearance.
  • Unlike the other characters, she did not have a 3D model, indicating that she was not yet ready to be added in a future update.


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