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Tekken: Blood Vengeance (鉄拳 ブラッド・ベンジェンス Tekken Buraddo Benjensu) is a CGI animated theatrical movie which was released in the summer of 2011. The movie was animated by Digital Frontier. The film is directed by Yōichi Mōri based upon a script penned by Dai Satō.

The film premiered in North America on July 26, 2011, and in Australia on July 27, 2011 in a special exclusive one-off screening. It premiered on September 3, 2011 in Japan.

The film was latter included with Tekken Hybrid as a Blu-ray disc on November 22, 2011 in the US, and December 1, 2011 in Japan.

The 2D version of the film was also released as a standalone DVD on November 22, 2011 in the US, and December 22, 2011 in Japan. It was later included with the Nintendo 3DS title, Tekken 3D: Prime Edition.


While Jin Kazama and his father, Kazuya Mishima, wage an unrelenting war between corporations, Anna Williams, Nina's Machiavellian sister and Kazuya's right-hand man, decides to take the situation in hand. She manages to put Ling Xiaoyu on her side; Forcing him to track down a mysterious high school student who turns out to be Jin's old schoolmate: Shin Kamiya. But in this ultra-modern high school in Kyoto, Alisa Bosconovitch, an extravagant young girl, watches over Shin. Will Xiaoyu manage to uncover the secret that binds Jin and Shin? And who is this mysterious Alisa whose last name is highly intriguing?


Set in the rich Tekken universe, the film takes place in an alternate storyline [1] between Tekken 5 and Tekken 6. It begins with a highway fight, where Anna Williams has set up a decoy for her sister, Nina Williams, who is working for and is close friends with Jin Kazama, the new CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Anna, however, is working for the Zaibatsu's rival organization, G Corporation, and its CEO, Jin's father, Kazuya Mishima. Both Jin and Kazuya are seeking information about a Japanese teenager named Shin Kamiya, who is currently a student at Kyoto International School (KIS). Shin was formerly a high school student at Mishima Polytechnic School and was old friends with Jin. To find Shin, Jin and Nina dispatch Alisa Bosconovitch to act as a spy, whilst Anna dispatches Jin's long-time friend and Mishima Polytech student, Ling Xiaoyu, for the same purpose.

During their investigation in Kyoto, Xiaoyu and Alisa form a friendship at the school. After this, Xiaoyu sneaks into Shin's apartment at night whilst he's having a shower. It's here where she learns that Shin was formerly a student at Mishima Polytechnic School and he was old friends with Jin. She also learns that Alisa has been sneaking into the apartment too, because she has a huge crush on Shin. Xiaoyu grabs Alisa and took her in a private space. Xiaoyu makes an excuse that she also had a crush on him (although she was lying). After returning from the apartment, Xiaoyu speaks with Anna about why she picked her for the assignment. Anna then gives her more information about Shin, revealing that he and Jin are two years older than Xiaoyu, and (most importantly) that a mass disappearance happened at Mishima Polytech. Shin and his class went missing a long time ago and only Shin himself was the sole survivor, the only one out of the class who could not be killed. It's here that there's a possibility that he may be immortal.

Next day at KIS, Shin is kidnapped by an unknown assailant and the two girls turn on each other. It's here that Alisa is revealed to be an android, although Alisa possesses human qualities. She attacks Ling, kicking her out from a two-story window. Later at her hideout, Xiaoyu does research on Alisa's involvement with the Mishima Zaibatsu. At that moment, Anna sneaks up from behind her and strangles her. She becomes very agitated that Shin was kidnapped and decides to look for him by herself after Xiaoyu "lost" him. Afterwards, she furiously orders her to destroy Alisa.

After accepting each other's challenge and a battle between the girls in which Alisa spares Xiaoyu's life, Anna shows up with soldiers from the G Corporation. She demands Alisa give her information about the Mishima Zaibatsu, but Alisa (being an android) refuses. Alisa then gets into a fight with the soldiers, causing her to be defeated. Xiaoyu then defeats the soldiers and turns against Anna. After this, Xiaoyu and Alisa are both rescued by Panda. Now that the both of them are now being hunted down by both the Zaibatsu and G Corporation, they, along with Panda, find refuge in the huge mansion of their school teacher and Kazuya's adoptive brother, Lee Chaolan. After this, Nina reveals to Jin that Alisa has left them too, so Jin sends her to Kyoto to go after Alisa.

After making themselves at home at Lee's mansion, Xiaoyu goes back to her school at Mishima Polytech, this time with Alisa. There, they learn that genetic experiments were performed on Shin and his classmates (except Jin). They both believe that the Mishima family is seeking out Shin, who is the sole survivor of the M-Cell (also known as the Mutare Experiment) for his immortality. The pair then discover that the whole experiment was engineered by Heihachi Mishima, who was supposed to have been killed by Kazuya in Tekken 5.

Back at Lee's mansion, Xiaoyu receives a text message from Lei Wulong that Heihachi didn't die in the explosion (that was seen in the intro of the fifth game). After Xiaoyu has a shower, and Alisa and Panda watch TV, Anna arrives with her G Corp soldiers with one objective: To terminate both Xiaoyu and Alisa. At this moment, Nina, who is on her way to Lee's home to find Alisa, notices her sister's presence. At this moment, she puts Alisa back online, revealing to Xiaoyu that Shin is being held captive at Kyoto Castle. Just in time, she and Xiaoyu immediately leave Lee's mansion. It's unknown how Panda escaped. Right after they left, Anna finds the bedroom they were in. Anna then notices huge lumps underneath the quilt, believing that they are of course Xiaoyu and Alisa. After her soldiers shoot the bed, it's revealed to be just pillows. Xiaoyu and Alisa had already escaped before Anna arrived. Nina then arrives with military robots from the Zaibatsu and once again confronts her sister. After this, the screen goes black and an unknown battle is about to begin.

Xiaoyu and Alisa finally arrive at Kyoto Castle, where Shin is being held. The Japanese teenager then reveals to the girls that both the Zaibatsu and G Corporation have sought him out all this time, and that he has an immortal body due to the Mutare Experiment. Jin then arrives and has a small conversation with his old friend. However, Kazuya then arrives shortly after. Shin then tells them all that "the stage is set" and Heihachi Mishima then shows up. He then greets his two enemy family members and begins to taunt Shin. After Shin rips off his school shirt and reveals the Mutare Experiment's power surging through his body, he attempts to kill Heihachi by heavily punching him in the stomach, creating a shockwave similar to the Mishima Bloodline. After this, Heihachi viciously grabs Shin and reveals that he's not interesting in immortality. Instead, his purpose is to obtain the Devil Gene.

He then kills Shin, ridding the teenager of his immortality and the M-Cell's power. After Shin dies in the arms of Xiaoyu and Alisa, Jin claims that his family is a curse and decides to avenge Shin's death by taking down his grandfather. After Xiaoyu's failed attempt to stop the fighting, Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi all run towards each other and strikes with their fits. The impact from the clash of their fits release a huge shockwave causing Xiaoyu to fall, Alisa manages to catch her however. All three had an epic triple threat brawl all the way down to the bottom of Kyoto Castle, causing destruction in their fight. After Heihachi defeats his son Kazuya, Jin seemingly defeats his grandfather by heavily punching him through a wall and sending him falling to his apparent death, avenging Shin.

Afterwards, Jin is confronted by his father Kazuya, who haves regained conscious after being defeated by Heihachi. At that moment, Xiaoyu and Alisa arrive at the bottom of the castle, where they witness Kazuya has now transformed into Devil and badly wounds Jin, in an attempt to make his son transform into Devil Jin. After Xiaoyu begs Jin not to transform, Alisa keeps her out of harm's way by trying to take down Kazuya. However, Jin shuts her down. Afterwards, Kazuya (in his Devil form) crushes Alisa in half by stamping on her, causing Xiaoyu to be thrown in despair.

Jin then transforms in Devil Jin, in order to defeat Kazuya and finally put an end to the Mishima Bloodline. But he seems to lose control of the form during the fight. Kazuya then easily defeats his son. But when he believes he's victorious, Jin finally takes control of his new Devil Jin form, and reveals to Kazuya that he can control the Devil's power, thus he never needed the M-Cell. He then successfully defeats Kazuya, declaring that the Devil's power is finally his. He then sends his father plummeting in a nearby waterfall, though Kazuya promises his son that this isn't over. It's unknown what happened to Shin's body before the triple threat fight.

Back at Lee's mansion, both Nina and Anna are defeated. After Anna regains conscious, Nina then falls unconscious. After Anna orders that her sister to be taken away, Lee shows up, all amused and introducing himself to Anna. After he asks why she's sparing her sister, Anna reveals that she doesn't want to be a fool by ending the fun so soon. Afterwards, Lee gives her a thumbs-up and says his famous catchphrase, "Excellent".

Back at the ruins of Kyoto Castle, Xiaoyu is still crying over Alisa's destroyed body. After she and Jin have a sad conversation about their friendship, Heihachi is revealed to still be alive and underneath the castle, he destroys the coffin that unleashes the spirits of the Mokujin, which was the material that the castle was made out of. He then uses the spirits' power to transform into the final beast. Whilst he fights Jin and attempts to crush Xiaoyu and Alisa (and Panda, who has just shown up to rescue the two girls from being crushed), the Mokujins themselves attempt to stop Heihachi from doing his evil scheme, but he refuses to listen and takes control of them.

When all hope seems to be lost, a badly damaged Alisa sacrifices herself to stop Heihachi by using her rocket fists, which immediately strike his weak point. After this, Jin declares that the Mishima Bloodline is about to come to an end, and finally finishes off his grandfather with his utilized Devil powers, sending the Mokujins to fall to the ground. Heihachi's body was never found after the fight, he most likely escaped.

After the battle, Xiaoyu is then still seen next to Alisa's damaged body. Jin then puts Alisa back online, making Xiaoyu happy. Afterwards, Jin tells his long-time friend that he awaits a future challenge and she will be the one to defeat him. He then flies away back to the Mishima Zaibatsu.

After the post credits, Xiaoyu and Alisa (along with Panda) attend the school festival, where Xiaoyu talks about how the world should become a worldwide amusement park. The girls then plan to enter the Tournament and they then declare that they're both best friends. The film then ends with Panda roaring at the sky and the two girls laughing.


Japanese Voice Cast

English Dub Voice Cast


  • International 3D Awards Lumiere Japan 2012
    • Movie Award [2]
  • 4th Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards
    • International Jury Prize (Japan) [3]


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  • Scriptwriter Dai Satō is a huge Tekken fan. He would often go to the arcades to play. This influenced his employment as the scriptwriter for the movie.
    • In an interview with Dai Satō, Tekken game director Katsuhiro Harada, stated that he had always viewed the characters as just a collection of data. After the creation of the film, he started to see how the characters could become more human-like and emotionally engaging.
  • During an early scene where Anna is opening a dossier on various persons of interest two characters are incorrectly identified, Steve Fox as Heihachi Mishima and Feng Wei as Nina Williams, weirdly enough both Heihachi and Nina appear in the film whereas Steve and Feng don't other than their pictures briefly in this scene.
  • At one point Alisa admits to Xiaoyu that she is a robot, in the games Alisa always denies she is a robot and instead claims to be a human being.
  • At the end of the film, Xiaoyu said that she wants to enter the next Tekken tournament in order to build the biggest amusement park and offers cooperation with Alisa, which completely contradicts the story of Tekken 6, where she enters the tournament in an attempt to save Jin's soul from evil.


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