Tekken Kazuya's Revenge - Trailer

Tekken Kazuya's Revenge - Trailer

Tekken: Kazuya's Revenge is a prequel to the 2010 Tekken live-action movie. It tells the backstory of young Kazuya and his upbringing in Tekken city. The film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 12th, 2014.


Waking up in an apartment by himself, the protagonist has no memory of who he is or how he got there. Shortly after, a group of armed military personnel arrived with the aim to take the protagonist dead or alive. After defeating a few of them with amazing martial arts skills, he escapes the building with incredible agility until he is run down by a car with an unknown woman in heels who knocks him out with a kick. 

He wakes up to realize he has been kidnapped by a ruthless shadowy criminal organization run by a deranged crime boss who calls himself "The Minister". The Minister enslaves assassins and sells their services on the black market. He gives the protagonist the alias K and tells that if he doesn't co-operate he will trigger the bomb he embedded inside K's chest. Soon after that, his female assassins mark him. 

K's skills are honed in a bloody gladiator-type arena where prisoners are forced into brutal death matches against one another. At first reluctant to take lives, he learns that he must or other innocent people will die in his defeated opponents' place. As an extraordinary fighter, K quickly excels and earns his spot among the Minister's elite killers-for-hire.

Under the watchful eye of his handler, a beautiful and lethal woman named Rhona Anders, K carries out two successful assassinations of supposed criminals from the Minister while continuing to seek out the truth of his identity. K's world takes a turn for the worst when he fails to assassinate a mysterious stranger who was once one of the Minister's assassins called Fury who tells K that the Minister is not as holy as he seems.

K befriends a woman named Laura, his neighbor who is a nurse. He saves her from two thugs and the relationship kicks off. After telling Rhona that he'll track down Fury personally, Rhona agrees to buy K some more time. He then asks Laura to dissect him and remove the explosive. After removing the explosive and resting, K still continues to have visions of his past. He wakes up to find Laura at his side and the two blossom their relationship.

The next morning Fury hacks into K's computer and speaks to him using a hidden camera and microphone in his room. He shows K that one of his previous targets was actually an undercover cop, while the Minister lied to him that he was a drug kingpin and known pedophile. Rhona and K meet and are interrupted by Fury who shows Rhona the newspaper of the undercover cop story. They both decide to rebel against the Minister. After assassinating him easily, K realizes that Laura has been kidnapped and a note left to signal her location.

After knocking out a few guards with stealth, Rhona takes on her former female accomplices whom she kills easily. Meanwhile K learns his true Identity as Kazuya Mishima, son of Heihachi Mishima. Heihachi soon reveals that the amnesia Kazuya suffered and selling him to the Minister was all part of his plan to rid Kazuya of his mother's "soft heart and weakness". He shows Laura who has been brainwashed. The brainwashing process has changed her from calm and sweet girl into seductive hot lady. Heihachi is passionately kissing her before he kills her. Heihachi leaves Kazuya to fight two of his fighters while he flees stating "Today is not that day". After using his hatred to defeat the two experienced fighters Kazuya and Rhona leave saying "He likes games, let's give him some games"

It ends with Heihachi standing atop a roof overlooking Tekken city stating; "He will come".


  • Kane Kosugi as Kazuya Mishima. The son of Heihachi Mishima who has been brainwashed in order to make him stronger
  • Gary Daniels as Bryan Fury. The minister's former assassin who help Kazuya to escape.
  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Heihachi Mishima. A ruthless leader of Tekken corporation who will do everything to achieve his goals
  • Kelly Wenham as Rhona Anders. Skill full assassin who works for the minister. Although she looks as a cold-hearted lady, she is actually kind as she helps Kazuya to kill the minister and finds Laura
  • Paige Lindquist as Laura. A calm and sweet nurse who has crush with Kazuya. She is later abducted and brainwashed by Heihachi. The brainwashing process has changed her personality completely. Heihachi kill her after they are making out in front of Kazuya.
  • Rade Sherbedgia as The Minister. A sinful mob leader who offer assassin service to black market
  • Charlotte Kirk as Schoolgirl Assassin.
  • Biljana Misic as Serbian Assassin.


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  • The film has gone through multiple titles including: "Tekken: Rise of the Tournament", "Tekken: A Man Called X and "Tekken 2: Revenge of Kazuya" (according to the first official movie poster and trailers).
  • Despite the movie being a prequel to the original movie, the title, "Tekken 2: Kazuya' s Revenge" (suggesting the movie is a sequel) is seen more than once on promotional material such as posters and trailers. 
  • Tekken: Kazuya's Revenge uses the same tagline from the first movie, "Survival Is No Game".
  • The only returning charaters from the first movie are: Kazuya, Bryan Fury, and Heihachi. They are also the only characters in the movie that are from the Tekken games.
  • Unlike any other version of Heihachi in the Tekken franchise, this Heihachi does not have his signature hair style; instead, he appears to have a shaved head.
  • Kane Kosugi's official website previously stated that the actor wasn't starring in a film based on the Tekken series, and was instead in a film with the tentative title Agent X.[1] This however turned out to be false.
  • In the Philippines, the title of the poster is called Tekken 2: Origins instead of Tekken 2: Kazuya's Revenge.
  • A plot summary released for the movie incorrectly identified Rhona as Anna.
  • Despite the movie's poster showing the ending of the original film where Jin walks out of the tournament as a winner, the movie has nothing to do with Jin or the 2010 movie. The movie's main character is Kazuya and it is set before the events of the first film.
    • Some of the artists who appeared in promotional materials for this movie were seen in the actual film in a meagre way like Laura (in a different styling compare to the film) and the rest.
    • In the movie, K' looked like a down-graded version of Marshall Law since certain people mistook K' as Marshall Law due to the facial structure.
  • In the 2010 Tekken movie, Bryan Fury looks just like his video game counterpart. In this film, he looks like a completely different character. The same goes for Heihachi.
  • According to the 2010 Tekken movie, Jun Kazama was a key part of Kazuya's backstory. This movie has nothing to do with Jun, instead they introduce some other female love interest. 


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