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Tekken: the dark history of mishima (鉄拳 the dark history of mishima?) is a novel written by Takashi Yano. The plot of the novel is non-canonical to the games. The novel was released in Japan on August 26, 2011 and official English translation was released on August 5, 2016 via Kindle.


Supervised by Namco, The novel was written by Takashi Yano, author of popular series Jashu. It is an original story that takes place in the fighting game series Tekken universe. The plot revolves around the history of the main characters of the Mishima Clan which dates back to the Sengoku Period of Japan.

Plot Synopsis

Jin Kazama, the new leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu, the world dominating mega-conglomerate, has collapsed into a mysterious coma. But that doesn't stop his father Kazuya Mishima from coming after him. The Mishima Zaibatsu had been Kazuya's before Jin took it from him in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Intent on revenge, Kazuya established G. Corporation, with its lethal Jack robots, in order to declare open war against his son.

Hidden in the secret chambers of rural Russia under the care of Dr. Bosconovitch, Jin sleeps for no apparent reason. But even here he is far from safe. In a family where fathers kill sons, and sons kill fathers, it is Jin's fate to fight for his life. Kazuya's father Heihachi Mishima, aging but still greedy and ambitious, is also drawn into the battle. The events lead inexorably back to the deserted island where the Mishima Clan was first given their demonic powers, 450 years ago, and where fathers and sons again face off in an epic battle, winner take all. Ancient secrets are revealed, alliances are formed and broken, demons emerge, and fists fly in this action-packed thriller. Tekken favorites including Dr. Bosconovitch, Nina Williams, Eddy Gordo, Bruce Irvin, Anna Williams, Sergei Dragunov, Raven, and Lars Alexandersson all take sides in the war. Will the demon curse reign forever? Can anything stop the Mishima bloodlust?[1]


Jin Kazama, current leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu, dominates the world through the power of his company. He does not hesitate to kill his employees just for fun, initiating violent training simulations with his soldiers which are shown to end in multiple casualties.

One day, Jin loses consciousness in the shower after training, and is discovered by Lars Alexandersson, currently serving as Jin's protector. While in a coma, Jin is taken to a science complex in Russia, run by Doctor Bosconovitch, for treatment. Nina Williams and Eddy Gordo arrive as well and discover that agents from G Corporation, a rival enterprise of the Mishima Zaibatsu, headed by Kazuya Mishima, have been tracking them. After a discussion with the scientist which reveals Jin's bloodline to be the reason behind his condition, the two decide to leave for Japan to explore the history of the Mishima.

Meanwhile, Raven has received information concerning Jin's whereabouts after his disappearance from the Zaibatsu. Raven arrives at the mountain residence of Heihachi Mishima in an attempt to coax information from him about Jin's condition. The two come to blows after Heihachi claims he was not involved in Jin's disappearance, and, in the end, Heihachi decides to bring Raven to Japan in order to reveal more to him about the Mishima legacy.

Word reaches G Corporation that their reconnaissance units have been killed by Eddy and Nina. Under the orders of Kazuya, Anna Williams and Bruce Irvin head to Dr. Bosconovitch's lab to investigate. They find that the lab has already been attacked by Sergei Dragunov and his military forces, and engage in battle with him. Dragunov defeats Anna, Bruce, and Lars (who is still protecting Jin), and heads to the room in which Jin is being kept. When Anna regains consciousness after the battle, she learns that Jin has escaped, destroying the lab in the process.

Nina and Eddy arrive at a Japanese temple belonging to the Mishima Zaibatsu. They are attacked there by Heihachi. However, before he can kill them, he himself is attacked by Kazuya. In the ensuing fight, Kazuya realizes that he cannot transform into his devil form whilst he is on the island. Heihachi explains to him the history of their family, revealing there to be an ancient sword buried beneath the temple which was used to seal away the evil that exists in their blood.

Heihachi reveals that the ancestors of the Mishima made a pact with a demon in order to become more powerful. A man named Hachiman Mishima was the first to give himself over to the demon in order to attain power, and using said power, he was given fiefdom over the Mishima's shrine and the surrounding islands. Hachiman's son, Jingo, planned to assassinate his father, as the demon within him had made him cruel and insatiable. Jingo was only able to kill Hachiman with the demon-bane sword, the original power used by the Mishima clan.

After Hachiman's death, Jingo was himself possessed by the demon, and in a paranoid state slaughtered over a hundred people thinking they had all been sent to kill him. Jingo's son, Shinpachiro, was tasked with executing his father. On the day of Jingo's execution, he revealed that the demon was no longer within him and that it would undoubtedly possess Shinpachiro next. Shinpachiro was told that in the event this occurs, he must kill himself using the demon-bane blade to seal the demon away. Shinpachiro did so, dutifully, and was buried underneath the Mishima shrine.

After revealing this information, Heihachi unearths the demon-bane sword, intending to use it to kill Kazuya. Kazuya asks one final question about Jin's condition, and Hehachi tells him that Jin had been overwhelmed after defeating Jinpachi in the fifth tournament, leading to his coma. Kazuya realizes that the demon of the Mishima bloodline had returned due to Jinpachi's escape from underneath Hon-Maru and now resides within Jin.

Before Heihachi can deal the killing blow with the demon-bane sword, Kazuya regains his strength and calls for reinforcements. Heihachi is overwhelmed by JACKS, and Kazuya destroys the demon-bane sword before becoming Devil. Heihachi is nearly killed by Kazuya, but is saved as Raven arrives and the two escape via helicopter.

The story returns to Lars, currently watching over Jin's still sleeping form. Jin had been found unconscious atop a Mishima Zaibatsu building after his disappearance from Dr. Bosconovitch's lab. Jin has a dream in which a vision of his mother, Jun Kazama, appears before him in a dense forest. Jun flees, causing Jin to pursue her until the two reach the mouth of a cave. She begins berating Jin, taunting him to strike her, before an old man appears from the cave and lures Jin in with promises of power. Jin gives himself over to these promises and awakens with a violent explosion of energy, taking his devil form and flying away.

Kazuya, currently in his demonic form, attacks the Mishima Zaibatsu's Headquarters meaning to find Jin and remove Jinpachi's demon from him. He meets with Lars and the two clash, with Kazuya learning that Lars has Mishima blood after witnessing his use of electric power. Jin, still fully transformed, returns and interrupts the fight, knocking Kazuya out of the window and into a body of water.

Having not fully healed from the wounds he received fighting Kazuya, Heihachi awakens and leaves hospital care with Raven to head to Hon-Maru. Jinpachi, having taken over Jin's body and utilizing demonic power, confronts the two in a battle which only ends once Heihachi puts a shard of the demon-bane sword through Jinpachi's chest. The demon spirit then swirls in the air around them as it leaves Jin's body.

Kazuya shows up soon after, surviving his earlier encounter with Jin, and incapacitates Raven before taking Jinpachi's power for his own. Heihachi comes close to being defeated, saved only when Jin awakens and beheads Kazuya. A battle ensues between Jin and Kazuya, during which Kazuya transforms into a larger, stronger version of Devil using Jinpachi's power. On the cusp of victory, Kazuya's body begins to burn, overwhelmed by the power of both Devil and the Mishima demon. Jin and Heihachi have a moment to speak, during which Jin is told that Jun's spirit was protecting him from being overpowered by Jinpachi's.

Kazuya powers through, continuing to fight even without Jinpachi's power, and Heihachi joins the fray as well. As their battle goes on, Lars and Tekken Force soldiers arrive via helicopter. Lars is briefly too awed by the spectacle of the three to step in, but multiple Tekken Force begin to repel from the helicopters in order to retrieve Jin. The soldiers are effortlessly killed by Heihachi, Kazuya, and Jin, who is succumbing to the influence of Devil.

Jin beckons Lars down to join in the fight, and Lars leaves the helicopter to incapacitate Heihachi at the same time Jin is knocking Kazuya unconscious. The two speak briefly, Jin suspecting that Lars is a Mishima as well. Lars decides, after seeing the brutality Jin is capable of, to stand against Jin. The novel ends with the two beginning their battle.