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The cover of the first issue

Tekken (also known as Tekken: Blood Feud) is a comic miniseries published by Titan Comics. The comic is written by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Andie Tong.[1]

Story (Spoiler Warning!)

Issue #1

The story takes place at some point after the end of Tekken 6.

Ling Xiaoyu and Panda attacked by G Corporation army led by Anna Williams, who questioned her about Jin Kazama's whereabouts. However, Paul Phoenix and Nina Williams appeared and rescue them. After the fight, Xiaoyu, Paul, Panda, and Nina were able to escape with a van into a helipad where a helicopter already waiting.

Later at G Corp headquarter, Kazuya Mishima felt disappointed with Anna's failure in capturing Xiaoyu. Suddenly, Kazuya gained a vision about Devil Jin and Heihachi.

Xiaoyu and the others arrived at the Hida Mountains. After meeting King, Xiaoyu mistakenly thought that another tournament would be held and attacked King, only to be stopped by Nina. Later, Yoshimitsu appeared, alongside Jin Kazama, surprising Xiaoyu.

Jin revealed his true intention gathering the fighters he could trust: to help him fetch an archive of a dangerous artifact he stored before Heihachi found it. In the middle of their conversation, a small object fell from Panda's body, revealed to be a G Corp tracker.

Suddenly, an explosion occurred, an army of Jack ambushed the place. Jin saw his father, Kazuya was there, ready to fight.


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