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The Tekken 6 Global Championship Final (鉄拳6世界大会 Tekken 6 Sekai Taikai) was the largest Tekken tournament to ever take place.  It was sponsored by Namco Bandai Games and had two main categories: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  The finals were held in Tokyo, Japan and two winners out of each category were chosen.

Japan Round[]

The finals were officially known as the Japan Round. They were held at the Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo, Japan on March 7, 2010. Each console category would have 4 finalists; two of which would become the 1st and 2nd place winners.


PlayStation 3/PSP[]

  • 1st place Winner - DaRK_PRInCE (Law) - Malaysia (Penang)
  • 2nd place Winner - Yuu/ユウ (Feng) - Japan

Other Finalists:[]

  • Zeugaru (Bob) - Japan
  • chetchetty (Paul) - America
  • aris - America
  • Gen1us - France
  • STEVE88 - Italy

Xbox 360[]

  • 1st place Winner - Nin (Steve Fox)
  • 2nd place Winner - Boradoldol (Baek)

Other Finalists:[]

  • Nobi/ノビ (Dragunov) - Japan
  • Nin-Nin/にんにん (Yoshimitsu) - Japan
  • MrNaps - America
  • Insanelee - America
  • lucho_83cor - Sweden


1st Place Prize

  • A trip around the world

2nd Place Prize

  • A home theatre system